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Special delivery from Weekend Specials
omega206414 April 2018
Commander Toad in Space is one of the many Weekend Special adaptions of a book. In this case one by Jane Yolen. Weekend Specials also adapted another of Yolens books, Dragons Blood. Features the voices of Nichelle Nichols and Mark Hamill.

Commander Toad is a live action movie that features puppets for all but one of the crew and details the misadventures of the mostly reptillian and amphibian crew as they try to get an interesting mission and end up getting what they wished for.

This is a fun little movie. The puppets are well animated and the human actor plays off them well. The story moves along fairly well with only a few slow points. The characters are bemusing and each has their own quirks. A mostly humorous piece in comparison to the dour Dragons Blood showing Yolen's writing versatility.
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