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11 Jan. 2002
When Good Credit Goes Bad
The divorce is final in a month. Reba celebrates with lunch. When Reba pays, she finds her credit card is declined. Reba is angered to find out Brock gave a card to the same account to Barbra Jean and she ran up the bill for her wedding.
18 Jan. 2002
Meet the Parents
Reba's parents are visiting, celebrating their 46 years of marriage. Her mother tells Reba what makes a good marriage and Reba feels like she failed. Reba makes a celebration lunch for her parents and Barbra Jean attends - uninvited.
25 Jan. 2002
A Mid-Semester Night's Dream
Reba gets a teaching job at Cheyenne & Van's school. Cheyenne does not like it, but her friends do. Seems her friends want to marry because Cheyenne & Van seem so happy. Reba tells Cheyenne to tell her friends how difficult it really is.
1 Feb. 2002
Brock's Swan Song
Brock's father died on a golf course. Brock asks Reba to help plan the funeral. Barbra Jean wants the funeral a grand event and play the bereaved woman. Brock changes the plans. Cheyenne and Van get an ultrasound and find out it is a girl.
15 Feb. 2002
The Story of a Divorce
Reba gets the final divorce papers, and Lori Ann tells her it is time to start dating again. Lori Ann makes her call Parker, Reba's former college boyfriend. Reba and Parker go out, and Reba remembers why she dumped him before.
22 Feb. 2002
You May Kick the Bride
Brock and Barbra Jean's wedding day is near: BJ got Cheyenne and Kyra shiny purple dresses, Kyra doesn't want to attend, BJ wants Reba's blessings. Reba saves the day by talking to Kyra, changing the dresses, giving her blessing, and more.
15 Mar. 2002
Vanny Dearest
Van is named Football Player of the Year. All plan to go to the awards banquet. Van also wants his parents there. His mother goes and is moved by her son's speech. She decides to live with Van, at Reba's. Kyra gets straight A's at school.
12 Apr. 2002
He's Having a Baby
Cheyenne signs her and Van up for Lamaze class. He is reluctant, but he enjoys the first session; Cheyenne does not. For the next session, Cheyenne cannot attend due to homework, so Reba goes with Van. Brock & Barbra Jean are in the class.
19 Apr. 2002
She Works Hard for Their Money
Reba throws a baby shower for Cheyenne & Van. Reba tells Brock to get Cheyenne something practical, so he buys them a car. But, they have to pay for half before they can drive it. Van gets a pizza delivery job; Reba has to drive him around.
26 Apr. 2002
Labor of Love
Both Cheyenne and Barbra Jean's due dates for the babies is near. A football recruiter comes to see Van; Brock goes on an annual camping trip. Cheyenne thinks she is in labor and all go to the hospital. Turns out, BJ is in labor.
3 May 2002
The King and I
Van & Cheyenne are voted for Prom King & Queen. Van is sure to win, but probably not Cheyenne. Van asks the dorks at school to vote for Cheyenne and they can attend one of his parties. She wins, but the loser queen tells her why she won.
10 May 2002
Up a Treehouse without a Paddle
Jake scored his first goal at a soccer game - and Brock missed it, breaking another promise to Jake. Brock says they can build a treehouse, and Reba worries he will not keep the promise. Brock buys the treehouse, and the days pass.
10 May 2002
It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings
Cheyenne & Van are about to graduate from high school. The principal does not want Cheyenne there, but she is determined to walk the stage to get her diploma. At the ceremony, Cheyenne goes into labor so Van carries her across the stage.
20 Sep. 2002
House Rules
Reba is shocked at the lifestyle her kids are living when they stay with Brock and Barbra Jean, but when she confronts them she accidentally learns the reason that Brock left her for Barbra Jean. Meanwhile, on their first night out together since becoming parents, Cheyenne and Van admit to each other that their baby is a nightmare.
27 Sep. 2002
Skating Away
Van & Cheyenne are living in the dorm. Reba sees this as an opportunity to spend more time with Kyra who always seems to be in last place. Van injures himself at football and has to leave the dorm. Things are back to the way they were.
4 Oct. 2002
Proud Reba
Reba, against her better judgment, accepts working at her ex-husbands office.
11 Oct. 2002
Reba Works for Brock
Cheyenne goes to college; Van stays home to watch Elizabeth. Reba starts work with Brock, with Barbra Jean as the boss. BJ makes her wear a uniform, use a sing-song voice to answer the phone, and more. BJ shares marital problems with Reba.
18 Oct. 2002
It's Jake's Party, Cry If You Want To
Reba throws a birthday party for Jake. Barbra Jean butts in to make it a grand, childish event. Reba tries to not insult BJ but it gets difficult. Cheyenne worries the noise will wake Elizabeth; Van says try letting her cry back to sleep.
1 Nov. 2002
Safe Dating
Kyra has a boyfriend. Reba and Brock are concerned because she is still young. When Reba meets the boy's divorced father, they flirt and start to date. Kyra does not like this. Things become complicated when Kyra and the boy stop dating.
8 Nov. 2002
Mommy Nearest
Reba quits working for Brock and starts working for his competitor. With Reba busy at work, Jake spends more time with Barbra Jean and he starts calling her Mom. Van gets a job doing garden work and enjoys spending time with his co-workers.
15 Nov. 2002
Reba and her friend Lori Ann go out to meet new people, but nothing happens. Cheyenne convinces Reba to try speed dating. Reba meets someone she enjoyed talking to, and they made arrangements to go on a date.
22 Nov. 2002
Reba invites her boyfriend to have dinner with her family. Brian easily wins everyone favor. Barbra Jean's family is having a reunion and everyone except Reba has to go. BJ is the butt of jokes with her family; Kyra helps her fight back.
13 Dec. 2002
Cookies for Santa
It's Elizabeth's first Christmas and Reba looks forward to Christmas with a baby. But Van & Cheyenne want to go somewhere else for Christmas. Brock takes Jake and Kyra goes with a friend. Reba is alone and helps at the homeless shelter.

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