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WWF Insurrextion (2000)

WWF Title: The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Shane McMahon, WWF European Title: Eddy Guererro vs. Chris Jericho, WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz, WWF Hardcore Title: Crash ... See full summary »


Kevin Dunn




Cast overview, first billed only:
Dwayne Johnson ... The Rock
Paul Levesque ... Triple H
Shane McMahon ... Shane McMahon
Eddie Guerrero ... Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho ... Chris Jericho
Adam Copeland ... Edge
Jay Reso ... Christian
Jeff Hardy ... Jeff Hardy - The Hardy Boyz
Matt Hardy ... Matt Hardy - The Hardy Boyz
Michael Lockwood ... Crash Holly
Davey Boy Smith ... The British Bulldog
Solofa Fatu Jr. ... Rikishi
Pat Patterson ... Pat Patterson
Devon Hughes ... D-Von Dudley
Mark LoMonaco ... Bubba Ray Dudley
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WWF Title: The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Shane McMahon, WWF European Title: Eddy Guererro vs. Chris Jericho, WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz, WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly vs. The British Bulldog, Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit, Rikishi Phatu & The Big Show vs. The Dudley Boyz, The Road Dogg vs. Bradshaw, Kane vs. Bull Buchanan, Arm Wrestling Match: The Kat vs. Terri Written by Anonymous

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Action | Sport


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The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) defeated WWE World Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian by disqualification after Edge hit both of the Hardyz with the ring bell after they had hit their Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb finishing sequence on Christian. The Dudley Boys made the save, hitting the Dudley Death Drop on Christian and powerbombing Edge off the top through a table. See more »


Followed by WWE Backlash (2003) See more »

User Reviews

Recap of Insurrextion 2000
26 June 2002 | by Spawn DevilSee all my reviews

Match 1: Too Cool v Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko The duo known as Too Cool enter to a huge crowd reaction with lots of claps. We are then shown a few clips from when Dean won back the LH Title. Perry and Grandmaster begin the match with some fast paced moves until Scotty enters and knocks Perry down and then dances with his homie. Dean then enters and begins to pound on Scotty and the Perry joins in to the crowd's horror. Perry then gets a 2 count over Scotty. Perry then lets Dean enter and Dean goes to work but Saturn pushed Dean to the ground. Now all 4 men are in and Scotty goes and connects with the worm on both Malenko and Saturn. Too Cool then take out Malenko and Grandmaster hits the hip hop drop to get the 3 count. After the match the two Radicals go at it in the Ring and have to be seperated by officials. Winners: Too Cool via pinfall

Match 2: Bull Buchanan v Kane w/Paul Bearer Before the match we are shown a clip of Kane getting his hand broken by the Bull. Then we are informed that the Big Boss Man will not be here tonight. Kane quickly knocks the Bull to the outside where Kane follows and Kane hits a thunderous uppercut. Kane then whips the Bull into the ropes but the bull moves out of the way and knocks Kane to the ground but Kane does his famous sit-up. Bull then hits a few punches on Kane but Kane fights back with a few right hands which knocks the Bull to the ground. Kane then grabs the Bull and delivers a huge chokeslam, which allows Kane to get the 123. Winner: Kane

Match 3: Road Dogg w/Tori v Bradshaw w/Faarooq Road Dogg does his usual intro and then the Acolytes then come out and Bradshaw quickly goes to work. Faarooq briefly joins the commentating team before he leaves to pound on Road Dogg. Bradshaw then gets the Dogg back in the ring and Faarooq is sent backstage. Bradshaw destroys the Dogg in the corner and then hits a Irish whip followed by a supplex. Bradshaw then places the Road Dogg in a torture rack submission hold. So far Bradshaw is carrying the match as well as dominating the Dogg. Road Dogg then fights back with his famous punches, which are followed by a drop kick, which sends Bradshaw to the outside. Road Dogg then hits his knee drop and goes for the 3 count but only gets a 2. Bradshaw then gets up and is distracted by Tori and then Road Dogg hits his Pump Handle slam for the 3 count. Winner: Road Dogg

Match 4: The Kat w/Mae v Terri w/Moolah – Arm Wrestling Match Jerry Lawler is in the ring hosting the Event and the Kat enters to a huge response followed by Terri who gets a even bigger response. They get the grip and Terri with holds and tells Jerry to check the Kats hands. The match begins again and Terri stops yet again and states she needs a break. For the third time the match begins and bang Terri stops and does a few exercises followed by stripping down to a hot pink outfit. They get the grip ready and the Kat stops and then goes back and the match is on and Terri almost wins but the Kat gets the upper hand and Terri spits something in her eyes but the Kat gets the win and Mae then attacks Terri. Then Terri rips off the Kats top and reveals the Kats PUPPIES.

Match 5: The Dudley Boyz v Rikishi & Showkishi We are shown a clip of Trish being put through a table by the Dudley Boyz. Then the 2 teams enter the ring. D Von quickly attacks the Big Show who fights back straight away. The Big Show hits many punches and then tags in Rikishi who quickly falls prey to Bubba but Rikishi fights him off. D-Von then enters and pounds on Rikishi but Rikishi hits his super kick. D-Von then hits a low blow on Rikishi but it has very little effect as Rikishi knocks him down and the tags in Show who clears house. Now Rikishi is in and hits `Stink Face' on Bubba. Edge and Christian then come out and attack Bubba and Rikishi and then the Big show hits the chokeslam for the win. Winners: Rikishi and Showkishi.

Match 6: Kurt Angle v Chris Benoit Both men enter and Crash then comes out to a huge reaction and he enters the commentating team. Benoit quickly takes Angle to the ground but Angle gets up and fights back. Angle then drops Benoit into the ropes and then takes him to the outside and pounds on him. Angle then takes him back to the ring and hits one of his supplex slams. He then hits a few right hands and then cloths lines him to the ground. Benoit then fights back and hits a german supplex followed by a gradle and then he hits the crippler crossface but Angle gets out of it. You can here a few boring chants from the crowd. Benoit then knocks Angle down and goes for the diving headbut but he misses it and angle hits the Angleplex and gets the 123. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 7: Crash Holly v The British Bulldog – Hardcore Title Match The Bulldog quickly comes out and attacks Crash. Crash then gets a strap and chokes the Dog and then hits a lot of kicks and punches and then starts to hit the Dogg with a cane and then he sets a chair up in the ring but the Bulldog drop toe holds Crash on the chair. The Bulldog now has the cane and hits Crash repeatedly with it. He then sets Crash up for the running powerslam on a chair and he connects and then gets the pinfall and wins the Match and the title. Winner: And NEW Hardcore Champion, The British Bulldog.

Match 8 Edge & Christian v Hardy Boyz – Tag Title Match Edge starts off by throwing Jeff into the corner and Matt enters and nails Edge but Edge gets back up and knocks Matt to the ground and then tags in Christian. Jeff enters and the Hardyz double team Christian and then they nail Edge and Jeff goes to hit Christian but Christian goes to the outside and he then nails Jeff and takes him back in the ring where Edge is waiting. Christian then his a huge slam on Jeff and goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Christian then hits a chin lock and then nails Jeff who falls flat on his back. Jeff tries to get the tag but Edge comes in and holds Jeff back and then Edge is tagged in but Edge stuffs up and and Jeff does one of those twist like moves and gets a near 3 count. Edge then fights back and slaps on a choke hold and then turns it into a front face lock but Jeff gets out of it and tags Matt but the ref misses it and forces Matt back to the corner. Edge then goes to cloths line Jeff but they both collide and fall to the canvas. Christian is now in and Matt comes in and the Hardyz double team Chritian and Matt hits a face buster then the tist of fate and Jeff hits the swanton bomb but Edge brings in a ring bell and cause a DQ.

Match 9: Eddie Guerrero w/Chyna v Chris Jericho – European Title Match Eddie states that he hates being the UK's champion and Chyna takes the mic and speaks Spanish and Eddie then translates it to us. The countdown is on and out comes Y2J himself. Jericho then bashes Chyna and says that we wish you two would just bloody p*** off. Then the coin toss is taken place to determine which title will be on the line. It is the European title. Both men quickly take it to the outside where Latino Heat heads to the backstage but Chyna pushes him back and Jericho brings him back to the ring. Jericho hits a cloths line and then apples a stretcher hold but Eddie gets out of it but falls prey to a Y2J supplex. Eddie then runs to the outside and Chris gives chase but runs into a Chyna cloths line. Eddie then takes him back to the ring and goes to the top rope and hits a top rope supplex where Jericho's head bounces off the ring canvas. Eddie then applies and pinfall which is reversed by Chris who is still feeling the pain from the top rope supplex. Eddie then hits another choke hold but Jericho gives a thumb to the eye but Eddie fights back with some thunderous chops to the chest. This PPV is going well unlike past PPV's. Both men try to get a pinfall on the other but fail and Eddie hits a cool vertical stretch which places a smile on Chyna's face until Jericho reverses it but Eddie breaks out of it. We now have a punch up as we like to call it here in the UK with Jericho coming out on top. Jericho and Eddie both fall to the outside where they crash to the ground and Eddie's back crashes against the ring and Chyna sneaks in and hits a DDT on Jericho. Eddie then enters and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Jericho hits his double powerbomb followed by the Lionsault and Chyna comes in and gets knocked out and Eddie nails Chris with the belt behind the refs back and gets the 3 count. Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Match 10: Triple H w/Stephanie v Shane w/Vince v The Rock – World Title No Chance hits and out comes Shane with his daddy close behind him. Triple H and that ho Steph come out to a huge crowd reaction of boos. Next out is the Rock to the biggest response of the night. Damn why do they have these long entrances. The Rock is quickly taken out by Shane and Triple H and they take him out with viscous chops and knocks. Triple H then takes him out to the outside and takes him down and then he takes him to the inside and pounds on him in the corner and Shane and Triple H organise what to do next. Shane does that funny boxing routine and punches the Rock with Vince screaming in the background `Get him, get him'. The Rock then gets back up and delievers a double elbow shot but HHH hits his face buster and pushes the Rock to the corner where Vince strikes the Rock. Triple H then slaps a choke hold on the Rock with Shane watching on but the Rock grabs Shane and hits his own sleeper choke hold but the double sleeper is quickly broken. HHH then pushes Shane and walks away but Shane nails HHH from behind and the Rock hits a DDT on Shane and he then takes Triple H to the corner and pounds on him. The Rock the throws Shane into the Ref who is knocked out and the Vince trips the Rock and the Rock gets up and grabs Vince. Next up we have Brisco who goes to give a quick pin but the Rock kicks out and then Shane nails Triple H with a chairshot and Vince grabs the chair and enters but HHH hits a low blow and the pedigree and goes for the pinfall, 12… the Rock kicks out. HHH then goes for a second pedigree and gets it and then Vince puts the ref shirt on but Earl comes out and pulls Vince to the outside where Vince goes to hit Earl but ends up hitting the ring post. The Rock then hits the Rock Bottom on Vince and a spine buster on Shane followed by the peoples elbow and 123 the Rock wins via a NORMAL count from Earl. So much for Triple H winning the Title. Winner: The Rock

This UK PPV deserves a B

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