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Watch Robin Williams Learn Animation in Back To Neverland

"Back to Neverland" is a short film that featured legendary newscaster Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams that took audiences on a tour through the different stages of hand-drawn animation. It even features Williams being turned into an animated character, one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. The film was a part of an attraction at Disney MGM Studios called "The Magic of Disney Animation." It was made in 1989, two years before Williams would star in the live-action Peter Pan sequel, Hook. I've never seen this before and it's really entertaining so I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Thanks to /Film.
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Watch Robin Williams Learn Hand-Drawn Animation in Disney’s ‘Back to Neverland’

Watch Robin Williams Learn Hand-Drawn Animation in Disney’s ‘Back to Neverland’
When Disney opened MGM Studios (now “Disney’s Hollywood Studios”) in Orlando Florida, one of the attractions was The Magic of Disney Animation, a Feature Animation pavilion where park visitors toured four connected experiences which explored the legacy of Disney’s hand-drawn animation. I remember visiting the park shortly after it opened as a kid, and one […]

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Tim's Toons: Remembering Williams & Bacall in animation

Tim here. In case you’re just tuning in, it’s been a brutal week for celebrity deaths (and in the world at large, but let’s not start getting into that or I’ll be too depressed to function). Nathaniel has already written lovely pieces remembering both Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, so I hope you’ll permit me to go much smaller, to share with you a couple of animated curios paying tribute to those stars’ respective gifts.

Befitting a great vocal contortionist, Williams played several parts in animated films over the years, most famously Aladdin in 1992, though that wasn’t his first (he was in FernGully: The Last Rainforest earlier the same year, as I expect readers born within a very narrow window of years know well, while everyone else is wondering “FernWhat?”). And even that wasn’t his very first brush with animation, which I believe
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The Top 10 Trivial Tidbits About Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams (1951-2014) has left behind a legacy of memorable entertainment in stand-up comedy, television and film following in the aftermath of his tragic passing on Monday, August 11, 2014. Indeed, Williams will be remembered for his versatile presence in show business running the course of over four decades.

In a rather unconventional tribute of recognizing the late and gifted actor/comedian Robin Williams let us engage in The Top 10 Trivial Tidbits About Robin Williams (1951-2014) highlighting the performer’ s arcane facts and revelations pertaining to his film and television work.

So just how well do you know Robin Williams and his esteemed Hollywood career throughout the years in the media? Just sit back and enjoy this brain-teasing trivia-minded column about the dearly departed manic artist whose devotion to his craft of off-kilter comedic and shockingly dramatic showmanship on the small and big screen has and will always
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