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Season 7

1 Jan. 2008
Jim Almighty
Things go wrong for Jim when he talks to God about having women be more like men. When Cheryl and Dana become just like Jim and Andy. Jim asks God to make men be more like women, but they turn into overly sensitive women.
1 Jan. 2008
The Hot Wife
Cheryl thinks she is losing her looks and charm when other men no longer look at her with desire. Jim comes up with a scheme to help Cheryl get her confidence back.
8 Jan. 2008
Safety Last
Cheryl tells Jim to wear an ID badge when he goes running in the morning, but he does not want to. When he has an accident on his run, he is taken to the hospital without ID. Jim realizes he needs to take precautions for his family.
15 Jan. 2008
The Perfect Fight
Jim and Cheryl start an argument about dessert on their romantic evening together, and in the morning, they just decide to let it go. Andy finds out and decides to stir up the argument between them.
22 Jan. 2008
Cheryl Goes to Florida
Cheryl goes to Florida to care for her mother when she is sick, leaving Jim alone to take care of the children. When neighborhood mom's find out Jim is struggling at home, they all pitch in to help. Each one thinks they are the only helper.
29 Jan. 2008
Ruby's First Date
Jim still struggles with household duties while Cheryl is out of town, but has real problems when Ruby asks to go shopping for a training bra. Jim asks Dana to be the temporary mom for shopping. Turns out, Ruby is getting ready for a date.
12 Feb. 2008
Period Peace
Jim is surprised to find out the Gracie has started her monthly periods, and Ruby is angry that she has not yet started. Ruby and Gracie argue about everything.
19 Feb. 2008
The Rendezvous
When Cheryl comes home for a little down time from Florida, Jim can't seem to find any time to spend with her alone.
26 Feb. 2008
Goodwill Hunting
While Cheryl's still in Florida, Jim gets the courage to throw out all the old baby clothes she's saved over the years, only to find out he's not so courageous, after all.
4 Mar. 2008
All Dolled Up
When Cheryl is committed to total bed-rest, it falls to Jim to care for Gracie's birthday party surrounding a doll theme.
11 Mar. 2008
Pregnancy Brain
Jim takes advantage of Cheryl's forgetfulness as a result of her pregnancy by turning the girls' new bedroom in the basement into a media room for he and Andy.
15 Apr. 2008
The Gift Certificate
Andy remembers the dinner gift card Jim gave him for his last birthday the day before it's due to expire and asks Jim to accompany him. The only problem is Jim felt slighted in giving it to Andy so he's already cashed it in.
22 Apr. 2008
I Drink Your Milkshake
Jim invents a way to end the kids' incessant bickering, but it backfires when he gets in a fight with Andy over a door prize won at a hockey game.
29 Apr. 2008
The Chaperone
Andy may have hit the jackpot with the new lady in his life, but Jim may have screwed it up while agreeing to chaperon the lady's two daughters who accompany his own to a teen aged girls' concert and loses them all.
13 May 2008
The Six-Week Curse
Andy finds a girl who seems to really like him and wants to spend time with him. Andy realizes it is too good to be true and starts sabotaging the relationship.
13 May 2008
The Cheater
Cheryl still wants to have game night even though she is confined to bed. The gang gathers around the bed, and Dana realizes Cheryl is cheating at the game.
27 May 2008
No Bedrest for the Wicked
Jim looks forward to Cheryl ending her bed rest period because he is getting tired of taking care of the house and children every day.
27 May 2008
The Devil Went Down to Oak Park
Cheryl and Jim have twin boys. Jim cannot tell them apart. One night when taking care of the boys, Jim dreams the devil visits and says Jim has to give up one of the twins.

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