Syphon Filter (Video Game 1999) Poster

(1999 Video Game)

John Chacon: Gabriel Logan


  • Gabe Logan : Anton Girdeux, I hope Rhoemer's paying you enough to die for him!

    Anton Girdeux : Gabriel Logan, are we the optimist? Look around Logan, this hall contains the mosaic, depicting the entire history of your country's wars and aggressions. We are about to make an addition to it.

    Gabe Logan : I don't think so, Girdeux, it ends here.

  • [Gabe and Lian investigate a viral outbreak] 

    Gabe Logan : Our WHO contact was correct, everyone within a hundred miles is dead.

    Lian Xing : Not everyone, this man is still alive.

    Gabe Logan : How is that possible?

    Lian Xing : It's not.

  • Thomas Markinson : I have already had Pharcom investigated. The final report was inconclusive.

    Gabe Logan : Whose report, Benton's? The same man who coordinated our botched raid in Costa Rica? The man who got Jenkins' entire team taken out?

  • Gabe Logan : How many missions did you send us on, knowing that Benton could have gotten us killed?

    Thomas Markinson : We do what it takes, Logan. All of us.

  • [Lian Xing has been caught by Eric Rhoemer] 

    Erich Rhoemer : Logan, I'm afraid she won't be giving you a ride.

    Gabe Logan : Rhoemer!

    Erich Rhoemer : But don't worry. I was kind enough to send one of my choppers.

  • Gabe Logan : My god! Syphon Filter! It's...

    Thomas Markinson : Yes, it's quite remarkable. A virus genetically programmable to elimiate anyone or anything. Imagine a weapon that could target specific demographics, ethnic groups... it could wipe out whole continents, except for those chosen to survive.

  • Erich Rhoemer : Don't you know when to quit, Logan? We'd have made a great team.

    Gabe Logan : I don't think so.

  • [Logan survives the subway station bombing] 

    Lian Xing : Oh my God, Gabe. I thought you'd been killed.

    Gabe Logan : Not yet.

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