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You can't get tired of these films
CplHicks-513 June 2000
Like "Visions of Light," this documentary reminds people what is positive and wonderful about the moviemaking business. Yes, they do use footage from old movies that we've seen umpteen-thousand times, but it's still good stuff, especially on a pristine film print(none of this video nonsense). This is pretty much a film lover's delight. The casual observer may enjoy the old home movies of Hollywood and to hear their favorite stars reminisce of the old days. It's hard not to be biased about films like these(in fact, I think that's the point); for some people, myself included, movies have been, and remain to be, magical.
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Interesting, but nothing new
Patrick-9627 December 1999
I love documentaries on Hollywood. This one was well done, but it offered nothing new. Major problem was that they covered too much material in the time allowed. This could easily had been a series, much like the British-made HOLLYWOOD, circa 1969. Another disappointment was the constant use of scenes from the 1937 film; A STAR IS BORN. Whenever filmmakers want footage of Hollywood of the 1930's, this movie is always used. I get tired of seeing the same footage. Surely someone has some home movies!
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