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  • A young man working at a cinema on a special premiere night, finds that the films being shown are full of strange and eerie occurrences.

  • 17 year old Pete Riley works at the local 26-screen megaplex. He, the senior manager of the theater, and all the other employees are working to keep the theater neat for the giant premiere gala that night where they are going to premiere "Midnight Mayhem". He also has to keep his younger siblings out of the way for the premiere. He also has his girlfriend and her friend going to an early movie heading into the premiere. The movies are having major screw-ups like real tornadoes or title problems.


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  • Pete Riley is the 17 year old Assistant Manager of the Megaplex in his town. He is the youngest assistant manager ever. His mother thinks he works too hard working and doesn't have enough fun. The movie starts with the day of the biggest opening premire the movie theater has ever seen Midnight Mayhem. Pete gives two tickets to the girl of his dreams and her best friend, in hopes of winning her heart. A few things are standing in his way. His little brother and sister insist on seeing a movie and Petes mom tells Pete to dive them home on his dinner break. When he reports to the movie theater, people have called in sick and they are incredibly short staffed which means Pete can't drive his sister and brother home. The rest of the night is riddled with chaos. "Movie Mason" a man who has been at the theater since the begining, believes in the magic of movies. He hold up a line trying to convince two men that the movie they are seeing is a crap film. The popcorn machine goes insane and makes way too much popcorn.Sean MacGibon, Petes boss is freaking out. Theater 23 is out of focus and flickering. Theater 21 is blacking out every few seconds. One theater has its own cyclone. The story of the Phantom of the Megaplex is circling fast. Sean keeps disapering and turning up tied to chairs and doors. The phantom is stricking again and again. Its up to Pete to save the day and win the girl. He slowly is relizing that his brother and sister have been right all along. He needs to have a life, to lighten up, but now is not the time to do it. He has to catch the Phantom before he ruins the premire. While up on the roof looking for a missing blow-up monster. Pete and his sibilings are tied up by the Phantom. While they are working their hardest to free themselves, the Phantom is trapping people in the theater with the blow-up monsters. Freed just in time, Pete goes in with King Arthur's sword and slices the monster open. He then sees the Phantom behind the curtain and goes after him. After a fight, Pete emerges the victor, he reveals the Phantoms face and its SEAN! The owner fires Sean and promotes Pete. Pete turns down the job offer because he relizes that he needs to chill and be a teenager. He wins the girl as does his mothers boyfriend. He proposes and they become a big happy family!

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