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  • This is a shocking film that deals with a 15-year-old boy who rents his body to men in order to pay for his drug abuses. Fran, tired of being termed a homosexual by others, confides in his best friend and dealer David who advises him to visit Perla, a prostitute. Fran later encounters a fair-haired girl, Angelica, and is initially attracted towards her, but soon the old man who had introduced him to the rent boy lifestyle appears, which leaves Fran clueless about life, his sexual orientation and priorities.


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  • Sin Destino follows the life of a 15 year old Mexican boy, Francisco, as he struggles to survive on the streets. His primary source of income is money raised by prostituting himself to men for sex, and the film implies that this learned behaviour has arisen as a result of a contact with a single man when Francisco was 9 years old. This man, Sebastien, is an "artist" who initially claimed to want to photograph the boy, but it is clear that their relationship at one time extended far beyond that of photographer/model.

    It is clear that Francisco had been a regular visitor, or had perhaps even lived as a son with Sebastien, but at some stage some years before, the boy ran away from his "benefactor".

    Francisco appears to be addicted to cocaine, and his dealer, David, also appears to be his only friend. Both teens are open about the way that Francisco makes a living, although David is scornful about it throughout.

    It is clear that Francisco becomes increasingly unhappy about his repuation as a homosexual rent boy, and a key thread of the film appears to be the fact that whilst he is not gay, his sexual couplings with men intrude psychologically upon his attempts to lose his virginity with girls nearer to his own age.

    Just when Francisco is starting to develop heterosexual interest in girls, he bumps into Sebastien on the street after many years apart. Sebastien is distraught by the meeting, having feared that the boy he clearly views perversely as a kind of son, was dead. Although it is clear that he still exerts an influence on the boy, it is also clear that Francisco is old enough to have his own mind. Francisco spitefully rejects Sebastien's pleas to reknew their relationship. It's clear that whilst Francisco has sex for money on a regular basis, he holds a special contempt for Sebastien, who he appears to blame for having started him on that course in life.

    Francisco becomes fixated upon a blond haired girl that he admires from afar, and David suggests that Francisco first loses his virginity with a young female prostitute in order to gain experience. Ironically, although it is Francisco who sells his body for sex, it is is his friend who has a very coarse, animalistic view of sex. Francisco seems to have a romantic, idealised vision of the blonde girl, and simply wants to get to know her. However, the macho taunts and encouragement of his friend, push him to fulfill his desires in less noble ways.

    Although Francisco seems to be initially crippled either by performance anxiety, or simple inexperience, he does indeed start having successful intercourse with the prostitute, only to be rendered impotent by visions of himself being mounted.

    Francisco desperately wants to impress the girl of his dreams and eventally asks the prim-and-proper girl out. They arrange to meet for a date, and David offers to sell him a very expensive love potion that will make the girl uncontrollably aroused.

    Francisco struggles to find the money, despite calling around a number of his old tricks. In the end, in desperation, he returns to Sebastien, and offers to be photographed. Initially Sebastien plays hard to get, but Francisco verbally arouses the old man, and Sebastien soon lets the boy back into his home.

    As he enters, Francisco sees another naked boy in the studio, reminding him that Sebastien is still up to his old tricks. When the other model has left the house, Sebastien can barely keep his hands off Francisco, and it is clear that he has a mixture of emotions towards the boy. Sebastien wants reassurance that Francisco has missed him, but the boy is increasingly revulsed by the man. When Francisco eventually spits out how much he really hates Sebastien, the old man knocks the boy out with a walking cane, then rapes him.

    When Francisco regains consciousness, he knows he has been raped, and although Sebastien acts as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened, the boy kills him, then steals his money.

    Francisco takes his money to David and buys the aphrodisiac as well as some cocaine. Having spent the whole film trying to afford cocaine, now that he has as much as he wants, Francisco over-doses, and this is shown in a mildly psychedilic trip. He is also behaving in a very strange way.

    He meets his blonde girl friend, and takes her to David's place, but far from being the gentle lover he so desperately wants to be, when his frantic advances are rebuffed, Francisco attacks the girl and forcibly rapes her, culminating in her death.

    David subsequently returns home, and after some macho comments about how hard Franscisco has treated the girl, he realises that Francisco has killed her.

    David goes to his drug suppliers who agree to dispose of both bodies, after which both boys will have to leave the city.

    The film ends with them dumping body parts in black plastic bags at an out-of-town location.

    Just when it looked like there was a hope of salvation, Francisco's life is ruined by the ghosts of his past, taking his friend, a decent girl, and the pedophile who molested him down in the process.

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