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Heartwarming coming of age movie in stereoscopic 3D
WoodwardDC18 April 2001
I work in the 3D business so I see a lot of content. I started watching this one on a 17" TV using 3D shutter glasses. My intent was to watch a few minutes to see how good the effects are. I sat through the whole thing and loved it. The 3D effects are stunning but it's the story that carries it, a nice combination. Highly recommended.
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Simple but good, anyone who loves to fly needs to see this
hcourier28 April 2006
I guess I'm the happy ever after kind of person. The movie was fairly simple with no great deep plot. The flying was excellent and I expect that was one of the important intents as it was made for an I-Max screen. I loved the characters as simple as they were. The video was a shift back to the days when the good triumphs over evil and the good guy gets the girl. I liked the way the actors played their parts...the whole thing made me feel good. I'm a commercial pilot and everyone who loves to fly should see this video. I've known pilots who see flying as a job. This film is not for them...it's for the kid, like Zac, who dreamed of flying from their earliest recollection of childhood times. I also know a girl just like Laura which made this interesting for me.
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Ultimately for kids........
Boggman11 July 2005
In 2d........forget it! In 3d, "Ultimate G's" is watchable, but its just not as special as movies like "Haunted Castle" or "Alien Adventure". There are some pretty cool flying sequences, but the 3d effect of watching planes flying in the air just isn't as thrilling as some of the "rollercoaster" affects in the two movies previously described.

Ultimately, the 3d version of "Ultimate G's" doesn't cross the barrier into adult entertainment. It's good to watch once or so in 3D, but kids will probably find it more satisfying than adults (especially for repeat viewings).

I'm glad to have this movie in my 3d collection, even if its not the best. If you are looking for an AWESOME 3d movie and haven't seen any of the mentioned films in this review.....I would suggest "Alien Adventure" and "Haunted Castle".

"Ultimate G's" is good-just not great. The computer and digitally animated 3D movies (Ultimate G's is a live story with real actors, planes, etc..) are really where the ultimate action is at!
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