The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) Poster

Luis Guzmán: Jacopo



  • Jacopo : Why not just kill them? I'll do it! I'll run up to Paris - bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back before week's end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?

  • Jacopo : I swear on my dead relatives - and even on the ones who are not feeling too good - I am your man forever!

  • Jacopo : I bid you good afternoon, sir. I am here to purchase your lovely home.

    Mansion Owner : [laughing]  The very cheek! I shall have you horsewhipped! Now get off my property, you vagabond, before I set the dogs on you, you hear?

    [Jacapo lowers the wagon lid and reveals the treasure. The mansion owner sobers up. Cut to a short time later, as the mansion owner, sitting in the driver's seat of the wagon, hands Jacopo the deed and the keys to the house] 

    Jacopo : Thank you.

  • Edmond : If you ever presume to interfere in my affairs again, I will, I promise you, finish the job I started the day we met! Do you understand?

    Jacopo : I understand you are mad.

    Edmond : Mad? My enemies are falling into my traps perfectly!

    Jacopo : Mad, your grace, for ignoring this: you have a fortune, a beautiful woman who loves you. Take the money, take the woman, and live your life! Stop this plan, take what you have won!

    Edmond : I can't.

    Jacopo : Why not?... I'm still your man, Zatarra. I swore an oath I will protect you. Even if it means I must protect you from yourself. I'll drive you home now.

  • Jacopo : Once again, Zatarra, God sees you out of the corner of His eye.

  • Edmond : [explaining why he doesn't want to kill his betrayers]  Death is too good for them. They must suffer as I suffered. They must see their world, all they hold dear, ripped from them as it was ripped from me.

    Jacopo : You will need a better name than Zatarra if you are to accomplish that.

    Edmond : [throwing Abbe's map into the fire]  Then I shall become a Count.

  • Jacopo : Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I present to you His Grace, the Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Count of Monte Cristo : His finances?

    Jacopo : He's losing money at the other casinos. They're not even cheating him.

    Count of Monte Cristo : And have you looked into his shipping?

    Jacopo : He got a bank loan for his own boat several years ago. Doesn't use Danglars.

    Count of Monte Cristo : Make sure we own that bank by tomorrow. Tell the other shipping companies to stay away from Mondego. I want to give him no choice but to crawl back to Danglars. Now, tell the dealers... take it all.

  • Jacopo : [discussing Albert]  He's out in the waiting room. He showed courage in the tunnels.

    Count of Monte Cristo : He's a means to an end.

  • [last lines] 

    Jacopo : So, Zatarra, painful, huh?

    Edmond : No. I bought this place, thinking one day I would tear it down. But now the only things I care about... are walking off this island with me. Let's go home.

  • Jacopo : Did you fall off the bed?

    Count of Monte Cristo : After thirteen years of sleeping on a stone slab, I can't.

    Jacopo : [seeing the scars on his back]  Mi Maria. Does that hurt?

    Count of Monte Cristo : Did you come here for a reason?

    Jacopo : Mondego has a son.

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