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An absolutely terrible and laughably bad film
MovieAddict201627 December 2005
When this was being advertised on TBS back in 2001, every single ad featured Mel Gibson and Jet Li's names. They were only producers, but you wouldn't know it by the extent to which their names were featured.

I thought the film looked good back then - some kind of "Matrix"/"Highlander" clone, maybe, but it still looked kinda interesting. Well, I was wrong.

From the opening - with this angelic warrior being pursued by, and then fighting, Billy Zane - the film only becomes worse and worse. It copies "The Matrix" mercilessly - from the wannabe philosophy that stems throughout every scene to the slow-motion sword fights.

Billy Zane gives an embarrassingly dull performance and the rest of the cast - mostly B-movie actors or TV actors - don't help any.

The plot is silly to begin with. The Shadow Warriors are trying to bring an end to the world - replace "Shadow Warriors" with any other bad guy name from another psycho-baddie movie and you've got the exact same plot.

Billy Zane assembles together a group of warriors to help defend earth against the Shadow Warriors.

The ending of the film is so laughable it's almost painful to watch. I would never sit through this again and certainly would never recommend it to anyone else.

"Invincible" to criticism it is not.
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The most awesomely bad movie ever.
vagabondjonson5 September 2007
OK, if you've got the chops to put "matrix-like action" on your movie poster then you either have a really incredible martial arts film or you have "Invincible". Now my college roommate and I got such a kick out of this movie, we did our best to put it into out monthly movie line-up just so we could make fun of it. Billy Zane is classic Billy Zane in this movie. He has the quality of making dialogue that is incredibly inane seem incredibly important. At no point during this movie was there anything that even remotely resembled "matrix-like action" and the actors who play the martial arts studs all look like Ralph Macchio could probably stuff them in a locker. Like most "martial arts" movies the plot is stodgy at best but this is hidden by the fact that the special effects were created by hamsters. If you are a fan of train wrecks and mine cave-ins, this is a movie for you.
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Terrible, but damn did the previews look good.
n8gray31516 July 2003
Wow, this is a prime example of previews making a movie look awesome. I rented Equilibrium and saw the previews for Invincible, and I said to myself, "Wow that looks really good!" Wow was I wrong, terrible acting, poor lighting, sad fights and the supporting roles made me want to vomit! Do yourself a favor do not rent movies on the basis of their previews, trust me I should know! -n8gray315
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Just about OK
henry-girling6 May 2003
If you are in undemanding mood then 'Invincible' is OK. It isn't original but it looks pretty and the fight scenes adequate for a TV movie. It obviously is a calling card for a series but any series without Billy Zane would be a big mistake.

Billy Zane is the best thing in 'Invincible' and even makes the dialogue about love (much derided in other Imdb reviews) tolerable. His character Os, not understanding everything but having fun like a child let loose in a fairground, is very watchable and his dry humour is fun. The rest of the actors are bland and uninteresting.
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that was dire
dr-mtarver3 July 2006
Got to be one of the cheesiest martial flicks I have ever seen. The fight scenes were pathetic, and the scripting made you realise the virtues of the silent films. I think the actors must have crawled into their trailers at the end of the day and climbed into a bottle just to forget. Why on earth did the heroes spend so much time doing martial arts training in an indoor pond? So many times Billy Zane was droning on about something or other while sloshing around in jammies in ankle deep water. The character development was non-existent. There is nothing about this film which you could recommend except perhaps the camera work.
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Uh, yeah.
Conagher-73 September 2004
This movie wasn't as good as it could have been. The potential was there, with a decent plot and a few good actors, but it was just not done well.

The idea of a group of different individuals putting their differences aside and coming together to achieve a common goal is not new, but it can be done well. Here it was not. I didn't watch the movie for the story, which was good as it was not real good. The whole "love will overcome all" is a good idea, but Os runs it into the ground to the point that he comes across as one of those fake happy lovely-dovey Mormon missionary types that makes most people nauseous.

Judging from the commercials and the packaging, I expected this to be more of a martial arts movie. Sadly, where most martial arts movies use the story to connect the fight scenes, this movie apparently forgot that it was a martial arts flick and concentrated on a really weak story at the expense of the fighting. One could count the number of fight scenes in this movie on the fingers of one hand and still have plenty of fingers left. The fights that it did have weren't all that great, either. The fighting relied a lot on wires, which is okay for a fairy-tale or a wuxia movie, but it just looked silly here. Also, it wasn't hard to tell that the actors trained just long enough to pull this movie's few fight scenes off. The actions weren't crisp or particularly fast, and they tried to hide all of this via flickering lighting, jerky camera shots and slow-motion. It was just not good from a martial arts perspective.

Unfortunately, most of this 90 minute snoozer is only worth fast-forwarding through, which I did for most of the last thirty minutes, and I'm kicking myself for not fast-forwarding earlier through the totally inane temptation scene. Fast-forwarding through a movie is something I almost never do, but I couldn't take it after an hour of drivel. This movie may have worked as a children's cartoon or some sort of kids live-action movie, but not as a movie aimed at a post-adolescent audience. Mel Gibson I can forgive for being involved in this silly movie, but Jet Li ought to know better. Hopefully he did it as a favor or lost a bet or something.

Bottom line - avoid this one.
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Captain Planet and Highlander shouldn't be mixed.
SimianLogic2 December 2001
I expected much more from producers Mel Gibson and Jet Li. Each of them should know enough about movies to avoid the stinkers, and Invincible is definitely a stinker. The plot seems to be a weird mish-mash of Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Highlander, but isn't as entertaining as either one (and Captain Planet isn't very entertaining to begin with). Billy Zane, who I'm pretty sure has some talent, is wasted. Establishing his "evil" persona in the first minute does his character harm. We would have been better off with a five or ten minute intro to better establish the history of the shadowmen and especially Zane's part in that history. The fight scenes were pathetic. I've seen better choreography in a high school production of Romeo & Juliet. Sure it may look flashy, but this is only because of camera manipulation. Good fight choreography uses as little editing as possible, while Invincible's fights are so jumpy that it is impossible to tell what's really going on--other than the good guys beating up the bad guys.

Poor. Very Poor.
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Had potential
cuthien_ah2 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was drawn to this movie by the fact Jet Li was involved with it. As a big fan of his work I know he always pulls off a great movie. The storyline seemed interesting as well, combining my favourites of action and make-believe.

The overall theme of Good and Love overcoming all evil is, one might say, an overused plot line but this had great potential. It was focused around two groups, the evil Shadowmen and the Good Elements. The Elements though were super evolved humans, chosen before birth but in a twist they were lead by a reformed Shadowman, Os. Not just any reformed Shadowman either but the most black hearted of them all, who killed one of the elements and best friend to the leader of the Shadowmen.

The basic story is the Shadowmen want to destroy the earth to return home and Os has just 6 days to locate and train the remaining 4 elements to stop him. However it was poorly done. The fight scenes were brief and sloppy as well as being few and far between. There was too much dialogue in this movie and the message of Love overcoming all evil was pounded into you from the first second and quite frankly made you sick of the whole concept. By the end I wanted the Shadowmen to win just to stick it to Os, who came across as a tree-hugging hippie type character.

Luckily I only bought this for a couple of quid but I am shocked that Jet Li even came within 1000 ft of this movie. I was severely disappointed with this and suspect that it would have been more enjoyable had I seen it a few years ago when I was unable to judge or care about how good a film was presented.

I would only recommend you watch this if it costs you nothing to do so. A severe let down.
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Not quite a waste of time
AmamiAmane9 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The plot was too obvious, plain and the way all the symbolism was used was overt. This is what I hate the most about movies. I cannot see the point for making this movie. The characters were not developed and there was no chemistry between them. The only chemistry built was between the character portrayed by Billy Zane and the other characters. Terrible acting, apart from Billy Zane, and no I am not a fan of him. He was the only one who did the best job on this movie and put effort and talent in it. Oh man, and all the stunt wires clearly visible, as if the stunt coordinator was too lazy to notice. I give 3 because despite plenty of trash movies on TV (e.g. "The Hangover") "The Invicibles" is the movie worth watching and +1 is for Billy Zane's good job. Basically, I can say this movie is about New Age movement.
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Great premise but lackluster execution
harrisw19 November 2001
The promos for Invincible promised excitement and action that I had never seen before. The first half-hour showed promise with a great premise and setup, but the rest of the movie fell flat. Instead of building on the premise of the movie, it settled for a simple plot and even that was not executed very well. There were a couple of good action sequences in the beginning, but as the movie progressed the action became flat as well. A lot of flash, but no substance. With a story that had a lot of promise, it's a shame Invincible was vulnerable to poor execution and writing.
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...Prepared for the worse so I found it OK!
Naoum20 March 2005
Having read the bad reviews prior to seeing this movie I was prepared to stop seeing it in case it became unbearable. Well it wasn't unbearable, of course it wasn't good either. It lies somewhere in the middle ground and it is saved by the fact that it presents a fairy tale.

The acting isn't great since the characters are out of proportions and fail to present something believable. OK, so this is a fairy tale, you don't have to be sarcastic about it!!! I believe that the actors where quite distant from their roles since they were playing characters from a fairy tale. That isn't a prerequisite though...

What I really enjoyed was the narration by Billy Zane's deep voice. It's a powerful element of the movie.

It's a movie that you should only see if you can't find something better to rent and you are bored of searching through the selves!
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shanfloyd10 July 2003
I got astonished to see my own patience for watching this film till the end i.e. for one and half hour... maybe because I rented it. However, the only thing that is worth is Billy Zane's famous geek-like appearence that is present here in full fledge. Actually it's better not to have any comment on the other 'actors'. The screenplay is horrible; the visual effects, childish; the action sequences, intolerable and the story, laughable. There were some nice colorful images to attract other geeks among the viewers. And direction? Given production, even I can direct such a movie. Truly invincible... in the measure of how bad can a film be.
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What were you thinking Mel and Li?
TerminalMadness24 November 2001
Wow, this is a baaad movie. The plot is slow, the acting is laughable, the entire concept is cliched, and the special effects of very low quality. I stuck with it until the end, but I had a bad taste in my mouth. Poor Billy Zane. Such a good actor yet subjects himself to this piece of tripe. The only commendable thing about this movie that made it watchable was the dialogue. The dialogue was witty, snappy, and fresh.

And was it me or was that black guy the most stereotypical black character ever? Dumb dialogue like "This is my dream, baby" or "You're supposed to be the freaky voodoo mystic man." He might as well have had an afro, bell-bottoms, and said, "You dig?" Eck. This is horrible.
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A Great, Made-For-Tv Flick.
d_bartuccio21 November 2001
I caught a preview for this movie on TBS and vowed to watch after I saw Billy Zane starred. The production team of Mel Gibson and Jet-Li leave their mark with the action. The movie literally starts with a sword fight.

The story is strong enough to hold you attention for the moments where the action tapers off. But the acting is stronger. Billy Zane plays smug, sarcastic and zen-like all with one smirk. David Field is appropriately camp and Tory Kittles, Byron Mann (Street Fighter, The Corruptor), Stacy Oversier and Dominic Purcell play their roles with convincing disbelief and later acceptance.

If you have a chance to see this, take the time. It's well worth it. I hope it is released on DVD...I'm betting the special features and interviews would be interesting.
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What... The...
paperflower1518 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Enter "Invincible," a world where Good guys fight Bad guys with swords, kung-fu and mind tricks. Er actually... Where they fight Bad guys with children's toys, poser acrobatics and sissy slaps, and wag-your-finger, spiritual blocking moves.

Before-seen special effects permeate this arrangement of b-movie or otherwise unknown actors as they hunt for evil in search of the doomsaying "Tablet." Billy Zane puts on The Matrix's Morpheus' shoes and finds them impossibly big to fill out, seeking would-be heroes to assist him on his journey to retake the Tablet from Slate, whose performance in the movie could make one wonder why her never said "Mr. Anderson!" I've seen scripted scenes of martial arts sparring between friends that have been submitted on YouTube with more credibility than what this film could offer, and while those submissions generally contained no plot, they at least did not deceive me by having one like "Invincible's," that grazed so un-elegantly across the movie's surface.

Terrible acting, useless karate gimmick poses, effects reminiscent of the early 90's, and I don't even have the heart to finish this sentence... Avoid, this, completely.
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what a shame
lars_19735 October 2006
As far as I can remember today I have seen this movie for the first time on free-TV in my home country Germany and now I understand the reason. I guess the story is really well known: There is a hero named Os played by Billy Zane (yes, it is astonishingly true, that this truly second rate performer was allowed to play the opponent of Leonardo Di Caprio in the worldwide blockbuster "Titanic"), who concentrates some comrades-in-arms to rescue the world and the human race from the evil namely the demon Slate. This demon wants to destroy the whole world by using a very old, coded blackboard. His problem is that he is just in hold of one half of the board. The other half is owned by the before mentioned demon Os who is a former demon (what an interesting and funny coincidence that he is also a demon). So Os is the only one who is able to stop him. This hero, now has to build up his team that -what a big surprise- finally will win. We all had the possibility and luck to see many other movies about this issue in a much better way before. The unknown actors (now I also understand the reason for the fact of their anonymity) play halfhearted and just bad. Lousy effects, cruel actors, even worse screenplay. Apropos remembrance of this never wished for movie. You will definitely understand me as soon as you were afflicted with this sorry effort.
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Zane Strikes Again!!
doctorwholittle19 December 2001
This charming telemovie (co-pro'ed by Mel Gibson & Jet Li!) features all the stereotypical trappings of a "Good v. Evil" movie, replete with characters you know virtually nothing about, Eastern philosophy & mysticism, & a healthy dose of (admittedly stunning) martial artistry & SPFX, yet for some reason, it works in spite of itself.

That reason is BILLY ZANE.

Zane portrays "Os", a "Shadowman" who renounces his Immortal life of Darkness & Evil when he is shown The Way. He gathers together the four Chosen Ones (there WERE five, but Os killed the fifth immediately before his redemption), all rough-n-tough misfits in one way or another, to train them to battle the evil "Slate", Os' former Shadowman boss & running buddy. Slate's desire is to gain possession of an ancient tablet, which will allow him to (dare I say it?) rule the world!! The main point of conflict comes in when the two former friends must face-off against one another in mortal combat.

As I stated earlier, despite the fact that this film is filled with cliches & either over-the-top or forced performances, Zane's gentle portrayal of Os somehow makes everything gel rather nicely, holding any absurdities together like a well-woven garment. I honestly don't think this guy's capable of turning in a bad performance, regardless of the material he's given.

Not necessarily a "must-see" movie, but an entertaining popcorn-muncher for a cold night in.
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Saving the world with martial arts
biker45118 November 2001
The Shadowmen, dark angels who can only break from their prison by destroying the Earth. Their leader, Slate, has half of an ancient stone tablet with the power to blow up the Earth and free them. Standing between the Shadowmen and victory are four warriors, Air, Water, Fire and Metal, who have been trained by the keeper of the other half of the tablet. They have six days to stop Slate.

The fact that this movie was produced by Jet Li and Mel Gibson is apparent from the beginning. Non-stop action, incredible special effects and a story right out of the comic books make this a very enjoyable piece of movie mayhem. It was "made for TV" but certainly could have been for theatrical release.
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A pilot that never went any further
anymouse223 January 2014
this was a TV movie that was meant to be the 2 hour pilot to a series. The pilot did well in tests but failed on TV. Mostly because Lee very new to Western Society, and Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson; neither knew how to target European and American audiences yet. (But both would eventually learn) The story is a very Asian style of telling, but was released at a time when Western culture still split "Asian" as either Bruce Lee or Karate Kid with no middle ground between them, and a total ignorance of everything else about that entire quarter of the world.

If you have even a slim understanding of the Asian style of storytelling (AKA you know more than Naruto and wire-fu) you can find it to be a mediocre flick; the obvious cutting that would have been filled out in a series become glaring.

pity; Zane had the skill and really took to the character well enough to make it a fun role.
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Why? For the love of God, why?
diablos66613 August 2002
I'm going to try and keep this as brief as possible, so please bare with me.

Well for a start the film had potential, it really did. And the first scene with Os fighting the White Warrior was pretty cool. In fact Zane looked like a cross between the Joker and the Crow. He actually looked cool. But then the film takes a quick u-turn into the world of luvvy duvvy and cute little bunny rabits, and we learn that in fact we must over power our enemies with..... No not a really sharp sword, no not even a bazooka..... LOVE!!! We must use love against our enemies.

Honestly people, I've never a known a line invoke so much violence and anger in me as that one. What a load of crap!! This is supposed to be a martial arts movie, not the follow up to Care Bears. In fact the ending to the film does have similarities with the ending of Care Bears.

Which brings me onto my next point, the look of the film reminds me so much of Mutant X, with it's wannabe SFX and slow motion fight sequences. If you were to delete the slow motion and Zane's constant preachy waffling narratives the film would be over in 5 mins flat. And I wish that was an exaggeration, I'm afraid however it's not. The film also seems to have stolen ideas from the likes of Highlander, Mortal Kombat and even a little bit of Tomb Raider.

I wouldn't usually get this upset about a bad movie but after reading some of the other reviews for the film I discovered that my American Brethren got to see it for free on TV, were as here in England the gits brought it out on DVD and I paid £3.75 to watch it.

Stay away from this film, all that preaching about love and how it will set you free seems to encourage violence.

I thinks that all I have to say. Except how on earth did the name Jet Li and Mel Gibson appear on the front cover of the film? Isn't that place usually reserved for the stars and director? They were executive producers the pair of them. Does that mean they sat down on the set for one day so the could get paid to plug the film? Talk about name dropping!

Well that's it. For now at least.
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What the Heck did I just watch?
Joshua_the_samurai18 March 2002
Okay, from the begining the very nature of the movie baffles me. A movie co-produced by Mel Gibsen and Jet Li? I know Mel Gibsen is into film makeing, and Jet Li's directon some of his own films, but for them to team up on a project is the last thing I'd expect. One could assume that Jet and Mel met on the set of Lethal Weapon 4, except that Jet Li didn't speak a word of English untill almost six months later.

Yet another thing: Billy Zane as a wise, sword-weilding martial artist? It's not like Billy boy douns't pull the part off well, it's just how in the world could someone look at Billy Zane's past roles and say "Hey, that scummy rich guy with David Warner, he would be perfect to play an immortal swordsman who saves the world!" Who even guessed the guy was the Jackie Chan type? It's like seeing Jon Clude Van Dam in a romantic comedy, deep inside you know it's not right. . .but your still seing it on screen.

This movie wasn't bad, it just didn't quite live up to it's potential. The action was adequate, the characters were somewhat likable and the story was interesting to say the least. The biggest flaw with this movie is just plain poor storytelling. One has to pay very very close atention to this flick to get any sence out of it whatsoeve. The dialogue is thin, the directing os comepltely off the wall, and the plot seems to just go by the wayside as the director seems to think you just don't need some vital parts of the story explained to you.

Overall I think this films prooves chos theory, there was no way one could predict this twisted masterpeice would even be produced. For better or worse it was, and it's at least got novelty value.
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Thank God it did'nt make the big-screen
The_Forge1 November 2003
Okay, just one question to start off : what in gods name is going on on zane's head in the beginning of the movie? I'm thinking Mels cat died and they put it on zane's head to cut expenses. Thank God he shaved it for the rest of the film.

Luckily, that wasn't the worst thing about this film, although luck may have very little to do with this.

So, you walk into a video-store and see "executive produced by Mel Gibson and Jet Li". On first glance your thinking "COOL!". Then you start thinking. Why would a movie, executive produced ( which i believe is not proper english, but this is how it is printed on the box, so i could be daft) by two of the biggest stars in Hollywood produce a movie that goes straight into the video-store? No media-attention, no nothing?

But you forgive this little error, blaming the critics and take it anyway, because you loved lethal weapon en Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and believing a movie by these guys must be at least watchable. Not the mention the fact that the director Jeffrey Levy has a long standing record of doing episodes on some great shows ( Dark Angel, CSI, Roswell and Profiler and the list goes on ) which aren't all that bad. But i'll get back to that.

You stick it in your DVD or video and low and behold : you're thinking : "WTF is going on up in here?"

Granted the fight scenes are nicely done, although the slo-mo actions gets old after the fifth fight and you can actually see a little Jet-Li style stuffed in there ( dudes walking on walls and stuff). Maybe ol' Jet had a day off and gave the choreographer a few pointers.

Other then that, the scenario writer should have the first victim of Slate and his merry band of shadowmen, as should the wardrobe-person which should be have been tortured first so Versace won't turn in his grave.

The plot is a little shaky to, to say the least. In all, i found it quite like a very..very long BAD episode of The Immortal, with that long haired freak Lamas. I kinda expected him to turn up to whoop some demon ass somewhere in the middle of the film. But Zane seems to be filling his shoes nicely, giving the worst acting-performance since he pranced around in his ninny purple tights in The Phantom. Not that he's a bad actor, cause he's done some nice flicks. This just isn't one of them. TIP : when you're really trying to be funny : your not..

I'm gonna spare you my thoughts about the other actors, cause my post may be deleted for foul language. In short : the casting director should be shot as well. Well..slapped with a big trout in any case.

Getting back to Levy, it felt like an above average tv-pilot episode, not surprisingly since Levy got most of his directing experience with doing tv-shows. Maybe he should stick with it.

So we get to the bottom line. Obviously Gibson and Li had little to do with this movie and their name got stuck on the box because the studio gave them money for it, it is NOT the best Martial-Arts Action Movie Ever like the box claims it to be, Billy should pick his projects better, Levy should stick with Dark Angel and all the other staff should get jobs at Mickey D's.

On second thought, maybe Zane's haircut in the beginning of this film was the best bit..

The critics were right. This movie should be in the videostore. In the back. Alongside The Phantom. Sorry, billy.

I love critics.

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william-stine18 August 2003
i cant believe this movie was ever made. just a bad rip off movie, i am always amazed how much money people have around to waste it on crap like this. and this is the epitome of crap. I feel ashamed that i even watched part of this movie.
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Not even love can save this movie
Lucifel16 August 2003
This has to be one of the most horrible TV Movies I've ever seen.

OK, so, Os, this Shadowman turned Good by the White Warrior, and has to round up a few people to "Save the world", and each of them has some kind of element. Pretty much the whole movie is just Os (played by Billy Zane) talking about love, and how love is going to defeat the Shadowmen... It got really annoying after a while.

Anyone who can sit through this whole movie has nerves of steel.

Better stay away from this one, unless you want to see a movie that was written using Fortune Cookie fortunes.
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needs more locations
martinbanting129 July 2003
This movie does not seem to be perfect because it requires to be set in more locations so this movie should be given 4 marks out of 10.
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