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Season 6

3 Jan. 2007
The Punch
Jim decides it is time to teach Kyle to defend himself against bullies. Jim shows Kyle how to throw a punch.
3 Jan. 2007
The Flannelsexual
At the television station, Jim is mistaken for a book author and ends up on the show. Jim gives his views of women trying to make men more like them, by forcing them to go to baby showers and the such. Cheryl is not happy about his views.
10 Jan. 2007
Guinea Pygmalion
Jim debates on how to tell the family that he doesn't think the family pet is worth an operation.
10 Jan. 2007
Hoosier Daddy
Jim & Cheryl try to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary in a special way, but Dana seems to have other plans for them.
17 Jan. 2007
Good Grief
When her uncle dies, Cheryl's grief is a bit more than Jim can handle, and listens to Andy and starts to believe that she is taking advantage of his good graces.
17 Jan. 2007
All the Rage
Jim is forced to go to an anger management class because Cheryl thinks he has a problem.
24 Jan. 2007
Cheryl Gone Wild
Jim talks Ryan down when they find out Dana was in a video where the participants expose themselves, but it's a different story when Jim finds out Cheryl was in the same video.
31 Jan. 2007
Jim convinces Dana that it will be all right for Ryan to attend to the birth of a baby of a well-known star in a war-torn country, then has to step up when she goes into labor and Ryan's still stuck there.
28 Feb. 2007
Dana and Cheryl have a girls night out, entrusting their children to Ryan and Jim.
7 Mar. 2007
Separate Ways
Jim starts losing it when Dana and her baby spend time at their home and Cheryl suggests he find somewhere else to get some sleep.
14 Mar. 2007
In Case of Jimergency
Jim flips out over a doctor's bill, but refrains from telling Cheryl that he got the family's health insurance canceled in fear of her flipping out.
28 Mar. 2007
Coach Jim
When Jim is coerced into coaching his daughters' basketball team, he turns into one of his idols, Mike Ditka, even though it means one of his girls quits to play for an opposing team.
4 Apr. 2007
The At-Bat
After failing to teach his son how to hit the ball, Jim is visited by Andy's future ghost in an effort to show him how his decisions affect Kyle's future.
18 Apr. 2007
What Lies Beneath
When Andy buys a metal detector, he digs up Jim's wedding ring in the front lawn, but gives it to Cheryl, who, in turn, tries to get Jim to fess up.
25 Apr. 2007
The Grill II
While Cheryl is in Cleveland, Andy puts up for sale the grill that Jim gave him, Jim freaks out, resulting in an all-out war between the two of them.
2 May 2007
Devlin in Disguise
When overly-nice Tim and Cindy Devlin crash a birthday party to announce they are getting a divorce, Jim can't stand it. But things really get worse when Cindy latches on to Andy.
9 May 2007
Any Man of Mine
Jim finds another guy to go with Cheryl on all the things she wants to do, but the plan backfires when the guy's significant other dumps him and leaves Jim with tickets to the musical.
16 May 2007
Jim's Birthday
Jim tries everything in his power (including Andy) to sabotage the birthday party Cheryl threw for him.

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