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Starting in 1918
boblipton29 June 2010
This compilation of old film clips, narrated by various sportscasters, commentators and Frederick Lewis Allen, who wrote the definitive memoir of the 1920s -- not a history, since it came out in 1931 -- covers the 1920s, but begins with the Armistice. Well, no one one rang a bell and told me to grow my hair long on January 1, 1960.

Too simplistic for my taste, this does have interesting clips throughout, running from Carrie Nation to General Pershing, the great and noteworthy, and ordinary people. It's most interesting for the variety of those clips. If you wish to take a look at it, it's on the DVD set of the silent version of CHICAGO -- which is definitely worth your time.
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A short trip through the 1920s
vitro-371401 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The compilation of clips from the 1920s aspires to the role of short trip through the 1920s, during which the viewer has the opportunity to learn the most important events for American society of that period. Soak up everyday events, people's joys and concerns. After watching the movie, we actually have the impression that we have returned from a journey in time. Importantly, the film is not a mockery, on the contrary today it is a valuable way to try the spirit of those years.

An interesting observation is the fact that during the one-hour film telling about the most important events and people of that period, as many as three people from Poland appear on the screen: Joseph Conrad, Ignacy Paderewski and Maria Sklodowska (Curie). Isn't it amazing that a nation that has just regained independence after 123 years of barbaric German-Russian occupation has so much to offer the world!
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