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  • Uncle Scrooge donates an old beat-up trophy for Huey, Dewey and Louie's soccer tournament. But when he finds out that it is actually worth a million dollars, he has to put together a ragtag team, led by Goofy to win it back.


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  • Scrooge is visited by his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. When Scrooge hears the boys want him to support the City's Sports Program, he eagerly accepts...but is blindsided when the boys mention that he will have to purchase a trophy for the Soccer Tournament. The trophy the boys want Scrooge to buy is only $1.49, but even this is enough to make Scrooge sweat. Hoping to get out of a purchasing obligation, Scrooge finds an old beat-up trophy in his money bin, and gives it to the boys instead.

    The three angrily leave the money bin with the beat-up trophy, but are stopped shortly thereafter by a curator of the Duckburg Museum. After he studies the trophy, he appraises it to be worth $1million! The news hits the newspapers, and Scrooge hits the ceiling when he realizes he has just given away a valuable item.

    Scrooge shows up at his nephew's resident with a larger trophy. Even so, the three refuse to trade, informing Scrooge that if he wants his old trophy back, he'll need to sponsor the team that wins the city's soccer tournament.

    Scrooge gives in to his nephews' demands for a new soccer ball for their team. Visiting a sports equipment store, Scrooge is impressed by the store employee named Goofy, who shows an amazing dexterity in stocking the store, and decides to recruit him as the team's star player. Scrooge, the boys and Goofy then recruit a team, and help them train for the tournament, calling themselves "The McDuck Greenbacks."

    Meanwhile, the Beagle Boys have heard about the million-dollar trophy, and intend to enter the soccer tournament, cheating their way to the top.

    Soon, it all comes down to the final match, of which the Beagle Boys and Scrooge's team will square off. Scrooge is terrified when he realizes the Beagle Boys are their opponents, but Goofy just shrugs his fears off. The night before the big game, the Beagle Boys end up kidnapping Goofy, to prevent him from helping win the game.

    The Greenbacks go head-to-head with the Beagle Boys. The Beagles use all sorts of cheating tactics, but because the referee has lost his glasses, he doesn't catch any of the foul plays that are driving Scrooge crazy.

    At the Beagle's hideout, Goofy manages to escape, and return to the team for the second part of the game. With his skilled prowess, Goofy manages to overcome the Beagle's and lead the Greenbacks to victory.

    Scrooge eagerly gets his trophy back, and donates it to the Duckburg Museum (provided his donation is tax-deductible).

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