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14 Apr. 2009
The Ego Boost
Jim feels that an old girlfriend is trying to put the moves on him.
14 Apr. 2009
The Yoga Bear
Jim thinks Cheryl goes to yoga too frequently, but then he finds out the instructor is young and sexy. Jim decides to join the class so he can monitor their activity.
21 Apr. 2009
Kyle's Crush
Andy is dating Ruby's piano teacher, but is trying to keep it from Jim and gets dumped in the process when a younger man moves in on him...Kyle.
21 Apr. 2009
The Meaningful Gift
Andy turns to Jim for advice on what to get his new girlfriend for her birthday.
28 Apr. 2009
The Daddy Way
When Cheryl rooks Jim into hosting a "Daddy & Me" group, Jim takes the opportunity to turn it into a baby racing fest.
28 Apr. 2009
Physical Therapy
When Mandy convinces Andy to not play tackle football with Jim and the guys, it's Jim who has to come up with a plan, after talking him into playing anyway, for covering up the fact that Andy DID play and got hurt in the process.
12 May 2009
The Cooler One
By telling him he's the cooler parent, Ruby is able to manipulate Jim into letting her do whatever she wants.
12 May 2009
Happy Jim
Everyone takes advantage of Jim's bad back when he takes pain pills and finds out the truth under the influence.
26 May 2009
King of the Nerds
Kyle enjoys talking to Andy about science fiction. Jim tries to bond with Kyle through sports.
26 May 2009
I Hate the High Road
Cheryl and Jim are signed up for a volunteer event, but he does not want to participate. When he is accidentally giving money for his volunteer efforts, he plans to keep the money even though Cheryl tells him it is wrong to keep it.
2 Jun. 2009
Diamonds Are a Ghoul's Best Friend
Cheryl thinks Jim's home-made coupons for her birthday are just a disguise gift, so he has to buy her something else that will be the real gift. He buys Cheryl a used diamond necklace for her birthday.
2 Jun. 2009
Heaven Opposed to Hell
Jim chokes on food and is passing out. In a dream sequence, he talks to God and the Devil who are about to decide his fate of where he will spend his after life.

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