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Hopkins delivers a genuinely charming example through the generosity and affection with which he treats his characters, a racially and culturally mixed bunch that could have seemed schematic and forced.
L.A. Weekly
One of the sweetest comedies in a long time, which doesn't mean it's sugary or fey.
Chicago Sun-Times
The plot unfolds with the gradual richness of something by Eric Rohmer, who has the whole canvas in view from the beginning but uncovers it a square inch at a time. By the end of Jump Tomorrow I was awfully fond of the picture.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
At times a bit stilted, a common quality of first-time directors who try too hard to sculpt every scene, but it's refreshingly bereft of slick cynicism and smart-ass snideness.
The performances are extremely good, and the tone maintains a droll continuity throughout.
New York Post
Quirky and good-natured, it makes the most of an unknown but able and refreshingly international cast. And for a low-budget indie, it looks remarkably good and moves along with real snap.
Delightful mix of swinging '60s style, road movie conventions and age-old romantic comedy tropes that coasts along on little more than charm, and does it delightfully.
Entertainment Weekly
There's a certain breed of annoying indie movie in which a character's shyness is portrayed in a manner so coy that it becomes a reverse form of exhibitionism. Jump Tomorrow is that kind of movie.
The story is fluff, but it's mostly appealing.
The movie feels padded. And Hopkins's deft touch as a writer and director leaves him when it comes to casting.

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