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Season 3

18 Jun. 2002
Penetration Island
Tex Finklestein creates a new reality show Penetration Island, starring SPF 30. Unfortunately,Dirty Sanchez and his rebels want their homeland back, and the show's contestants must now try to survive.
25 Jun. 2002
Saturday Night Queefer
Johnny Queefer returns and this time he just needs to dance, but dancing has been banned in Malibu Adjacent.
2 Jul. 2002
In the Line of Booty
Notch gets caught up in a war between rival gangster rappers while Porcelain pretends to like Professor Milosevic,thinking his "cache" is "cash".
9 Jul. 2002
Three Days of the Condom
B.J. is interning for Congressman Bukaki in Washington, DC. When the news reports the politician is having a scandalous affair with her, Notch, Kimberlee and Jamaica head to the Capitol to investigate. Back in Malibu Adjacent, meanwhile, Ellen is hosting a charity for homeless lesbians, "Lezaid Faire", with Chip providing security.
16 Jul. 2002
Witness for the Prostitution
SPF 30 infiltrates a campus prostitution ring and Notch pretends to be Kimberlee's boyfriend to fool her mother.
23 Jun. 2002
The Gay Team
Notch must save Chip from Heinous Anus and The Gaytrix while B.J. and Jamaica cause problems for Porcelain and her husband.
30 Jul. 2002
You Only Come Once
Notch and SPF 30 must stop Stinkfinger from changing the worlds weather and Jamaica finds out her mom is Okra Lee Gifford.
6 Aug. 2002
Hamm Stroker's Suck My Blood
During the Lifeguard of the Year convention, lifeguards start disappearing. And reappearing as vampires.
13 Aug. 2002
Godfather Knows Best
Jamaica finds out that Vinnie Fellachio is her father while Mrs. Strawther tries to have B.J. thrown out of SPF 30 for having a baby out of "gridlock".
20 Aug. 2002
Empty the Dragon
Notch Johnson wins a trip to Japan and has to face a giant chicken created by a professor's growth serum.
27 Aug. 2002
The Long Hot Johnson
Notch and his crew go to the Bayou to investigate an evil business man from running people out of a neighborhood rich with uranium.
17 Sep. 2002
Taco Lips Now: Part 1
Notch Johnson's life from his time in Vietnam comes back to haunt him when he's accused of war crimes. Also, Porcelain's husband "Snuggles" passes away.
24 Sep. 2002
Jailhouse Notch: Part 2
Notch begins his prison term, Chip faces deportation and Kimberlee starts dating Notch's brother, Harry.
1 Oct. 2002
Bad News, Mr. Johnson
Notch searches for Colonel Kooze to prove his innocence and must also find a way to stop Kimberlee's wedding to Harry.

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