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Some of the best stand up comedy and fun of the 70's is here
Quinoa198423 September 2000
In this special, we get to see the virtuoso Andy Kaufman run rampid in Carnegie Hall where he applies much of his trademark stuff- wrestling random women (I think random women, maybe not), doing a Tony Clifton impression at the beginning, and doing a lot of other stuff he's famous for (playing the bongos for example). If you saw Man on the Moon (1999), you know plenty of what he does here, but here, we see the original special with an actual Bob Zmuda as referee, Andy's brother Michael as a doctor, and Andy's grandmother, who has a uncannily resemblance to Robin Williams (and is him). Any fan of Kaufman's work, or anyone looking for a laugh should pick this up and take a look at one of the master "song and dance" men. A
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Tony Clifton is dead!
caspian197820 April 2005
The idea of Andy Kaufman is more entertaining that Andy Kaufman. The same goes for the creation of the character: Tony Clifton. This cable / stage presentation was considered both Kaufman's final contribution to his work as well as the final nail in his coffin.A few good laughs doesn't make up for minutes and minutes of dead silence. Yes, Elvis is good, his foreign character is even better, but everything else is nothing more than leftovers. Bob Zmuda may be a brilliant comedian / producer, but he has marketed himself as Andy Kaufman's shadow. 25 years since Kaufman's death, Zmuda still is known for his friendship with Kaufman and nothing else. It was a nice surprise to see Robin Williams portray Kaufman's grandmother. This is one of very few 'great' moments in this show.
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