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Awesome Superhero Show
jwhale938227 June 2006
This show is awesome. Not just as a cartoon, but as a TV show in general. Unlike like its predecessor, Superfriends, Justice League is a more accurate description of the DC Universe and the characters in it. One of the show's best qualities is that many of DC's best, brightest and unsung heroes and villains are represented in it, not just the really popular ones. I give credit to this show for introducing me to some of the Flash's toughest villains (Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Trickster and Gorilla Grodd). Another great quality of the show is that it's for everyone. As a cartoon, you might think that this show is only for kids. But these characters are so iconic and the stories are so well written and action-packed, that you don't need to be a kid to appreciate it.

My Rating: 10/10
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I Can't Believe It
bombo91831 May 2008
I just started watching this cartoon and i think it is the best show i have ever seen. And now i find out that its been on for years and there is no more. Some of these episodes should be up for awards. No joke. I'm trying to think where i've been in the last 4 or 5 years. The episode Destroyer had the best writing for a cartoon. They put so much in a 30min show. And Justice League Unlimted puts some serious emotion in the writing, like when Superman goes off on on Darkside. That whole thing he says That man wont quit as long as he can still draw a breath, none of my teammate will.Me I have a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taken constant care not to break something to break someone. Never allowing my self to lose control even for a moment because someone could die. but you can take it can't you big man. What we have here is rare opportunity for me to cut loose and show you just how powerful I really am...... That is the best thing ever in a cartoon.
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Best DC Animated Show in History! Never Again Will We Ever See Such Greatness!!
voicemaster7122 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Of all the animated shows of DC Comics characters, never before has there been one as superb as Justice League/JLU. Now unlike lots of posters here, I loved the SuperFriends and you know what? I STILL love them. They represented the silver and bronze age period of comics and they served their purpose well in their time. BUT I WILL agree with everyone else that this series is what the SuperFriends should have been back then. JL/JLU blows the SuperFriends out of the water and out of the Hall of Justice so to speak. The biggest elements of the SuperFriends that I outgrew were those stupid teen tag along sidekicks and their even more stupid cartoon pets for comic relief.

But I digress. Unlike the long running SuperFriends, the Justice League has superb animation and excellent story lines. I feel that the difference between the writing is this: On SuperFriends,the writers were probably all non comics readers who probably looked at them to give them ideas and they had to yield to the Broadcasts Standards and Practices. On JL, the writing is done by major comics fans and there is no holds barred!! We saw some serious butt kicking in this series. The first two seasons of Justice League consist of the original big seven. Batman is my all time favorite hero. Kevin Conroy is truly superb in this role and it was good to hear him as Batman again after voicing elder Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. While Batman was great in his own series, I loved him even better in this series as dark, grim, and aloof and I loved seeing which DC villains would encounter Bats. I got my wish seeing him go up against Kalibak and try to go up against Darkseid. The Flahs is my other favorite character and Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum really made this character so much fun with his hilarious one liners. Wonder Woman was superb. They couldn't have found anyone better than Susan Eisenberg to voice her over. Sounded like a college girl. As for Superman, I wasn't crazy about him in the beginning. I did not like Supes all powered down and I prefer Tim Daly for the voice, but Bruce Timm and company improved Supes and George Newbern started out lousy but got better with time and really did a great with Superman in the JLU seasons. The debut of J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter was very well done. Carl Lumbly took J'onn from being one of the more kind, gentle, and sensitive members in JL to being a hard nose desk sergeant and dispatcher in the JLU seasons. The two most controversial to me were Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. It took a while, but I got used to John Stewart. Phil LaMarr used a great voice for a one time Marine Corp vet who is now a Green Lantern and he made a great leader. Hawkgirl had always been to me, a sidekick for Hawkman on SuperFriends, but here, she is a warrior from Thanagar and has the hot temper to go with it. It was great to see when she eventually took off her mask. Maria Canals gave an excellent performance. I also enjoyed the romantic relationship John and Shayera had as well as the hinted attraction between Batman and Wonder Woman. These big seven were awesome to watch in the first two seasons as Justice League and they were regarded as team leaders and founding members on JLU. I look at the pilot Secret Origins and the season two finale, Starcrossed as full animated movies as opposed to three parters.

In Justice League Unlimited, we FINALLY get to see more heroes, like Green Arrow, who before that only had one guest appearance on the original 1973 SuperFriends series. Here, we see him as a liberal hero of the people, out for the little guy. And for the first time, we get to see Black Canary,and to a lesser extent, Red Tornado and Elongated Man, two members I was hoping would have had bigger roles. But Bruce Timm and co. outdid themselves and gave so many heroes that I had never heard of. I am a DC Comics fan, but even I head never heard of Vigilante, the Shining Knight, Stargirl & S.T.I.P.E., Fire and Ice, Gypsy, Vibe, Captain Atom, the Question, and even more obscure characters like Sand, the Ray, Nemsis, Obsidian, the Crimson Avenger, and the list goes on and on. Way too many to name.

I loved the continuing story arc about the Cadmus organization and everyone's fear of the JL if they were to ever go rogue. They also had a nice tribute to the SuperFriends with the Ultimen who were ripoffs of the Wonder Twins, Black Vulcan, Samuraui, and Apache Chief.

Too many great episodes to mention, but I recommend the Justice League for anybody. From Secret Origins to the finale of Alive and Destroyer, these shows are so good, it's actually hard to stop watching them. All WB has to do is release the final season with Hawkman and the Legion of Doom and the DVD library will be complete. I only wish they could have used Plastic Man and Firestorm as well as Aquaman and Black Manta (not Devil Ray) in the final season and I wish we could have seen Nightwing, not Robin. Though Timm and Co. are no longer involved with the DC Unvierse, I will never again see an animated DC project nearly as good as Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. 2 Thumbs Up!!
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A 'toon for the BOOMER in all of us!
garrard30 April 2006
For those of us raised on George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, or "Batman: The Animated Series," "Justice League" (or its latest incarnation, "Justice League Unlimited") is a god-send. It is a show that combines superhero daring-do with some witty dialog, intriguing story lines, and superb character interaction that is much more "adult" than most of the fare on Cartoon Network's prime time lineup.

Now in its fifth (and final) year, "Justice League," though often pitting the superheroes against invading aliens or super-villains bent on world destruction, has taken some departures from the typical cartoon by presenting some interesting romantic relationships between principal characters: the not-so-subtle romance between Green Lantern and Hawkgirl and the implied attraction between Wonder Woman and Batman. There has also been some rift between the heroes, on occasion between Batman and Superman. Like Superman, the Martian Manhunter has to deal with the loss of his home world and the death of his beloved and children. The Flash is along as the comic relief, as a superhero with a strong libido, always on the "hunt" for a female conquest.

The writers get to show more of the human side of those that are considered "super". Even Superman got to show a little emotion when confronted with longtime enemy Darkseid" in the two-parter "Twilight". The Man of Steel would've murdered the villain if Batman had not intervened. In an episode about a parallel universe, the Superman of that world even did away with Lex Luthor.

The show has a stellar cast of actors supplying the major characters' voices with a roster of guest talent (CCH Pounder, Michael Ironside, Robert Picardo, Hector Elizondo, Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown, and others) that is second to none.

The show, though not a ratings juggernaut (due to frequent changes in airing times), is a treat for the boomer generation and is a welcome addition to the mythos that DC Comics created over six decades ago.
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hypernode19 December 2002
YTV in Canada has been re-running "Superfriends", the Wonder Twin era crap, at 1am (PST). I decided to watch it for old times sake and was wondering why no one had taken the time to do it right - the "Batman:TAS" approach? Suffering from insomnia, and not wanting to watch "Thunderbirds" I surfed for a half hour and went back to YTV to see what they had on next and I was NOT disappointed.

"Justice League" is what I always wanted "The Superfriends" to be. No lousy sidekicks, no space monkey, no ludicrous plots involving Martian brain creatures. It was like watching the comic book. I like the way they have presented the characters and the fact that there is tension - they maybe friends, but those relationships get strained. A powered down Superman, excellent had to be done. A stand-offish Batman, perfect. Jon J'onzz? Yeah... great character, perfectly voiced too!

However, I was happy to see that used the John Stewart GL- the DC universe's karmic kicking bag - and the Wally West Flash instead of using Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. Hal and Barry (especially Barry) were just too perfect too much of the time. I like them and they always have a special place in my comic book memories, but Stewart and West (as flawed heros) are better characters. In fact, I'd like to see them with their own shows someday. Wally West is a great character if you go in depth, rather than just leaving him as comic relief.

I hope Warner Brothers keeps this up, superlative job!
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Figaro-826 November 2001
I knew this was going to be a good show, given the fact that Bruce Timm and the same team responsible for the WB/DC animated shows were doing it.

Even so, this show TOTALLY blows me away every time I watch it. EVERYTHING about it is dead on PERFECT. Kevin Conroy, as always, is great as Batman, as is George Newbern as Superman. Hawkgirl is a great addition, and boy can she hold her own!! But the character that has emerged as my favorite is J'onn J'onnz, aka Martian Manhunter. I love the character design and animation of him, and I don't think they could have gotten a better actor to voice him than Carl Lumbly (who played Stalker in a few episodes of Batman Beyond).

The composing team also does a great job with the music, and I REALLY hope that somewhere down the road, they release a CD of this music.

I'm absolutely delighted that Cartoon Network airs JL in letterbox format as well as full-frame. I, for one, prefer letterbox as it gives the show a more epic and cinematic feel.

Simply put, JUSTICE LEAGUE rules. Period.

By thy side,

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A Series with a Marvelous Script
Karolynnkt22 June 2006
I have been a Justice League fan since its premier on Cartoon Network. I considered it vastly superior to "Superfriends" and the episode plots are well written.

One of my favorites is the episode with King Aquaman wherein all the Justice League members cannot do anything to persuade the would be assassin to confess and then Batman who possesses no super powers somehow gets the perpetrator to spill the beans. I thought that was simply awesome.

My other favorite episode was when the League faced somewhat counterparts from a comic book world. Once again well written and thought provoking. The episode with the android who (no matter what the Justice League did) was no match for them really was great. I commend all the writers of the show for their creative style and talent and I want this show to go on forever.
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Gives The Hanna-Barbera Cartoons a Run For Their Money
broadfoot15 October 2003
This version of Justice League is much better than the now very dated Hanna Barbera cartoons of the 1970s. The way the characters are drawn are more faithful to the golden age comic books. Also, the Wonder Woman on this show is beautiful and rates second on my list to Lynda Carter's portrayal of the heroine. I'm surprised Lynda didn't add her voice to the show as Queen Hippolyte. As for the other characters, perhaps Batman is a bit of a know-it-all and The Flash is perhaps a few pumpkins short of a pie, but still this is the best cartoon to show up here on Canadian TV in a long time!


Rating: ****
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The Justice League is back for a new millennium.
Op_Prime18 November 2001
There hasn't been a show featuring these mighty heroes since 1985, but this show ain't no Super Friends. Like the Superman and Batman shows of the 1990s, Justice League has action, humor, creativity and terrific animation. Justice League acts more like the current comic book incarnation. The show stars the most powerful and well known characters from those comic books. Other familiar characters are bound to pop up from time to time. The characters have separate and distinct personalities, which can lead to some conflict and disagreement. That's good since it would be very boring if all the heroes agreed on everything and got along.

Congratulations to Bruce Timm and his team. This show is sure to be a winner.
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Justice league overview
raghu-nightcrawler25 June 2008
Overall Justice league was a really good TV show but the connections that it had with Superman The Animated Series didn't really match some of the plot lines. For example In "Apocalypse Now Part 2" of the Superman The Animated Series Forger is actually part of the New Gods but In Justice League Episode Season 2 premiere "Twilight Part 1" he is referred as a bug by Orion. That pretty much didn't make any sense to me. Another one was how did Wonder Woman get her invisible jet which was use in the episode "For The Man who Has everything". Shouldn't there be a movie in the middle that takes between Justice league and justice League Unlimited that explains how she acquires her jet. The movie should have been "Justice League Worlds Collide" where the story would explain that the Justice League would go up against Crime Syndicate of America. In this movie Hawkgirl is suppose be absent because of her role in the Thanagarian Invasion and also the the Season 2 episode "A Better World" was suppose to be a crime syndicate story rather than the Justice Lords.
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A great treat to the DC universe and a thrill ride animation....
Dream_seeker16 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit when looking at shows like X-men and X-men: Evolution, or Spiderman they are good but when compared to a show like DC's Justice league and JL: Unlimited which began on cartoon network around 2001-2006 and during these years they don't hold a candle to great story driven characters and superb action sequences that feels like you're right in the middle of watching a movie fitted just for T.V.

Unlike marvel's animation(s), the Justice league is a bit more darker for most and there are some episodes that might in some cases be a bit deeper in the undertone of death and murder, heck even the villains are crazy and wickedly dangerous (I mean with deadly intent on getting rid of each and every single group)...later on in unlimited there are some certain sexual innuendos shown in some episodes not too bad for kids to not watch but just bits and pieces and hints...but all of this add up is NOT a bad thing reason being that it keeps up the pace to the story and adds not only tension but keeps all the characters different and unique without making them all the same unlike marvel's animation(s).

Finally, When watching this show you get the feel of danger and sometimes hopelessness for the team; there are times where they are at their worst and feel that it can only get bad by the minute I mean they get the snot beaten, tortured, and possibly near death but they seem to come out on top and you see it point blank without hindrance to the violent display...kind of like life imitating art or comics again something most marvel animation series before JL tends to censored without putting reality at play JL and JL: unlimited pulls no punches and hold nothing back...the bad guys are bad guys and even sometimes the good guys can step over the line and again....truth in fiction and that's not a bad thing! My only grip to this show is that most of the coolest DC characters don't get much screen time (I.E. Steel, booster gold, etc.) They have their time on some episodes but after some time you rarely hear from them and then they become just figments in the background but who's to say that Green lantern isn't the bad-ass and batman is just in one word, "awesome" it just would be great to also see a connection with steel and superman which was only shown on Superman the animated series on here...not so much. but in the end, this show has a lot of merit to being one of the best thrill ride of animated series that I've seen in a long time so if I had to choose between X-men or JL hands down I'm going for JL for great stories, awesome action with great music, not to mention when having the stereo kicked up feels like you're in a movie theater watching awesome displays of adventure straight from the comics and in the end you can't go wrong...

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kec_jesusfreak15 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've got to say, Justice League is probably one of the best cartoons out there. I love the way they portrayed all the characters; in fact, many of them were better than the originals. I especially liked Batman, J'onn, and Flash- The Bat's stand-offishness fit so well, J'onn's voice and manner of speech were wonderful, and Flash's mix of cockiness and airheadedness was perfect (not to mention *his* voice, which makes me squeal in fangirly joy, haha). The villains were well-done, and Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl just own'd. XD You wouldn't think a teenager would get much joy out of a cartoon, right? But I did. It had some surprisingly grown-up themes, pretty deep ideas. I only have one bad thing to say about this cartoon: It ended too soon.
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"What like super-friends?"
Angelus213 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the three part of the pilot. The show united some of the great heroes of DC together. All the characters are lovable and seem to have great chemistry, the story lines are very 'grown-up' especially for a children's show. What amazes me is that even though this is a kids show it can easily attract older fans like me, who when this show was running was in his mid teens.

The coupling between, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl is quite sweet while Batman and Wonderwoman's love life is hilarious to watch. But it is Flash that takes the cake, Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex Luthor on Smallville adds the great comedy relief that is needed in a kids show; the animations are beautiful to watch and the fight scenes between villains and superheroes are brilliant.

My personal favourite episode is 'The Greatest story never told' it focuses on Booster Gold, a superhero who is ignored and always sidelined by the other superheroes. But during a invasion, he meets a female scientist who needs help and so Booster Gold tries to help realising in the process he is nothing but a wannabe and eventually saves the day. And gets a date.I mean even Superman and Batman couldn't do that. Watching this cartoon is like watching a movie, the suspense is brilliant and the fight scenes are well worth the wait.

One of the best cartoons from DC since Batman the animated series.
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I have always loved each episode of the Justice League since I was a kid
sundevilemily7 August 2017
I remember every Saturday morning when I was a kid,Justice League always played a lot on Cartoon Network or on Boomerang.I was always a fan of the main seven of the Justice League(Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern/John Stewart,The Flash/Wally West,Martian Manhunter,and Hawkgirl. The seven of them are my favorite version of the founding members of the Justice League.And the Batman and Wonder Woman romance is very cute and I loved how lots of the episodes of the show dived deep into how each of the characters have a tough backstory and when it came back to them,working as a team really helped them out.And the sequel series Justice League Unlimited I also really enjoyed,I felt like the show was just like it's predecessor except the Justice League expanded to become just like a sports league with different teams and players except it's of superheroes in a league where there are different episodes of team ups.And I love the Justice League(2001) series and it's sequel more than Young Justice which I am not that huge of a fan of that show anymore.
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Yeah it's pretty good if you accept it's a cartoon
scottyent10 July 2013
Do I enjoy this show? Yes. It is the first cartoon like it that I have watched (in that it has many super heroes), so I can't compare it to something like Super Friends. However, when I started watching the show, perhaps I had the wrong expectation. After all, it is a kids show and a cartoon. I had grown somewhat used to the blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, Dark Knight, etc, that gave superheroes SOME level of consistency. To me, that is really the only thing that a superhero really needs: consistency.

In this show, consistency is regularly thrown out of the window. The formula seems to be this...yes they are all super heroes, yes they all have super powers, but the second that becomes inconvenient for the plot they become weak. Almost every story pretty much revolves around...wow they got really beat down, how will they win!?...and resolves in...oh, exactly what they have been doing, but somehow their punches and strategy just figured things out this time around. That makes the show frustrating for me. Too often was I like, oh come on Superman (based on previous episodes) should easily be able to handle this..but he doesn't. Then at the end, he does without any explanation except you can assume he tried harder or something.

Another irritating point is the fact that not all the super heroes are in every episode. I understand for plot development, there has to be more of a focus on some of them each episode, but the episodes where others just don't show up are annoying. This isn't SNL, this isn't a huge collaboration of people showing up for a live show.... were the animators that drew that cartoon sick that day? Were the voice actors not available to record so they left them out? There were too many times where I thought...man, you know who would be perfect for this situation? Green Lantern or Superman. Where are they? Who knows. End of the world scenario all the time, but they seem to be off taking a nap.

All in all it's a good cartoon, but it is still a cartoon. It is very formulaic, and can get annoying in that respect. If you ever think about it logically, you'll get annoyed. Of course suspension of disbelief is necessary, but that suspension gets tough for me when these fictional super heroes are inconsistent with their own powers in the same episode or over many episodes. I would still recommend it to people, but only if it's casually on TV.
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PhilWatts1 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
The BATMAN & SUPERMAN ADVENTURES has thrilled audiences with some of the best written cartoons in years. This series not only made comic fans happy, it also turned some non-comic fans into 'fanboys' themselves.

Ever since comic writer Grant Morrison relaunched the Justice League of America comic by bring back DC Comics' mightiest heroes into one team, people have been clamoring for the makers of the Batman/Superman cartoons to do the same.

4 years later, they finally delivered.

The Justice League is back and just as amazin as most comic fans hoped it would be. Even better, the makers of this sow are concious of many of the changes that happened to characters in the comics ad it reflects in their cartoon incarnations:

SUPERMAN: This Superman is based on John Burne's revamp of the character in his MAN OF STEEL comic series in 1986. In order to bring more drama to Superman's stories, they had to power him DOWN, from POWERFUL-ENOUGH-TO-MOVE-PLANETS to AT-LEAST-POWERFUL-ENOUGH-TO-LIFT-A-MOUNTAIN. Besides, it's a rule that Superman MUST get bloodied to a pulp in Justice League stories...because of Supes could handle it all, what's the use of calling in the whole Justice League?

BATMAN: Batman is based on the early Kane/Finger comics, way before the campiness of the 1960's Batman took place. This Batman was a brooding, menacing, dominating figure, lurking in the streets, and snapping the necks of villians! (Don't worry, kids...Batman doesn't snap too many necks nowadays...though he'll still give villians a critical beatdown or two!) Plus, this Batman actually took advantage of his skills as a DETECTIVE...something WARNER BROTHERS completely forgot about when making the 4 Batman movies.

WONDER WOMAN: This Wonder Woman is based on George Perez' revamp of the character in 1986. During his run in the book, he actually powered her UP. Whereas before, Wonder Woman had to go from point A to point B via the INVISIBLE JET, now she can fly in her own power. He also brought her strength up close to Superman's level.

THE FLASH: This is the Wally West Flash. The makers of the cartoon took his irresponsible attitude from his Kid Flash era and kicked it up a few notches to make him the 'young inexperienced one' of the group.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Mr. J'onzz ('Jones' to all of you who are not Hooked-On-Martian) was one of the original founders of the Justice League. This is based more on the uber-powerful version that's in comics right now, though he stilL gets weakened by flame.

GREEN LANTERN: This is the John Stewart Green Lantern. To those who are not familiar, his exploits were chronicled in GREEN LANTERN: MOSIAC, which didn't end too well, as the planet he was patrolling in that comic was destroyed. Since not many people are familir with him, the creative team has a much bigger window to work with to make his character much more memorable in this series than in any of the comics.

HAWKGIRL: I am the least familiar with this character, but I do know that the comic version of this characte is a little more restrained than the one in this show. Here, she's more of a 'THRASH NOW, AND SCREW ASKING QUESTIONS' type. Hopefully, they'll work on her character and make her something more than that.

Over time, they'll introduced many other Justice Leaguers, like Metamorpho The Element Man, and Aquaman (based on Peter David's revamp of the character in the mid 1990's. This ain't you father's 'I COULD ONLY TALK TO FISH' Aquaman...although he could still do that!)

The first few episodes have the Justice League fighting the invasion of the Pale Martians. This is semi-based on the first story that Grant Morrison kicked off the relaunch of the JLA comic with!

This series take aspects of the comic world and presents it in a way that will make even the staunchiest of anti-comic critics turn into fans themselves! ...AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO FORCE SOME DORKY TEEN CHARACTERS INTO THIS CARTOON TO MAKE THE KIDS LIKE IT, EITHER!
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The best Cartoon Movie Ever
imchrisru15 July 2004
Ever since the first episode of Justice League (Secret Origions) came out I loved Justice League. It is the best Superhero cartoon I have seen so far. It closely follows the characters and stories created by DC Comics. The action and art is well made, and the voices are fantastic. Batman sounds just as he should, as does the rest of the characters. I am glad Superman is not the main character in each episode, or it would be too much like the superman cartoons from a couple years back. Justice League Starcrossed was the best episodes so far. The was much more action, humor, and fun in this show. I enjoyed the whole show and would love to see it again. This is a must-see for all Justice League or superhero fans. After this amazing show, I can hardly wait for the Justice League Unlimited show, which comes later in July.
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My favorite superhero series since my childhood until now
aurore-huygens3 November 2016
Justice League is a TV series about 7 super heroes which are absolutely stunning. I used to watch an episode every evening when I was a child. But even if I'm an adult now, I still enjoy watching an episode every now and then. The characters are charming ! In my opinion, they form the best team of super heroes in the world ! The Flash has always been my favorite hero of the team. He made me laugh a lot and he still does. I also like the 2 girls, Hawk Girl and Wonder Woman. I find them inspiring, because they're strong and are able to save the world, even if they're not men. I would strongly recommend this series to everyone who likes science fiction with a lot of action.
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nikil00718 April 2009
The best animated series which gave justice to all the animated super heroes. All the seasons were superb. But the first two seasons were the most exciting ones, as they had complete perfect scripts.

The others were also good, but the ending never gave answers to many questions in the same episode.They didn't complete them at all. Even then, they were all fantastic.

Dan Riba and Butch Lukic were the No.1 among the series directors. Their series were completed with actions and all human values and they gave importance to each facial expression, situation etc.

I am expecting more from them. The Warner Bros. should take initiative to give more episodes through a 6th season, and continue making it, with the same super heroes, rather than making a live action film.

Justice League fantastic.... Never let it die...
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An unforgettable show.
Animany9420 April 2019
I remembered watching Justice League back in the day. I wasn't more than 10 years old when I first saw it on the small screen, but even though so many years passed and I didn't have much to do with it or other superhero shows it still holds up and more to this day.

First of all, the title sequence is one of the most catchy tunes ever to introduce a TV-show and it will stick in your head for days. It really sets up the grand scale of the show and really has this epic and heroic feel to it which has you invested from the start. The CGI characters though look terribly dated, but you can't really blame something for being released when it was quite new.

These storylines have a real depth to them which is easier with the fewer characters from the DC Comics, but I think it was the best start to what later would become Justice League Unlimited which is an amazing show as well.

Justice League's first season was really good at introducing each of the well known DC heroes in different situations wether it be an origin story like with J'onn J'onnz or an exploration of their homes and reasons for their mission like with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Season 2 focused more on the team and their fights against super villains, but it somehow managed to take the complexity of their characters up one more level which leads us to many amazing fights and great dilemmas between them.

Justice League is an amazing show I recommend to anyone who likes engaging storytelling with enough unpredictability to keep ones interest through every two-parter or occasional three-parter.
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The Best Adaptation of DC Superhero mythology!
liyendinal29 March 2019
This was in my opinion best tv series in the entire DCAU Which spanned during 1992 -2006 ,It was full of adventure,action,great storytelling and suprisingly romance ,which I guess make this show a masterpiece among other animated tv series.Whtever Animation was impressive,cast was great,stories were wonderful.I mean the Finale of the show kept me in edge of my seat,it was one of the greatest episode I had seen in tv.If you haven't already checked this amazing show Please watch This tv series deserves Your valuble time for sure.
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This is the true soul of DC heroes!
006_donny6 October 2018
I watched it when I was 11-12 years old. Now I'm 28 and it continues to be the best heroes series out there. Two seasons of pure joy! :)
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Second best DC animated series, way better than JLU
iulianlazaroiu11 July 2018
Despite what fans would led you to believe, this series is WAY better than Unlimited. The main reason why this series is so much better than JLU is because all the episodes have 2 or 3 parters, allowing for bigger and more complex story and storytelling, but also having a smaller team/cast allowing for more focus. This show really feels like things have weight behind them, feels natural, real, not just exposition like JLU episodes. I only wish batman beyond was also made each episode having 2-3 parters... so much potential wasted.
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One of the best cartoons ever.
mhorg20188 July 2018
DC Animation is one of the best animation companies today. They consistently do the best Superhero toons, leaving all others in the dust. Great voices and stories, this is well worth watching again and again. It got even better when it became Unlimited.
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Such SuperFriends these guys are
Nervana17 November 2001
The Justice League forms. Friends working together towards the evil threats upon Earth. This show is proving to be a brilliant change of our Super Friends. The best so far? First episodes were brilliantly displayed, and created. Hawk Girl with her powers, always wanting to be ahead of her enemies, Flash with his corny jokes, and silly attitude is perfect for him. There is Superman acting quick, and strongly as he is. Wonder woman her beauty and her power over throw you, Batman with his darker personality overwhelm you. The Green lantern with his powerful ring, and strong firm character. And the mystery of that alien one. All together, all-powerful, all together victorious. I hope this cartoon goes far in making new episodes. Gosh, I only wish Spiderman would have joined.
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