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Sad Reality in Third World Countries
claudio_carvalho27 March 2014
The driver of the bus 44 stops the bus for a young man that tries to flirt with her, but she asks him to sit down. On her next stop, two thieves get on the bus and rob the passenger. One robber takes the bus driver to the bush to rape her. The young man summons the other passengers to help the driver but nobody moves. The young man fights against one of the robbers but is stabbed on the leg. When the rapist releases the bus driver, she gets on the bus but allow the young man to get in? Why, if he was the only person that tried to help her?

"Che si shi si", a.k.a. "Bus 44", is a short with a story that is a sad reality in Third World Countries: thieves robbing buses and raping of women. This short is very well acted and directed and despite the predictable conclusion, it is worthwhile watching it in Internet. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Bus 44"
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Absolutely fascinating film!
abcd101021 February 2002
Saw this film at the Venice Film Festival last year and I must say it was the best short I saw at the festival. Bus 44 is an amazing film with superb acting, direction, and camera work. This gripping story is short, shocking, and to the point, not a minute too long (or short for that matter!) with a profound (and disturbing) statement of issues facing society. See it if it plays at a festival in your area. Look forward to seeing more work from this director.
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Gripping short film
rickvb1810 September 2006
I was looking for more on this director after recently seeing his terrific feature length film "Waiting Alone". When I came across "Bus 44" I realized why there was such buzz about this short, and why it won so many prizes internationally! Though "Bus 44" is very different from "Waiting Alone" in style and content, it makes clear why this Dayyan Eng (aka "Wu Shixian") is recognized as a gifted writer and director. I won't go into details about the story--so that the subtle impact of the ending is not lessened--but just be ready to be surprised. Excellent acting by all the leads, especially the lovely Ms. Gong Beibi, and by the young man in the film, Wu Chao. Now that I've seen this, I trying to track down a copy of Director Eng's earlier award-winning short film "East 22nd Street" -- but I haven't had any luck yet. :-(
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A powerful (if predictable) rant against the bystander culture
bob the moo28 September 2002
A young man waits for a bus by the side of the road for 2 hours. He is picked up by a full bus being driven by a young woman. As he boards the bus he tries to hit on the driver without success and eventually sits down. The next stop sees the bus boarded by two bandits who will test the character of everyone on the bus.

Based on a true story – that legend makes this short all the more chilling for the fact that it may be partly true. The film looks at the bystander culture in society where we'll all stand by and not help someone who needs help. This is a warning that our lack of action may carry harsher consequences than actually trying to help.

The film starts all bright and breezy and takes a dark turn that is surprisingly brutal. The bystander approach is shocking but deep down I knew that part of me (and many others) may act the same way – self preservation and all that. This element makes it more of a fable than a story and adds to it's power. The ending is pretty predictable (I bet you can guess it from reading this) but it doesn't take away from the power of the tale.

The cast are all good whether the lead man and woman or the bus full of shut eyes and ears. The film looks good despite being written and made in a very short period of time in China. Overall this is powerful and gripping despite the short running time. While it may not go anywhere you don't expect it is still worth a watch and it carries a punch that will have you not only thinking but actually looking at yourself.
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about values
Kirpianuscus21 October 2017
far to be comfortable, it is one of films changing perspective about well known realities. a man, a bus, a young woman, a robbery and rape, noble impulse and the passivity of passengers. and the end. shocking, surprising, strange in its serenity. because it becomes a touching story about sacrifice.

like every simple story, it preserves a form of mystery who escapes to reviews. because each discovers in different manner the senses of story. because memories about media news about robberies in different parts of world, the Russian films about brutal violence are awaken by the images of "Bus 44".

so, an useful film. for define. yourself.
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A disturbing film
a-047723 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I believe after seeing this film most of us would condemn the passengers for their coldness and lack of sympathy. But here comes the most disturbing and terrifying part. Answer this: if you were one of them, would you make any move? How strong is your conscience? How important is a stranger compared to your self-interest under this situation?
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Brutal and in your face Warning: Spoilers
"Che si shi si" or "Bus 44" is an 11-minute short film from Hong Kong that makes a strong statement against bystander culture and passivity when somebody else becomes the victim of a crime. I must say the ending here in Dayyan Eng's little movie was maybe too brutal and shocking, not visually of course, but still. I am not sure if it is somewhat realistic. Then again I keep reading it is based on a true story, so maybe it is. Anyway, overall, this was a good watch with a great moment here and there and I enjoyed it. It is essential to have subtitles if you are not fluent in Cantonese though. I also liked the atmospheric approach that Eng gave the material here. And finally the actors were convincing too. A good effort from everybody involved. This 15-year-old movie deserves to be seen.
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