Invincible (TV Movie 2001) Poster

(2001 TV Movie)

Linal Haft: Howard Lancaster


  • Howard Lancaster : [pointing a gun at Slate]  Get out of my office. I'm warning you.

    [he fires the gun and nothing happens] 

    Slate : [Slate takes the gun and fires around him, as Lancaster falls to the floor]  Just like a human, they always faint before you can kill them.

  • Howard Lancaster : You got the info?

    Os : You got the camera?

    Howard Lancaster : You first, I want his name.

    Os : Slate.

    Howard Lancaster : Slate?

    Os : Yeah, just one word like 'Madonna'.

    Howard Lancaster : And where do I find this one word, son of a...

    Os : Just let it go.

    Howard Lancaster : Now you listen to me...

    Os : Os.

    Howard Lancaster : What kind of cockamamie name is 'Os'?

    Os : What kind of word is 'cockamamie'?

    Howard Lancaster : Now you listen to me Os, I want that bastard dead!

    [Grabs Os and to shock by a burst of energy] 

    Howard Lancaster : Ow! What just happened?

    Os : You're beginning to realize the material things are meaningless.

    Howard Lancaster : I am?

    Os : Why don't you take a vacation? Bring the wife. I suggest Tibet.

    Howard Lancaster : No! Look at what he did to me! I want him dead!

    Os : Revenge, bad mojo. It's right up there with greed. Instead of taking things out of Tibet, why not bring stuff in? With your resources you could do a lot of good in this world. Besides, Slate would just kill you.


    Os : Give my best to the Dali Lama.

    Howard Lancaster : Huh?

    Os : We had some issues before, but I think he knows where I'm coming from.

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