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This is like, the WORST movie ... EVER!
mojo-obp23 August 2004
yeah, it's that bad. it's horrible. i can't even waste the words to explain it.

don't watch it, don't even consider watching it. if your hair's caught on fire and you go screaming through your building, and your neighbour with a bucket of water, says "watch Marci X or you're not getting this on your head" tell him to sod off. if you fall from an 8 story building break both your legs and have your ribs stuck in your heart, and the doctors in the hospital tell you "watch Marci X or no surgery" tell them to kiss your butt, because it's less painful. Believe me. And if you get abducted by aliens and they "watch Marci X or it's probin' time" tell them to watch it themselves, cause it's the worst thing you could wish for somebody.

You DON'T want to see this tasteless, mindless, pointless, substanceless piece of s**t.
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Why Lord Why Must this movie exist
mikeridges17 July 2006
When I saw this movie 3 years ago I was surprised at how awful it really was. I mean why the hell would you make this movie into a musical when none of the actors in it can sing? I thought this movie would be about Lisa Kudrow trying to act black, which would have been funny since she is the whitest girl I have ever seen, but the director decided not to go that route, like the title entails, and decided to make it into a romance musical which had a total of ONE funny moment. When Wayne's character starts singing "I wanna love you IN THE BUTT, IN THE BUTT, IN THE BUTT!!!" and all the backup singers had red targets painted on their rear ends. Thats about the only funny part of the movie, and you only laugh for a few seconds. Anyone who rated this movie a 10 either is a HUGE Waynes brother fan, or they love the smooth, sensual voice of Lisa Kudrow when she sings (FUBAR!)
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I didn't think it was so bad...
Furb29 February 2004
For what it purported to be, a musical comedy, it did ok. I'm no great fan of rap, so this had to be light. Of course, the courtroom scene was way over the top, but if you go back and look at some of those old Jane Powell musicals, they burst into song in the strangest places and any "spontaneous" dance is choreographed and well rehearsed, as are all the "numbers" in this one.

Of course, it's much easier and the motivation is stronger [I spent money for that!]to write a bad review than a good one, so trashing it is expected. Too bad the-powers-that-be at IMDB can't sort these into two headings instead of one generic because usually the bad reviews get in first. This'll be #29 and probably will never be read. "Que sera sera, y'all, I reckon," as they say in southern Italy.
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We all took a job we didn't like just to pay the rent....
lambiepie-24 July 2005
...but usually in that circumstance we didn't subject the world to that knowledge.

This film has known folks in it who just did not have to do this film - for the rent or otherwise. I think there was an idea...over an apple martini or something...that someone said, "Hey - we can make a real funny movie about that!" They were wrong.

First of could tell this is yet another Wayan's "inside joke". Here's some advice for the Wayans - stop joking and just be serious and or honest about it. Come out with it - whatever you want to say. Maybe your "ironic" days are over and its time to go right in and do what is exactly on your minds.

Then you have to ask what possessed Richard Benjamin, Christine Baranski and Lisa Kudrow to do this...? Rent? Taxes? A new stuffed animal they saw at Wal-Mart? Let me not trash the film - for a minute - and look at what the INTENT could have been...what this seemed to want to be was an expose of the music industry stereotypes. Okay, done not trashing and here's my truth: I've had just about enough of stereotypes in feature films to last decades. Don't get me wrong, there can be a way to do something of this nature which can be entertaining, thought provoking..maybe even satirical...the bottom line is that this is NOT the film - not the script - not the actors - not worth the time of anyone.
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Arguably the Worst Movie ever
metbronc8824 April 2004
"this is the funniest movie starring lisa kudrow yet. damon wayans and her are the perfect match. its a wonderful off beat comedy with some great hip-hop jokes :"i know tai-boi"-"six bills on the white chick" I THINK PEOPLE WILL FIND THIS MORE ENJOYABLE THAN ANY OTHER DAMON WAYANS MOVIE. a summer comedy that actually works.I WOULD COMPARE IT TO "AMERICAN PIE!"

Who ever wrote this is seriously distrubed or making a joke, this movie could not have satisfied me less. There was not one funny part, it was steriotipical crap. From start to finish there was nothing entertaining. IT was a little unbelievalbe that Lisa Kudrow could be A paris hilton type, because shes twice her age! Worst movie ever, don't waste your time.
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It really wasn't so bad
CLewis980028 March 2006
I read the comments before watching the movie, and just like with the "famous critics" who critique movies, that was the wrong move. I think it really depends on the mindset of the person who is watching and also it depends on the type of movie the person is looking for. So if you are looking for fun, this is a fun movie, it is not to be taken in all seriousness, just take it for what is - just plain fun. I can't complain about the language, because although I don't like rap for all of the disrespectful language, I knew this movie would have aspects of it but it was funny in spots. Everyone should form their own opinions as everyone would find different things funny.
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In the What? Bottom 100? Very Unfair Rating!
claudio_carvalho25 January 2008
While delivering an award to her humanitarian father Ben Feld (Richard Benjamin), the stylish wealthy Jewish Caucasian Marci Feld (Lisa Kudrow) is surprised by the attack of the conservative senator Mary Ellen Spinkle (Christine Baranski) to her father in the media. The motive is the lyrics of the rap "Shoot Ya' Teacha " sing by Dr. S (Damon Wayans) and released by the hip-hop record label Felony Assault that belongs to Ben. He has a heart attack, and his daughter decides to assume the problem and negotiate a public excuse of Dr. S in the MTV Award. However, the bad boy sings a polemic song on television to humiliate Merci that gives senator Sprinkle the chance to promote the "Buttgate".

"Marci X" is a silly but hilarious movie with the charming, elegant and gorgeous Lisa Kudrow. Surprisingly it is ranked in the "Bottom 100#73", in my opinion a tremendously unfair position. Lisa Kudrow is an excellent comedian, and I am still laughing with her rap challenge on the stage with "The Power is in the Purse". The rude Damon Wayans is also funny with no surprises in his role, and Christine Baranski is specialized in performing villains and is also great. This is another movie that will never be nominated to the Oscar that some intellectuals spend their precious time seeing it to write bad reviews in IMDb, misleading those that expect to see an entertaining light and silly comedy. Fortunately I do not read reviews before watching movies. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Marci X – Uma Loura Muito Louca" ("Marci X – A Very Crazy Blondie")
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Worst of 2003?
vivalarsx3 March 2004
I inserted a question mark because I really can't recall if I saw a worse movie last year. Probably not. This is dull, illogical, and stupid--no, worse than that, it's stoopid. Lisa Kudrow's Marci says that she can't rap, yet almost immediately launches into a (very bad) rap about handbags. Uptight Senator Christine Baranski hears about 5 seconds of a hip hop beat and is instantly transformed into fabulous dancer with stripper potential. Instead of the comedy arising from the situation and/or the characters' quirks, screenwriter Paul Rudnick (hope he loves whatever the money from this crap bought!) just throws any gag he can at us, and nothing sticks. I laughed ONCE: when the obviously-meant-to-be-J.Lo Yolanda says, "I'm bleeding, I need a photographer." That's the only time in 84 (seems longer) minutes that a "comic" line was directly related to a character's personality. The rest is just stoopid.
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I laughed out loud often and smiled a lot while watching.
JBesman21 May 2005
This movie was a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't surprised at the negative comments about it, however, because in order to fully appreciate the satire and wonderful humor of this movie,you have to have a close association and awareness of the cultures involved. Without that understanding, the picture would not be funny. I am Jewish and work as a social worker in a middle school in Central Harlem. With these credentials this movie is hilarious. Also, who can resist Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow? The rap satires were pointed and hilarious and cutting edge. Damon was surprisingly believable as a rapper, while rapping and very sexy and charming. Lisa was able to hold her own as a comedian and as a "rapper" also. She is the ultimate entertainer, as is Damon. Lisa's backup girlfriends were perfect as a bit joining in with the whole ensemble. Richard Benjamin as the businessman father was hilarious. This movie is not meant to be realistic, but a creative, fun twist on reality.
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An abomination that I got trapped into seeing because of Scott Rudin
thesundance1424 August 2003
Rarely are we treated to a new class of cinema. Most things done in Hollywood are rather easy to classify. Most of the "stuff" made in Hollywood these days is garbage, dreamed up by lord knows who, to meet some formula that is supposed to make money. Making movies as art has been dead for decades but we old timers still hope.

And that is how I got trapped into going to a...I really hate to call this a movie but I will for clarity...a movie called Marci-X.

Scott Rudin has produced over the years many things I thought were not much but for the most part his name associated with an effort usually meant the effort, be it off center or misguided, would still deserve an honest look. It would in the end be well presented work with a touch of class.

Well folks, this..."abomination" fits a mold but not that mold. Marci-X is so bad it needs a class all of its own. To call it simply bad is a desecration to some really all time Hollywood stinkers. This...gross theft of any viewers time and money ought to be banned forever!! That is the new class. The banned forever to a nuclear waste site so no unsuspecting fool like me might accidentally see it.

But I'm on the case here so let me mention a few things.

Lisa Kudrow is better than this kind of role. Or at least I think she is. She isn't funny, she isn't even a good stereo-type. Come to think of it she hasn't done anything good since "Friends" and that is a decade ago. Maybe the biology degree will come in handy after all?

Daymon Wayans as Doctor S. is about as funny as a train wreck. I think the guy actually has some talent but he is always portrayed as an idiot of some sort. And even as an idiot he seems to reflect a unused ability that in a proper director's hands and the right part might shine through.

Richard Benjamin is not that director and as the director of this "thing" he could justifiably be stood against the wall and given his last cigarette. He also has a supporting role and is very much like Margaret Rutherford in drag.

But the true villain in this is Scott Rudin. He put up the money and as such gave the go ahead to this garbage heap and we who have trusted his work in the past will be much more careful in the future.

Want to know what is wrong in Hollywood, go see this thing. It has all the bad in what will seem like several days of torture for one to see, but perhaps it might have value as a test of one's grit. Stand this and you can stand anything!
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This is one of the worst films of all time
biggdogg17323 August 2003
Saw this yesterday after work because I thought the story had a chance to be funny, boy how wrong I was. I have NO IDEA how Paramount actaully thought this was a good movie. I've seen better films at work about safety training. If you think about going to see this movie don't waste your time take the 90 minutes and go down to a local charity and volunteer your time. Mark this down this film will be on the list as one of the worst films of 2003, if not at the top of the list. Terrible, unfunny movie.
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I want my 2 hours back!
Miss_MiChiMi6 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I wasted two hours of my precious time on this flake of a film. (That is an estimate. I didn't factor in all the time I spent rolling on the floor in cerebral pain while moaning and clutching my head.) This film was pointless. Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow are very talented and funny, except with each other. This is what happens when good actors take on bad scripts. The two leads had absolutely no chemistry, yet they fall in love and get married? Damon Wayans portrays a stereotypical rapper while Kudrow is the typical spoiled, rich Jewish girl.

I hope the people responsible for this have had there faces slapped until their heads were swollen to the size of pumpkins!
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muddawg213821 January 2004
Just like the vote i gave it.....1. AWFUL!!!! I can't even comment on this terrible movie. The so called "HARDCORE GANSTA RAP" sounded like some Hardcore Justin Timberlake.

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This is the worst movie I've ever seen.
gobbiclassic13 November 2004
All I have to say is that this movie sucked beyond belief. Damon Wayans was absolutely brutal as a believable rap superstar. I can't tell if he was actually trying to act like a specific rapper or just playing a character. It was so lame! Plus it is very unrealistic that he would be so popular in real life. I am surprised that I actually finished the movie but I kept expecting it to get better. Well, it doesn't get any better. In fact, it only gets worse. Don't see this movie because I have never been so disgusted in my entire life. It is the very worst movie I've ever seen! Oh, and I can't get that Lisa Kudrow song out of my head. Ahhhhhh.... I wanna stab myself in the ear with a pen!
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And I really wanted to hate this one
icechalkhands10 May 2005
I'm sorry but I can't hate this movie. I mean I kid you not when I say that I really hate black comedies movies. Not to be racist or anything(because I'm black myself. It's just that every time I see a black comedy, it's always showing black people being very stereotypical.Plus I know that lot of what's happening in this movie has already been done. But it's not been done by Damon Waynes. If it was just about any other black actor screaming bi**h or any of the other curse words used in this movie, I would have turn the channel. But like I said, it's Damon and that's my dog. So big ups to what the movie tried to do. Plus I love the fact that he's countering someone who no one would have ever imagined him to do a movie with. I love this movie.
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Underrated tongue in cheek-comedy.
Lisa Kudrow does get type-casted as the ditz far too often. If you look at her character, she's not a ditz...she's sometimes a little nutty, but she pulls off the perfect Jewish American Princess. Damon Waynes, who is somewhat overshadowed by the rest of the cast plays the rapper very well, promoting sex and violence in all his songs. Christine Baranski of course is always straightlaced funny. She plays the senator that is suing Kudrow's ailing father's company. I was a little upset that Jane Krakowski got her own billing and the other two of Marci's friends were after her, probably just because of her Tony win and recent Ally McBeal success, but she had just as big a part as the other two and they were left at the end of the leading cast list. I think the person that absolutely steals the movie in all the scenes she's in is Sherie Rene Scott who plays Marci's best friend, Kristen. She is so funny and plays a great airhead. People know Sherie Rene Scott from the role of Amneris in Broadway's Aida, and her roles as Cathy in Off-Broadway's Last Five Years and Debbie in Off-Broadway's Debbie Does Dallas. She has an amazing voice and nice to see her on the big screen with a fairly big part. She steals the show from most of the cast if she's in a scene. I thought the movie was hysterical and you kinda have to have a stomach for religious and racial jokes. it's funny and I recommend!!
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Hilarious satire that stands on its own two feet
cameron-ray30 July 2004
I was hesitant about this film at first thinking that it looked really bad but I was incredibly surprised. Not only did I laugh all the way through I found the film to be both a witty and clever satire that knew exactly what it was and aspired to be nothing more than funny. Yes the film is based on actual events but it is so far removed from that and I think that it makes a good statement about censorship and how music can bring different ethnic and racial groups together. I thought that Kudrow and Wayans were perfect and that the supporting cast carried themselves very well. The film is not one that requires a lot of thinking but one that can be enjoyed for the hilarious way that it presents itself.
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A travesty--and very painful to watch
daubreywhite6 September 2003
I think that, at some point, there was a good script behind this film. In the process of producing it, though, things went wrong. Hideously wrong.

There are some extremely biting jokes in this film, and that is the best I can say about it.

If, indeed, the film did start out with a good script, then shame on the filmmakers for ruining it.

If this film started out nearly as bad as it ended up being, then the actors must have been desperate; Wayans and Krakowski, for publicity, Baranski, for money, and Kudrow, for....

You really have to wonder why Lisa Kudrow was in this film. She doesn't need the money, and she doesn't need the fame. What she needs is to break into the movies (something certain "Friends" stars can't seem to manage), and you can see from a mile away that this is not going to help her do that.

Don't pay to watch this. Don't even spend your time on it.
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Silly and hilarious Wayans Spoof
robtday25 July 2006
If you know anything about the Wayans Family (headed by brother Keenan) you know that they have a way of spoofing that is at once offensive and hilarious at the same time. I missed this little feature but caught it on cable recently. The subject matter is totally off the wall but the actors really make it work. Lisa Kudrow is very good and shows her Friends "Phoebe" character to a tee. Christine Baranski is also a hoot as are Kudrow's princess friends. The fashions are hilarious as well. Damon Wayans does some characters that I don't particularly care for -- the disabled super hero is one -- and his younger brothers also are not my favorites. Remember, they also do the Scary Movie parodies. This one, however, is reminiscent of Bamboozled but better since Spike Lee has a tendency to lose his vision in the final third of a movie. This little film should be taken just for what it is - a broad parody with some genuine laughs. Dick Benjamin is also excellent in a dead pan role as Kudrow's father. I wouldn't buy this one but would definitely watch it again. If you liked BAPS (which I didn't particularly) then this one will work. Also in the same silly vein as the one about the white dude from Malibu who thought he was so down. I could also recommend a movie called Jackie Washington, another parody that is pretty funny.
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Best farce on the clash of cultures in black and white America.
junghee6814 June 2005
This movie boldly, sarcastically and entertainingly tackles the subject of the clash between mainstream and African American culture. The most obvious way that "Marcie X" does this is by portraying a hilarious interracial relationship. The fact that such a taboo relationship is being displayed as a movie is bound to make many Americans angry. What a blast and a laugh fest! I didn't know that Damon Wayens had so much talent! Lisa Kudrow played her role to a tee! The director has a subtle hand and a uses a sledge hammer when it is called for. This is way better than "Undercover Brother." The fact that the movie is rated "R" must have greatly effected its popularity. The youth audience would have really liked this one.
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Come on - not as bad as that !
Granted, this film is no masterpiece and at times it is downright silly and embarassing and makes you almost wanna switch off your TV set.

But Kudrow's rap number "Power in Your Purse" in front of an (almost) Afro-American audience is sublime and when Baranski goes looney to her election tape towards the end, I couldn't help but laugh.

Why on Earth did Wayans have to put on that silly high-pitched voice ? It didn't go at all with what he supposedly had in his pants, which judging from the voice had to be nil, niente, nichts, NOTHING !!

5 stars for an all-in-all quite enjoyable film !
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add this one to the list of the year's worst
perfectsystem21 August 2003
since i was fortunate enough to avoid both gigli and from justin to kelly, i thought i would be able to go all summer without seeing how truly horrible some of the movies are that hollywood continues to churn out each week, but then i saw marci x.

while obviously this one wasn't going to win any oscars, i thought it would at least be somewhat humorous, but i couldn't have been more wrong. while i realize that writer paul rudnick was trying to parody a few other things/people throughout the story, this film is choked full of more stereotypes than i cared to count. the story line was ridiculously stupid and the acting was mediocre at best. i was honestly ready to walk out less than 15 minutes into the film.

overall, the most laughs my friends and i got out of this movie was making fun of how bad it was, after it was over.

if there are any questions about why hollywood isn't making any money, movies like this are your answer.
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Mindless fun. Wayans miscast.
xavrush899 December 2003
Lisa Kudrow is perfect as the princess daughter of a business magnate who owns the record label of a foul pseudo-gangsta rapper played by Wayans. With all his stupid limp-wristed imitations he's done in the past, I'm surprised any gay man would want Damon Wayans in a movie of his screenplay. He is a little long in the tooth to be playing such a character. They could've cast Usher and made Wayans his dad. To say that this movie is over-the-top would be an understatement. But what's wrong with that? Okay, Kudrow rapping about her purse is rather cringeworthy, but her dippy friends are a hoot. The boy-band cliche played by heteros is also a little overdone. Is it that hard to find five REAL gay young men who sing? Why ARE their no gay boy band singers? Makes you think. Actually, that's the only thing in this movie to make you think. But the dippy girlfriends are a hoot, and Christine Baranski and her queer son are worth a few giggles. This may be a disappointment after Rudnick's more incisive "In & Out," but it's probably better than a lot of the fare that's currently airing in heavy rotation on Comedy Central (except "Best in Show," which is great, 10/10). This film: 5.7/10
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Oh Please stop your whining
ddmod14 November 2007
I don't know what all the fuss is about this movie. I just finished watching it and I thought it was funny. Sure your going to sprout any new brain cells or anything from it and it was some deep social commentary. It was just a light funny movie and I think it accomplished what it set out to do. It entertained me for the run of the movie. I don't know why it did so poorly at the box office. It was a funny.

I know that no movie can entertain or please everybody and if you are looking for depth or human drama look for another title....if you want to laugh and enjoy yourself then pick up Marci X and have a laugh.

I'll bet that no matter what your favorite movie is that there are people who don't like it. I am glad I didn't check this board before watching it or I would have probably missed a funny movie.
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Generally misunderstood
CDonovan2422 October 2003
I doubt that most audiences of this film took it for all the crap it was worth. Granted it is chock full of ridiculous stereotypes and character interactions are no more than superficial, judging by the reactions of most who viewed it, the film succeeded in offending and/or alienating exactly the demographic intended. I mean, seriously, Marci X was a parody of itself at best and could hardly be appreciated for anything more. But if you can bring yourself to see it for what it's worth; a spoof on rampant American censorship in recent years, you may actually find that it has more commentary then meets the eye. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to find an expanding cult following with outlandish dance numbers and characters like Boys 'R Us and Yo Lo.
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