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Season 2

1 Oct. 2002
The Importance of Being Jim
Jim and Cheryl clash over a digital camera. He deletes a picture she wanted to keep, so she hides the camera from him.
8 Oct. 2002
Cars & Chicks
Dana needs to buy a new car and Cheryl offers to go with her, but Jim says chicks are no good buying cars by themselves, because they'll get distracted with other less important things like mirrors or cup holders. Offended, Cheryl is determined to prove Jim wrong and actually gets Dana a car for a fair deal, but the car soon breaks down. Jim takes over the situation and goes down the dealership to manly handle the situation and deal with the salesman. The only thing he wasn't counting on was a very seductive female manager, who convinces Jim to trade in his minivan ...
15 Oct. 2002
The Baby Monitor
Jim and Cheryl meet the new neighbors and find out that they can hear their conversation through the baby monitor. When the neighbors find out, Jim tries to come up with a story to smooth things over.
22 Oct. 2002
Pizza Boy
Jim and Cheryl have a new house guest when the pizza delivery boy moves in with them. Ronnie wants to do stand up comedy, but his father tells him he will never make money that way. Ronnie decides to move out of his father's house.
29 Oct. 2002
The Closet
Jim wants his own space in the house for his own things and for a place where he can be alone. Cheryl starts to thin out her closet, but Dana convinces her to get more items.
5 Nov. 2002
Punch and Ruby
Jim takes the girls to their first baseball game, and Cheryl tells him to be on his best behavior and set a good example. At the game, Jim gets into a shouting match with another fan, and their argument ends up on the show broadcast.
12 Nov. 2002
The Bachelor
Dana gets accepted to be on the reality show The Bachelor. Jim gives her advice on how to keep a man interested. When Dana and the bachelor visits Jim and Cheryl for dinner, the bachelor reveals to Jim he only wants to get Dana in bed.
19 Nov. 2002
Father Disfigure
The family goes to church, and Jim realizes he knows the new minister. When Jim was young, he and the reverend played dodge ball together.
26 Nov. 2002
Thanksgiving Confidential
Cheryl and Jim are organizing the school's Thanksgiving Day play, and when they are alone on the set, they decide to get intimate. Andy and the PTA President walk in on them, and the story gets spread. Cheryl is dismissed from the play.
10 Dec. 2002
The Christmas Party
Cheryl is hoping to have the family invited to a neighbor's popular annual Christmas party, but Jim dashes her hope when he fights with the neighbor's husband.
17 Dec. 2002
The Brother-in-Law
Jim is excited when Dana's new boyfriend asks him to play backup music at a bar. The offer does not include the other members of Jim's band, and Jim tries to do it without Andy finding out.
7 Jan. 2003
Moral Dilemma
When Jim reviews the credit card statement, he finds the bank made an error and now has surplus money. Jim takes Cheryl out to an expensive dinner with the money.
21 Jan. 2003
You Gotta Love Somebody: Part 1
Jim and Cheryl's friend Danny visits. He brings his police officer partner with him. Cheryl realizes that Laraine likes Danny and hopes he will ask her to the policeman's ball.
21 Jan. 2003
You Gotta Love Somebody: Part 2
Jim & Cheryl's friend Danny, and Andy, retell the story how they helped Jim and Cheryl get together.
28 Jan. 2003
The Smell of Success
Jim has another quick-rich scheme, and much to Cheryl's dismay, Jim, Andy and Dana think it is a good idea. Jim's idea is to make a doll who has gas movements.
4 Feb. 2003
Slumber Party
Cheryl has to do everything to prepare for Ruby's birthday party since Jim seems to mess things up. On the day of the party, Jim ends up having to deal with all the little girls for the sleep over party.
11 Feb. 2003
The Ring
When an old girlfriend of Jim's comes to dinner, she accidentally reveals things to Cheryl that Jim wanted kept secret about them.
18 Feb. 2003
Wonder Woman
Cheryl becomes a Wonder Woman when she pursues a man who tries to steal her purse. Jim finds out about the attack on Cheryl and goes overboard in trying to protect the family by getting killer dogs.
25 Feb. 2003
The Pass
Cheryl is upset when one of Jim's new clients makes a pass at her and Jim does nothing about it.
11 Mar. 2003
Dana Gets Fired
Jim talks to Dana's boss about his treatment of employees. Dana ends up getting fired.
1 Apr. 2003
Bo Diddley
Cheryl needs a root canal, but she does not want to have it done. Jim says he will go with Cheryl so she will have support. However, at the dentist office, Jim realizes that Bo Diddley is in the building and he wants to leave Cheryl.
1 Apr. 2003
Deal with the Devlins
Cherly's new friend is another soccer mom who Jim finds annoying. Cheryl enjoys her company, so the two families become social friends. Eventually, Jim tells Cheryl she has to break off the friendship.
8 Apr. 2003
The Helmet
Cheryl finds the perfect gift for Jim's birthday on an online website and starts to bid on it. Another person is also bidding for the same perfect gift - Jim.
29 Apr. 2003
No Harm, No Fowl
An exotic bird flies into Jim's back yard, and Gracie decides to keep it as a pet. The bird is loud and annoying, but Gracie refuses to let her parents get rid of it.
6 May 2003
About a Girl
Dana takes Ruby to the park, and a single father strikes up a conversation with her. When Dana realizes he thinks she is the mother of Ruby, she decides to keep up the charade. Cheryl asks Jim to exercise more.
13 May 2003
Mom's Boyfriend
Cheryl's mother comes to visit, and tells everyone she is engaged. Cheryl and Dana are not happy about it, but Jim and Andy find the guy to be fun. Jim and Andy take Frank to a strip joint, and he dies from the excitement.
20 May 2003
Vegas, Baby: Part 1
When Jim & Andy go to Las Vegas on a business trip, Cheryl & Dana also go for a vacation. Cheryl secretly hopes to reunite Jim and his sister Roxanne. Roxanne typically uses people. When Jim and Roxanne make up, she says she needs money.
20 May 2003
Vegas, Baby: Part 2
After Jim makes up with Roxanne, she asks for money. Since Jim is hesitant, Roxanne settles on Dana and they get married. Now that Roxanne has money, she starts seeing her old boyfriend again. Also, their meeting in Vegas turns out bad.

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