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  • "Breathe Me" by Sia Edit

  • Yes, but the way in which this is true is a matter of opinion;

    One Interpretation The dead appear as ghosts to the characters to discuss certain topics throughout the storyline. (i.e. Nathaniel appears to every member of the family to talk about what's on their mind)

    Another Interpretation The bodies are dead and gone, it is only the conscience and thoughts of the characters projected through the body they are thinking about. Usually giving contrasting advice or opinions to the person imagining them. Think of the devil and angel on each shoulder, for example; When David is embalming the young gay man who was beaten to death in the first season, the man keeps telling Dave he's going to burn in hell and Dave will too. (this is what Dave is thinking, and projects it through images of the deceased telling him) Whereas Dave is arguing this point and denies he feels that way.

    More evidence leans towards the latter interpretation, if everyone in the family was visted by the ghost of Nathaniel or other characters, they would probably mention it to each other, or all see him at the same time. Also Rico who is no blood relation to the Fishers, also has conversations with the dead. It is probably common for a mortician to talk to the body they are working on,(as it is a very stressfull and solitary job..on the show anyway) so the show incorporates that, but instead of just having the actor have a conversation with a dead body, the show projects the dead body talking back, when this isn't actually happening.

    The way in which certain people die will affect certain characters' thoughts, thus haunting them. Such as the infant dying of SIDS deeply troubles Rico as his wife was pregnant at the time, the gay man beaten to death really haunts David, etc. Edit

  • You can find a list of the music from the show here:

    That particular song is "Breathe" by Sia. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Brenda gives birth to Willa. David and Keith and the boys move into the funeral home. Ruth moves to her sister Sarah's house. Federico and Vanessa purchase a different funeral home. Claire moves to New York even though the job offer which prompted her to leave falls through.

    On her way to New York, we see flashes of the future: Ruth and Bettina have opened a dog-day-care; Durrell watches David at work; Willa celebrates her first birthday; David and Keith get married; Ruth dying with George, David and Claire at her bedside; Claire marrying Ted; Keith killed in a robbery (also the name on the armored car was 'Charles Security'. So Keith wound up owning and operating his own bank security service); David dying on a family picnic, right after seeing a vision of young Keith smile at him; Federico dying on a cruise ship with Vanessa; Brenda dying as her brother Billy talks to her; and finally 102-year-old Claire dies in bed. Edit

  • In the series finale, Maggie is in the waiting room of a physician when Ruth calls her to ask about Nate in his final moments. This has led to speculation by some that she might have been pregnant by Nate at the time, and visiting the doctor for a checkup or an abortion, but this is not the case.

    Remember that Maggie is a pharmaceutical representative, and her job is to go to doctor's offices and make calls. If you look at her attire, she is dressed in a business suit, and she has a large sample bag with her. When the nurse calls her back, it is not for an appointment, but rather because the doctor has made time to see Maggie in a professional capacity to discuss her products.

    Despite this evidence, there have still been some doubters; however, Alan Ball confirms in his commentary that Maggie was not pregnant and was only in the waiting room because she was working. Edit

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