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  • The Hansen kids are in a jam. Adam and his best friend Duffy have gotten their hands on some tickets for the Headless Horseman concert, and his sister Chelsea has a date with her dreamy boyfriend Peter. The only problem is they're both grounded. Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mom Lynette out of the house, even if it includes a chance meeting with a very mysterious man. Everything seems to go according to plan until their little brother Taylor realizes that this stranger might be a vampire.


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  • Divorced, ex-rockabilly singer Lynette Hansen [Caroline Rhea] comes home from work to find her 15-year old daughter Chelsea [Laura Vandervoot] on the phone with her boyfriend, instead of doing her homework. Thirteen-year old Adam [Matthew O'Leary] is entranced in "The Return of Count Krelski," and 8-year-old Taylor [Myles Jeffrey] is hiding behind the couch. Ah, the joys of being a single Mom.

    As luck would have it, Adam's friend Duffy gets backstage passes to the Headless Horsemen concert at Saturday night's Harvest Festival, the very weekend that Adam is grounded for not writing his history essay and trying to pass off some story from the Weekly Secret tabloid about vampire hunter Malachi Van Helsing. To make matters worse, Chelsea (who had a hot date on Saturday night) is also grounded for smarting off. What to do? The solution is obvious--get Mom a date for Saturday night. Where to find a date for Mom with only one day to go? Again, the answer is simple. Match her up with someone from the Personals column in the Weekly Secret. This sounds like a good one: Continental gentleman, handsome, debonair, suave. Enjoys long strolls beneath the full moon. Loves adventure, travel, wild animals, and women who long for romantic nights that will never end. Hates Italian food and turtlenecks. Wolfsbane@netherlink.pro.

    Adam sends Wolfsbane an email asking him to meet Mom at the Foodmaster at 8 pm. Now to get Mom there. Easy. Remind her how the family used to have chocolate chip pancakes together every Saturday morning. Make her feel guilty enough to go to the store for chocolate chips. OK. Got her to the store. Now to find Wolfsbane. No, it's not the guy buying spaghetti. No, it's not the guy buying the cake that says, "Happy Anniversary." Maybe it's the guy in the long overcoat with the pulled down hat who appears to be looking for someone? He certainly looks like a Wolfsbane. Before Chelsea and Adam can link up with Wolfsbane, however, Lynette bumps carts with someone else--Dr Dimitri Dentatos [Charles Shaughnessy] from Romania. They get to talking and, not long after that, Mom's got a date with a vampire...but the only one who knows it is Taylor, because he saw Dimitri turn into a bat after leaving the store.

    It's Saturday night. Dimitri has arrived, and Adam has invited him in. Dimitri has a nice evening planned. First, dinner at Renfield's, then dancing, and finally a romantic carriage ride in the park. Meanwhile, Taylor is trying to convince Adam that Dimitri is a vampire, but Adam only knows about vampires in the movies. If it's a real vampire, you have to call someone like Malachi Van Helsing, so Taylor does. Unfortunately, Van Helsing isn't answering his phone, so Taylor pedals over to Renfield's to bring Mom home. Since that would spoil Adam and Chelsea's plans, they go after Taylor. Taylor refuses to go home without telling Mom that Dimitri is a vampire, so Dimitri performs the Transylvania spoon test to assure Taylor that he is not. On the way out of the restaurant, however, Adam happens to glance in a mirror and realizes that Dimitri casts no reflection. He really IS a vampire. What to do now? First, take Taylor home to the babysitter. Then follow Mom. She and Dimitri have left the restaurant and gone for a walk. Since dancing was next on Dimitri's list, Lynette takes him into a rockabilly place where she used to sing. Next, they go to the Harvest Festival, all the while it is apparent that Dimitri hates every dance, every song, every ride, and wants only to get Lynette alone. Fortunately, Adam and Chelsea are never far behind, until Dimitri catches Adam and warns him to follow no more or die.

    Lynette has come to the conclusion that she and Dimitri aren't right for each other, so Dimitri mesmerizes her, and they leave the festival together. Chelsea and Adam figure that Dimitri is taking Mom to his lair, which is the old Mather house out by the lake, because he told them earlier that he was renovating that place. Adam and Chelsea on the way!

    Meanwhile, Van Helsing [Robert Carradine] hasn't been able to get through to the Hansen residence because the babysitter has been tying up the phone, so he goes over to Taylor's house. Taylor remembers Van Helsing as the guy in the long overcoat with the pulled down hat from Foodmaster, and Taylor offers to come along to help look for his Mom. When Van Helsing refuses ("I work alone"), Taylor hides in the back seat of his car until they're well on the way...but to where? Well, they don't know where Dimitri and Mom are going, but they do know where they'll end up...at Dimitri's house, probably some big old mansion somewhere out by the lake, of course. All the old mansions are out there. Now Taylor and Van Helsing are on the way.

    Chelsea and Adam get there first and haul Dimitri's coffin down to the lake. When Dimitri arrives, he discovers his coffin floating on the water with Adam sitting on top. Adam tries to make a deal--Mom for the coffin--but Dimitri grabs Chelsea and changes the deal--the coffin for Chelsea. Adam has no choice but to return the coffin. Taylor and Van Helsing finally find the house. Dimitri manages to knock out Van Helsing. Then he turns on Chelsea and Adam, who start screaming for their Mom. Lynette comes out of the trance (Love is stronger than any vampire trance), pushes Dimitri into his coffin, and Van Helsing rivets it shut with silver nails. Dimitri will be shipped to the South Pole for the winter and then to Finland for the summer. And tomorrow morning, Van Helsing will join the Hansens for chocolate chip pancakes. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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