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Ranbir, Deepika In A Haunting Tale About Finding Yourself – Subhash K Jha reviews Tamasha

It is easier to point out the faults in this remarkable film than to enumerate reasons why I found the experience irresistible.

Among the faults, the film, like its hero Ved, fails to separate reality from fantasy. Imtiaz Ali moves in an out of both the mutually inclusive worlds with exasperating self-confidence, certain in his faith in the power of the imagination. In fact the film opens with a lengthy staged skit where a female clown (speaking in Deepika’s unmistakable voice) challenges the robotic alien played by Ranbir.

But how can the clown be Deepika since at that point of time in the free-flowing narrative the two haven’t met….or have they?

Imtiaz then flashbacks to Ved’s childhood. And a wise little boy spends his father’s money listening to the storyteller (Piyush Mishra) spin yarns about lovers, losers and strugglers. Later, much later the storyteller returns
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After Bombay Velvet Rishi Kapoor gives a pep talk to Ranbir

After Bombay Velvet Rishi Kapoor gives a pep talk to Ranbir
Bombay Velvet is the kind of crippling disaster that is bound to stymie any actor's career. Ranbir Kapoor is saddened by the setback, but far from defeated. Says his pragmatic dad Rishi Kapoor, "We did speak about it. I have only one piece of advice for my son, 'Don't let success go to your head, and failure to your heart.' In his brief career so far he has seen quite a lot of ups and downs. And he's taken it all in his stride." Rishi Kapoor admits his son is not quite at the top of the world at the moment. "Ranbir is naturally disappointed by the outcome of Bombay Velvet. But it's okay. He will get over it. Setbacks are part of every actor's career. I am glad it's happening to him now when he recently started out. I also had more than my share of debacles after Bobby.
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Romance Bollyishstyle!

Hindi films are known for their romance and it is one of the reasons so many people fall in love with the heroes, the heroines and the films! We asked our writers to tell us what moments in Bollywood define love or romance to them, be it a song, a line, a look, or anything that makes you sigh thinking that is Love! So for Valentine’s Day we present what we think is Romance Bollyishstyle!

The One with the Tune and the Recording

We could not pick just one scene from the great Dil Toh Pagal Hai starring Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Karishma Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. However, the two that stand out for our writers are:

That moment when Madhuri and Shah Rukh are in adjoining changing rooms in a clothing store, and Madhuri hears him whistle a tune. She later hears it again and knows it was meant to be!
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Imtiaz Ali and estranged wife Preety to produce a love story

Imtiaz Ali and estranged wife Preety to produce a love story
Imtiaz Ali, who redefined romance in Bollywood, had announced his divorce with wife Preety last year, after being married to her for more than decade. Though speculations were on the rise that a certain Pakistani actress Iman Ali was responsible for this, Imtiaz never went on record to talk about his personal life. And now, ironically, the estranged couple is coming together for a film which will be a love story. Based on the lines of the epic romance of Laila and Majnu, we hear that Imtiaz Ali will be seen actively participating in the process of the making of the film. Though Preety remained tightlipped about the details of the cast and crew, she maintained that Imtiaz indeed will be involved with the film and will be the creative director of the same. It is also being said, Imtiaz's brother Sajid Ali will be directing the same. Talking about the love story,
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Magical Madhuri Moments!

Madhuri Dixit: fabulous actress, amazing dancer and that smile that lights up the screen and the world. She creates magic on screen. To celebrate her birthday and to celebrate the Dancing queen coming back to Bollywood we polled some of our writers to find out what was their favorite Madhuri Moment on screen. Many could not think of just one and had, had, had to write about more than one, even up to six yes six! Sit back, relax and enjoy some of our favorite Madhuri scenes and of course dances!


Aur Paas…(Dil Toh Pagal Hai, 1997)

My favorite scene involves Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit and is from the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai. According to me, this is one of the most romantic scenes ever (and what else to expect from a Yash Chopra movie), but with a playful touch and that combo makes the scene so interesting to watch.
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