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Season 1

5 Jun. 1999
Ya Gonna Eat That?/Chilly & Hungry/Brother Cockroach
Woody Woodpecker tries to mooch from Wally Walrus... A cockroach tries to mooch from Woody... Chilly Willy wants to snuggle up with a vegetarian polar bear.
12 Jun. 1999
Father's Day/Camp Buzzard/He Wouldn't Woody
Woody looks forward to Father's day, when his Scottish dad visits. But his father always wins their golf duel cup. This time Woody prepares to win, at all costs.
31 Jul. 1999
Spy-Guy/Ye Old Knothead & Splinter/Life in the Pass-Lane
[I- Spy-Guy] A spy confides a top-secret briefcase to Woody, offering a free cruise provided he keeps handcuffed to it till he can give it to a red-haired contact (Winnie). Buzz Buzzard oversaw them, but finds stealing it from Woody extremely dangerous. [II- Ye Old Knothead & Splinter] The Woodpecker rascals try to win the royal titles in a tournament against two canine curs at Chester's Old Time Fair. [III- Life in the Pass-Lane] Woody enters a Scottish formula 1 race where the mist of the moors proved fatal for every McPecker ancestor. Buzz Buzzard intends to make ...
20 Nov. 1999
Signed, Sealed, Delivered/Out to Lunch/Spa-Spa Blacksheep
[I- Signed, Sealed, Delivered] Woody ordered TV show Mr. Alias's adventure box, but it's too large for delivery. And collecting from rule-stickler mail clerk Meany proves an over-ruled nightmare for both of them. [II- Out to Lunch] Winnie returns professor Quark's crashed meteorite watching satellite. And gets her dream to become an astronaut, alas unprepared. [III- Spa-Spa Blacksheep] Woody is refused entry to the super-rich's spa but sneaks in. The doorman chases him, which wrecks the posh place.
4 Dec. 1999
Pecking Order/Chilly on Ice/Just Say Uncle
Knothead and Splinter's mischief tried Woody's patience one too often, so hen sends them to military academy. After a TV program on over-)strict parenting, he gets remorse and wants to take them back. Once on academy grounds, he finds the rascals took to military training like ducks to water, and hunt him down like a duck.
11 Mar. 2000
The Contender/Snow Way Out/Hospital Hi-Jinx
Buzz Buzzard runs a ski resort with only one assistant, Tweaky. That proves painfully dangerous with customers like Woody and his rascals Knothead and Splinter, whom he signs up for lessons.
18 Mar. 2000
Dr. Buzzard's Time Chamber/Winnie P.I./Foiled in Oil
Woody has mail-ordered a divining wand, to search for oil. Instead of gushers, the thing points at most inconvenient places on Wall Walrus's property. When it points elsewhere, they both follow it, competitively, with even worse results.
25 Mar. 2000
Aunt Pecky/Terror Tots/Carney Con
Knothead and Splinter have new toys, ghost-study-equipment, and come to use it on an old mansion. Two canine crooks there want to scare them off, but only arouse growing interest.
8 Apr. 2000
Meany Side of the Street/Chilly to Go/Ant Rant
Woody and wally picnic in their neighboring gardens, but voracious ants from a tree keep raiding Woody's goodies. A bitter food-war ensues, which Woody seems to loose, until he devises a craft diversion.
15 Apr. 2000
Bavariannoying/Kitchen Magician/Cheap Seats Woody
Woody spends a holiday in Bavaria. there he accepts a fat knave's offer, free lodgings in his castle packed with toys if he entertains the rascal, but finds that hard and danger labor. Woody escapes, meets the next-door female castle-host with similar terms, then has a brilliant idea.
22 Apr. 2000
Woody Watcher/Chilly Dog/Beach Nuts
Woody discovers a bus-load of bird-watchers after a fat prize for spotting a rare, speckled woodpecker species in the forest, no matter how. So Woody decides to impersonate one, which actually attracts a real one.

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