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It is certainly worth watching!
Danorgan24 March 2000
Who Wants to be a Millionare is a great game show for the whole family. If you read other reviews I have written, you will see that I am a Game Show fanatic but this one is probably our family favorite. It's one of few shows that the whole family can sit in front of the TV together and watch and I really enjoy times like that. Also, I think Regis Philbin is a great host for the show and he adds the drama to the show with the "Is that your final answer?" and before he says yes or no, he kind of stares at the ground and has us wondering for about a second and a half and then jumps up. That's really neat, I think. Who Wants to be a Millionare is a great show and I hope it lasts for a long time to come, and that is my final answer.
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Very original and fun game show
Xophianic21 February 2000
I think WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? get too much bad press. Maybe not from this database, but it does from other places, like TV and magazines. I like the fact that you don't need a Harvard degree to answer these questions, and I don't think they are too easy or too hard. I think, even though I know a British version was done, that this is a very original idea for a game show. I think this show is pretty suspenseful for a game show because you can truly play along at home, which I often do. Regis is a great host too. I think he's funny, even though the "final answer" thing gets old. (But he has to say it!) I hope that this show lasts a long time and those loser insurance people realize they have a great thing here and don't stop it.
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A great game show,a great host,a great concept.....
BTM-220 November 1999
....great EVERYTHING!! Regis Philbin does a simply fantastic job as the host of this outstanding game show series. The set is perfect,even the music is stirring and dramatic. I wish ABC would keep this show on as a regular series--they would make a killing in the Nielsens. Don't bother with other networks trying to copy Millionaire's success....this is the one and only one to watch. Period. That is my final answer......

(As of 11/20/1999) 4 out of 4 stars
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I love it!!
selt8625 October 2000
Regis Philbin is the best host for the best game quiz show of all time. He has enough humor to light up the television sets and he's serious enough to host the game like any other classical show. And the contestants are not all rocket scientists, which is what I like. I saw "Jeopardy!" before I wrote this and the contestants knew things I have never even heard of. However, contestants on Millionaire have ordinary jobs and even ordinary knowledge. And of course, it's geared toward everyone, so that the whole family can play and together. Personally, my favorite is the $1,000,000 question.
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So who wants to be a real millionaire?
Bash30 November 2000
If you want to be a millionaire, why not join this game show. It is fun and interesting to play and explore the given questions to earn a certain amount of money. If you win a million dollars, congratulations; you can spend all that cash with many valuable items. If you lose, too bad, but keep trying. Make your final answers very clear. Regis Philbin should be the best game show host in the nation. I'll make that my final answer.
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This Is My Final Answer
irishgirl26 May 2000
So, you want to be a millionaire? Have you got what it takes? I have to say that some of the questions before the 1000 dollar level are very easy. But I can imagine that the pressure is unbearable when you get into that hot seat. Regis with his wicked smile, the audience and all that staring. It's enough to drive a person bonkers. Overall, the show is addictive. You watch it at home so you can feel smarter than the contestant especially when they don't know the answer. It's thrilling and it looks like Regis has his hands full for a while.
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Great Show
mattyboy2267 January 2005
When Chris Tarrant first came on and said the famous line "Lets play who wants to be a millionaire" I and a lot of other people knew this was going to be a great show. . It gives away so much money and is very entertaining and fun to play along with at home. No wonder it was only a year or two before the Americans decided to ask permission to make their own version of the show (like they did with Pop Idol (American Idol). . It is a great show and if u haven't seen or heard about it yet then u obviously don't have a TV. This is a great show and I don't know how many countries make their own version. ITV (British TV Channel) must be rolling in it after creating this masterpiece.
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Regis and flashing lights create a whole new category
SnoopyStyle26 September 2013
This show was a break out hit. It created a whole new category for TV network execs to exploit and finally destroy. It was a successful prime time game show which hadn't happened in quite a long time.

Regis Philbin is uniquely responsible for its success. Sure they had the bright lights, the tense music, the flash and the sizzle. But it's Regis' intensity that drives the whole thing. The concept is simple. Contestants answer trivia questions. Each one gets harder and the money gets larger. There are a few helps. It's simplicity is part of the charm. Although Regis left the show, others have tried to resurrect it. It was running out of steam anyways. After its newness wore off, it's just not much to watch especially without Regis.
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Great Memories Of Millionaire
Desertman8414 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a TV quiz show that offers a maximum prize of $1 million to any contestant who is able to correctly answer a series of multiple choice questions provided to him.The contestant is given 15 questions with increasing difficulty with an amount starting from $100 until the last question of $ 1 million.This was shown at night on ABC and it was hosted by Regis Philbin.The night telecast lasted from 1999 to 2002 until was syndicated as an afternoon show.

When the show started,the show reached an unexpected rise in ratings and popularity. Regis was definitely a great host.It also provides a lot of entertainment and excitement especially when contestants win big prizes to as much as $1 million. Too bad that it somehow its popularity went downhill after it became a syndicated afternoon show.But nevertheless,one would never forget the great memories that this show provided during Regis' time as host.
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Tight Editing, Lovable Regis and Subliminal Mood Music
redryan6427 August 2014
BEING THAT TIMING is everything in Life, this quiz show series surely must have a perfect sense of it. Bowing on the ABC TV Network on Sundays (we think), it started out like the proverbial "Ball o' Fire" and quickly gained momentum. In a silent testimony to its power and unexpected success, prime-time quiz game money giveaway $how$ made quick appearances on CBS, NBC and FOX Networks all.

THE SHOW'S APPEAL and popularity were no haphazard case of dumb luck. It is obvious that careful planning and calculation went into the program's format, content and overall appearance of this production. No element was overlooked.

FIRST OF ALL, we see the framing of the appearance on the TV screens done up on a grand scale. Rather than having contestants appearing side by side with the MC/Quizmaster, the competitors are put into a sort of 'Roman Coliseum' arena of variable and sweeping beams of concentrated lighting. Much in the same manner of the Gladiatorial combatants, the challenger meets his foe (Quizmaster) face to face.

IN ADDITION TO this careful, micro-management of the lighting, we have both the obvious and subtle use of computer controlled recorded music. There is both incidental musical queues and the constant deployment of background mood manipulating instrumental and vocal soundtrack. Mood and "excitement" were very closely manipulated in this manner.

THE WORD THAT we are looking for is "Subliminal"; as the soundtrack quietly added the element of the dramatic and elevated our anticipation of excitement in this way.

EMPLOYMENT OF THE direction of the show rendered its overall running time and the highly dramatic pacing of the proceedings is done up to the maximum. Use of friendly chit-chat (interviews) with guests and timing of segments with stopwatch precision allows the padding out of the show to a full hour; where all ceremonies could probably be said and done within the confines of the 30 minute show limit.

CAPPING OFF THE totality of this late 20th & early 21st Century mega-hit was the ascent of Regis Philbin to the Throne of Ruling Potentate and overseer of all proceedings of the day. The highly durable Mr. Philbin was the perfect man for this position. Witty, energetic and always in control, he also possessed a genuine liking of the people who came to compete.

FOR SOME MONTHS after its initial show hit the airwaves, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE was number one with the public. It was the topic of discussion around the old water cooler at many a break time.

BUT THEN, AS it seems much like all other "sensations" of the small screen, the novelty wore off. But this original, prime-time series ran from 1999-2002, or a healthy and respectable three seasons.

IT WAS FOLLOWED by the syndicated half hour version that went from 2003 until the present.
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I_Am_The_Taylrus20 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Finally, after all these months waiting, five months to be exact, I have finally made it to the big one hundred comments. For my one hundredth comment I will comment on one of the very best game-shows ever invented. I am course talking about the infamous Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I am telling you, this is one of the most entertaining game-shows to watch. I also like to see how many questions I get right. I also like seeing people not knowing painfully easy answers. You know, there is always one person in each episode to get an easy question wrong.

Here is the plot of this game-show. People are asked questions. The more questions they get right, the more money they will win. The questions get harder as they go along. There are only fifteen questions to this one million dollar prize. If you do not know the answer to a question you can use a lifeline. Phone-A-Friend, Ask the Audience, and Fifty-Fifty.

Overall, this is a great game-show. By the way, the first person ever to win one million dollars was John Carpenter. No, not the John Carpenter who directed Halloween and the Thing, a different John Carpenter. At least I think so. Anyway, this is one of the most addicting game-shows to watch. It is also a very fun thing to watch with your family.


Recommended Titles: The Price is Right.
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Arguably the Greatest Gameshow Ever Made.
Evil_Magus15 July 2006
Who Wants to be a Millionaire, in my opinion, is one of the two greatest gameshows ever made, the other being Jeopardy. The premise is simple enough: a single contestant must answer 15 questions of continuing difficulty to win $1,000,000. Along the way they can use several life-lines to help them out.

Regis Philban makes the perfect host. He's non-obtrusive, but personable when he does get involved. He doesn't play at cheap unfunny jokes like Cash Cab's Ben Bailey, he doesn't have Ben Stein's annoying nasally voice, and he has more substance than The World Series of Pop Culture's Pat Kiernan.

The trivia varies, from extremely simple to extremely difficult. This assures that a viewer will at least be able to answer correctly, at least occasionally. And, being general-knowledge, there's something for everybody.

Most shows have far too much overblown melodrama that detracts from the show. Who Wants to be a Millionaire has unquestionably the most melodrama of any show I've yet seen, and yet it somehow works exclusively to its advantaged. Everything from the lighting to the music adds to this, even Philban himself. It's a show that has substance to it, some thick tangible feeling that makes the drama work. Everywhere else it always feels so contrived, but here it's a natural and necessary part of the show, and therein lies the difference.
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Fun game show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh14 July 2006
First off, I must say that this is a fun game show. Also, I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. However, I do know the show very well. Every time I watch it, I have a lot of fun playing along and watch. When it was on ABC, this made me long to be a contestant. The thing I liked most about it are the questions. Despite the fact that I don't know that many answers, I still have fun playing along. I hope the Game Show Network keeps it on so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Great Game Show!
bubba-4630 August 1999
What an unbelievable success for the ABC network. A game show that really takes you back to the old days of "The 64,000 Question". You can't help but come back nightly to see someone try their luck at winning a million smackers. And the contestants are "regular Joe's", not some introverted, geeky scientists like "Jeopardy" usually has. Regis Philbin is the perfect host...part Bob Barker, part straight man to the contestants often witty comments. With the huge ratings the show received in it's initial run, it's no wonder ABC plans on bringing it back in the months to come. I for one will be watching!
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Addictive. And, Yes, that IS my final answer!
Apostle11 December 1999
Who would have thought that Regis Philbin would be as popular as he is. The show is great, the contestants (well, most of them anyway) are regular people like you and me, and Regis is actually funny. Who'd a thunk it! I've tried several times to get on, but no success.....so far!
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Has lost it's flavour, has lost it's intruige, and will probably be cancelled soon.
It was once great. I admit, it was once great. The questions were interesting and got you thinking, the contestants had humour which made the show appealing, and at that time Regis Philbin was, dare I say, entertaining us with his one-liners. We all got excited watching the gaps between the questions get longer and longer and holding our breath as we waited to see if he/she had the right answer for the million dollar question. We all got worked up when John Carpenter won the million and we finally got to see what it looked like. I couldn't help thinking to myself, if something like this had happened on one of the first episode, the show would be a lot less good.

Now, everyone is a rehash. Some of the same questions are being reused. The conestants seemed downright flat and uninteresting, and now we are all sick of "Is that your final answer?" and for some reason we no longer care how high the contestants get. You know why? Because it's all been done and won before, and this will be nothing new. If you disagree, just look at some of the ratings recently. ABC knows it. And, watching the show, you can't deny it, they are visibly trying to boost the ratings and make the show more interesting. They've boosted the scores, had dozens of "weeks", and Regis has even been trying a few new jokes. But the ratings haven't budged, and I personally nowadays OCCASIONALLY watch the celebrity editions, but only if they have someone I like on 'em. It'll soon be cancelled, and even from it's start, like in the case of "Whose Line is it Anyway?", the British version was better. :-)
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ChasBid430 July 2004
For many reasons, this is one of the worst game shows of all time. First of all, Regis Philbin is incredibly annoying. Secondly, the whole idea of this show is stupid. The contestants can take ALL DAY to answer ONE QUESTION. Game shows should set some type of time limit for responding. Next, there is the most stupid question that I have ever heard on a game show: "Is that your final answer?" I say that if it was not the contestant's final answer, he or she should not have said it in the first place. A quiz show also should not be multiple choice. These types of shows are supposed to demonstrate how intelligent the contestants are. If there is an automatic 25% chance that the contestant will answer correctly, ANY IDIOT could win at least a few hundred dollars. Considering all of this, I really hope that this show is canceled VERY SOON.
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An exciting game show!!!!!
sethn1728 September 2006
The game show rage was just about to be replaced with the reality show rage, but before that was done, Regis Philbin took the stage at New York's "Millionaire Stadium" (LOL) to give ten contestants a chance at $1 Million on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?," an ABC show that began as limited, but in 2000 became just about nightly.

I was so impressed at the Regis version; the fastest finger, the hot seat, the questions, the cash, etc. One funny thing, though: ever wonder what would happen if someone messed up on the easy questions? Would it say "Thanks for Playing?" Would it say "You won an autograph?????" Nope. It would say:



Pretty funny, huh????? It looks elite, but it's not!!!!! LOL

However, there was a "Losers Week," if I recall. There have been many millionaires, too! I'm also glad that GSN still shows the Regis episodes; however, DON'T watch the current local version. Regis is better!!!!!

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Bad pacing makes for a bad show.
Courk716 December 2004
The basic idea for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is generally good. Sit someone down, ask increasingly harder questions, and have them work their way to a million dollars. However, the details of the show are what get in the way of enjoying it. First of all, the questions are multiple choice. Sure, the upper level questions are hard enough to warrant this, but the lower level questions are too easy. And, what's worse, instead of even trying to trip up contestants at the easy stage, they provide outlandish choices. If the questions are going to be so easy, and the answers so evident, why not just skip the first few questions and start at $1,000? The only redeeming fact is that these asinine questions are usually zipped through.

Sadly, at this point, the show gets annoying. While the questions are finally a challenge, the contestants get forever and a day to answer them. I can make my decision on an answer within a minute or so, but then I have to sit and wait for the contestant to finish humming and hawing over whether to use a lifeline or three, and then still be in doubt as to the answer. After what seems like an eternity, Regis finally asks "Is that your final answer?" and anyone playing along at home can at last find out the correct answer. This down time just kills what little flow the game had.
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A sad case of milking the cow dry.
BlackJack_B27 August 2002
Millionaire could have been a huge success even today for ABC. The retroactive type game show that mimics the classics of the 50's was a great show. Sadly, ABC milked it far too often because the losers running the network couldn't come up with other programs to build around Regis. Eventually, having the program in the people's face everyday caused the show to die a slow death earlier this year. It's too bad, it was good for the whole family, and if it was limited to crucial rating sweeps periods, the show would still be popular and maybe ABC would try to create good programming around it and during the non-sweep periods. Instead they milked it far too often, got lazy with other shows, and now they languish as the 3rd or 4th network. It also cheapens ABC's win for the 1999-2000 season for me as well. Still, a classic program while it lasted, although some of the contestants they found were, well, let's just say they weren't "camera friendly".
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Who cares?
fullveracity284 July 2000
This show was so cool when it first started, and it looks like it will continue to be a phenomenon unparalleled in television history. But why??? Isn't this show getting a little tired? In a year the ratings are gonna be half what they are now. That is if the show is still on the air.
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Needs a better host.
MASH4077-230 August 1999
"Is that your final answer?"Are you sure?" that is a familaiar line to the game show.

The show never has an african-american contestant. The show generated high ratings.

The British version has a better host and is exactly the same with various guests.

Nevertheless it is a show that beats the cheap re-runs on TV. So if you find it on TV, stick to it and throw your remote away cause it will entertain you for 30 minutes.
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rageVSfury25 April 2002
Hang on, don't forget that this show is British, just like the weakest link. And to honest, the ratings are dropping in this country too.

The French version actually had to cheat to win. This ramble has no point
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I despise this show.
llihilloh20 January 2001
This may be a little blunt, but I cannot stand the show, the host, or anything else about it.

Why? Well, lets start with the title first of all. Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Second, this show was good the first few weeks it was on. Remember when it was competing with 21 and all those other 'sweeps?' Sure we all tuned in to see someone in the hot chair answering questions that just may make them a millionaire. It was funny to think that I may just be one of the few lucky ones that made it to New York to meet good old Regis. Well, now when it's on like every night, the excitement is just a thing of the past. The contestants are no longer thought of as lucky, because look at how many chances everyone gets at the fastest finger question. Third, Mr. Philbin is one of the most annoying hosts I have ever seen. He wears the same tie all the time but that's not the thing that bugs me. 'Is that your final answer?' What's that all about? He can make a few cracks here and there but other than that, the show is drowning because of him. Stick with the daytime talk show. Fourth, the music. This isn't the most important thing and it doesn't even matter, but it is impossible to sit through one show listening to the same music over and over. Fifth, I could go on and on forever, the network is wasting precious time. It's basically the same situation. A person finally lands his/her spot in the center chair and just sits there staring at the question. I've seen people that waste five+ minutes just on one question. What's even worst is when lifelines are used on one question and they end up getting it wrong.

As you can see, I hate this show for many, many reasons. Why people are tuning in every week and keeping this show in the top five is beyond me. Considering that this is a reality show and it deals with people just like you and me, the public is going to watch this because they may have a chance of winning money. But seriously, for as long as it has been on, only two or three people have hit the jackpot. Has there even been that many? By the time this show goes off the air, almost the majority of the viewers will have been likely to be a contestant.
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