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3 Jun. 2001
When the funeral director is killed in an accident, the family comes together to mourn and decide the fate of the funeral home.
10 Jun. 2001
The Will
The family attends the reading of Nathaniel's will. A widow is unable to pay the funeral bill after her late husband leaves her with a mountain of debt.
17 Jun. 2001
The Foot
The family considers selling the business. Their latest client had an unfortunate accident with an industrial dough-mixer.
24 Jun. 2001
When a gang member is shot, his family requests that he is buried, but the gang's leader wants it done a different way.
1 Jul. 2001
An Open Book
An adult film star electrocutes to death in her bathtub, which leads to a memorial service that is anything but ordinary.
8 Jul. 2001
The Room
After a woman passes away in her sleep, her husband proves to be a very demanding client.
15 Jul. 2001
The family must persuade the angry brother of a war veteran who died of lung disease that his brother should receive a military-honoring burial.
22 Jul. 2001
A divorced woman meets an unfortunate end while partying with her friends, and the family discusses renting out the home to a seniors' dancing group.
29 Jul. 2001
Life's Too Short
A boy accidentally shoots and kills himself while playing with a gun, and his mother is nearly comatose with grief.
5 Aug. 2001
The New Person
An egocentric husband is killed with a frying pan after his wife finally has enough of his mouth.
12 Aug. 2001
The Trip
Nate and Dave travel to Vegas in order to attend a convention for funeral directors. A newborn child dies from a case of SIDS.
19 Aug. 2001
A Private Life
A gay couple is attacked and one of them is killed, causing controversy among the family and a confession to be made.
19 Aug. 2001
Knock, Knock
A simple game of golf results in the death of a woman.

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