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  • A double-dealing member of an elite group of hit men becomes the ultimate target when his organization discovers his deceit.


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  • Thomas Cane is an ex-SAS agent for the British government who gave it all up for a new life in the US. He lives in a quiet neighborhood with his wife and daughter and works for a large corporation. However, his family is unaware that the corporation he is working for is a company of professional killers called THE ORGANIZATION. He is a member of an elite group of hit men who are hired out to eliminate government officials, powerful business moguls or anyone with a big enough price on their head. However, Thomas had his own agenda and has been double dealing the Organization by selling life to his targets. Collecting from both sides is making Thomas very wealthy. The Corporation soon uncovers Thomas secret and he finds himself becoming the ultimate target.

    Evading the deadly Organization. Thomas sends his wife and daughter out of town. As they drive all night, Thomas explains his double life and the danger they are all in. Although devastated, his wife agrees to take their daughter and go into hiding, while Thomas tries to come up with a plan of attack. Unfortunately it does not take long for the Corporation to find him.

    Thomas is faced with the ultimate test as he is followed by a team of the most deadly killers in the world. Greatly outnumbered, Thomas knows that he must eliminate his opponents or he and his family will face the deadly consequences.

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