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Not what you might think.
markrbryant29 January 2002
I originally watched this series believing I had stumbled upon an adult TV show of some kind and was initially disappointed to see that the bush being patrolled was not the untamed wilds of the ravishing teen lead but the rugged West Australian national park instead. Fear not though child. This show has so much more to offer than the path of wickedness that has corrupted my once noble, innocent and oh so gentle spirit. Experience the love that this show delivers at its blessed table of brotherhood. Be not greedy though my child, take all you want but remember to eat all that you take. For this show, just like the meal that it represents while unforgiving will reward all who bring to it their own experiences of love, self loathing and moral corruption and offer forth the greatest story ever told. That to be young is to be free.

The bush patrol itself is so much more than a motley gang of lovers, it is an organisation that teaches that bird smugglers are bad and that it is always prudent to be suspicious and untrusting of anybody different to yourself.

Believe in love. Believe in innocence. Believe in Bush Patrol.
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