Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) Poster

Jeffrey Garcia: Sheen



  • Sheen : I'm peeing... in the shower.


    Sheen : I'm still doing it. Go. Go. Go.

  • Nick : Are you sure about this, Neutron?

    Jimmy : Well the data seems to support this hypothesis.

    Sheen : [walking by and confusedly examining a piece of paper]  Never... argue... with the data...

  • Sheen : We have to ask ourselves. What would Ultralord do?

  • Sheen : [meeting up after rescuing his dad]  Ultra Dad!

    Sheen's Dad : Ultra Son!

    [they hug each other] 

  • Sheen : I do so relish these times of peril.

  • [seeing the aliens for the first time] 

    Jimmy : They've evolved beyond the need for conventional bodies. They must be an advanced species, millions of years ahead of us.

    Sheen : Wow. When I sneeze, it looks like an advanced species too.

    Cindy Vortex , Libby : Ewww.

  • Sheen : Jimmy, your dad is acting like a mind-controlled duck-man.

  • Sheen : [the children are running from the aliens. Sheen is singing, as if he were Ultra Lord]  Ultra Lord is not afraid of chickens.

    [the aliens fire at the ship] 

    Sheen : Okay, he may be a little bit afraid of chickens.

  • [Two of Poultra's feet hatches out of the egg as he stands up] 

    Yokian Crowd : [cheering; four times]  Po-ouul-tra!

    King Goobot : Citizens of Yokus. I, King Goobot the fifth, give you... sacrifice!

    [the egg explodes revealing Poultra himself] 

    Sheen : Th-, th-, th-th-th, that's a big chicken.

    [Poultra roars as Jimmy and the gang covers their ears, v along with the Yokians] 

  • Carl : [He, Jimmy and Sheen first gazes on Retroland on its opening night]  Wow. It's better than the poster!

    Jimmy : [to himself, Carl & Sheen]  Gentlemen, this will be a night we 'shan't' easily forget.

    Sheen : [forgetting the word Jimmy said]  I don't know what "shan't" means...

    [note: "Shan't" means "shall not"] 

    Sheen : [as the song "Pop" starts, he, Carl & Jimmy starts running towards the entrance]  but let's go!

  • Jimmy : [takes a note from the Neutron's fridge in the kitchen; reading]  "Dear son/daughter..."

    Jimmy : [outside; reading]  "We' 'ha've gone to Florida for an extended vacation."

    Carl : [reads]  "Love, your parents."

    Sheen : Yeah. My parents went to Florida too.

    Jimmy : That's weird. From the look of it...

    Jimmy : [seeing that the kids is looking for their parents with a note on each]  I'd say a lot of parents are gone.

    Carl : Wha- If- I- Did they all go to Florida?

    Sheen : Maybe they went to get juice or something?

    Carl : I don't digest pulp well. It makes me bloaty.

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