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Season 2

2 Oct. 2001
My Dinner with Jake
Joan recounts the story of how she met Jake for her students.
No Bar Is an Island
Jake feels like he's losing his own identity when Joan conspires to get Jennifer a job at Steinie's bar and Mark becomes obsessed with running marathons with him.
9 Oct. 2001
Quiet Time
After Jake signs a new lease for his apartment, Joan decides she wants them to live together. Meanwhile, Betsy leaves Mark and moves to Australia with a man she met on their honeymoon.
Testing, Testing
Principal Gorney pushes Joan to teach to the standardized test. Jake actually likes the testing but Joan doesn't. She is forced to recruit him for help.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Joan
An obnoxious student asks Joan to write her a college recommendation; Steinie wins a cash-grab in a bank vault; and Jake takes an anger management class.
Green Bay
Jake and Steinie are derailed on their way to a football game. Meanwhile at The Black Sock bar, Ruby and Alice get jealous when Joan and a heartbroken Mark are the belles of the ball on ladies night.
You Can't Go Home Again
Joan becomes miffed after giving permission for Ruby to date her ex. Meanwhile, Jake and Steinie fret over the impending closure of an old amusement park.
Jake's Dilemma
Jake quits his job but can't figure out what career path to pursue. Meanwhile, Joan is elated when a Pulitzer-nominated former student cites her as an inspiration; Steinie tries to win a bet against Jake; Mark reluctantly takes in a stray dog that Alice hit with her car; and Ruby takes a job as the school therapist.

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