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Season 8

26 Jan. 2008
Ex-Wife vs. Ex-Husband
A divorced couple does the unthinkable and renovates each other's bedrooms - for better or for worse.
2 Feb. 2008
Mom vs. Daughter
A mother who thinks she knows best swaps with a rebel daughter who wants to show her mom who's boss.
9 Feb. 2008
Rival Cheerleaders
Two Moorpark moms each allow their teenage daughter's biggest cheerleading rival to redecorate their family room.
16 Feb. 2008
Boss vs. Assistant
On this episode of Trading Spaces, an overworked wardrobe assistant and her demanding supervisor go head to head to see who's truly got design talent.
23 Feb. 2008
Feuding Neighbors
On this episode of Trading Spaces, two feuding next door neighbors try to resolve their differences by taking drastic action... in each other's rooms!
1 Mar. 2008
Mother-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law
Every wife's worst nightmare is an overbearing mother-in-law. On this episode of Trading Spaces, one woman bravely opens her home to the other woman in her husband's life... his mother!
8 Mar. 2008
Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
On this episode of Trading Spaces, two Exes find out if their breakup is final or if they'll get a second chance at love.
15 Mar. 2008
Cher vs. Elvis
In Las Vegas, the lights are bright and the stakes are high. Especially on this episode of Trading Spaces, where we pit an Elvis impersonator versus a Cher impersonator! Let the battle of the sequins begin!
22 Mar. 2008
Divorce in the Desert
What would you do if the sexy neighbor next door was your ex-wife? On this episode of Trading Spaces, a divorced couple not only shares a neighborhood, but the desire to redesign each other's bedrooms!
5 Apr. 2008
Brother vs. Sister
On this episode of Trading Spaces, a gay brother and his straight sister straighten out who has a better sense of style.
12 Apr. 2008
Air Force vs. Navy
On this episode of Trading Spaces two military couples swap homes to prove once and for all which branch reigns supreme.
20 Sep. 2008
Will TRADING SPACES help an uptight young mother and a free-living Grandma salvage their relationship?
27 Sep. 2008
Competitive Sisters
Two competitive sisters vie for their mother's attention as they give two rooms a fresh start.
4 Oct. 2008
After a humiliating incident at their wedding, Joanne and Camilo trade spaces with bad boy groomsman Oscar to give him a chance to prove himself.
11 Oct. 2008
Kid in the Middle
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, a teenaged daughter tries to unite her divorced parents while assisting both teams.
18 Oct. 2008
Secret Crush
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, one woman admits her secret affection for a friend in hopes of transforming both their rooms and their relationship.
25 Oct. 2008
Rival Haunted Houses
This is the spookiest TRADING SPACES ever as two Halloween obsessed neighbors go in for the kill.
1 Nov. 2008
Estranged Best Friends
Former best friends redecorate each other's bedrooms in hopes that TRADING SPACES will put their friendship on the road to recovery.
8 Nov. 2008
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, can two formerly friendly sisters-in-law come to terms with their differences for the sake of the family?
15 Nov. 2008
Feuding Firefighters
On this episode of TRADING SPACES, things really heat up when two firefighters duke it out to determine who the harder worker is.
22 Nov. 2008
Off to College
With their oldest child heading off to school, Mom and Dad are TRDING SPACES college style!
29 Nov. 2008
Stuntman's Apprentice
Lights! Camera! Action! On this explosive episode of TRADING SPACES two Hollywood stuntmen duke it out in style as they redo a sunroom and a master bedroom.
6 Dec. 2008
From Buddy to Boss
Two couples that used to do everything together are divided by the one couple's success.
13 Dec. 2008
Christmas Special
Christmas is about peace, joy ... and competition? On this episode of TRADING SPACES a single Mom swaps homes with her over the top decorating neighbors.

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