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(II) (2002)

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Season 1

12 May 2002
Part 1
Karl and David try to adapt to life in Dinotopia, and step one is to attend Dinotopia's grade school, where Marion teaches them the rules of their society as well as the dinosaur language. However, Karl plans to escape from the island.
13 May 2002
Part 2
David is assigned to Pterodon flight school, while Karl is sent to take care of the dinosaur hatchery, where his future dinosaur life companion is about to hatch. David faces difficulties during training. Karl tries to escape once again.
14 May 2002
Part 3
The main Sunstone is about to fail, which means the end of Dinotopia. As carnivores prepare to attack the capital, Karl, David and Cyrus travel to the forbidden ruins of an ancient dinosaur temple in a desperate attempt to save everyone.

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