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Wood Harris: Julius Campbell



  • Bertier : Listen, I'm Gerry, you're Julius. Let's just get some particulars and get this over with.

    Big Ju : Particulars? Man, no matter what I tell you, you ain't never gonna know nothing about me.

    Bertier : Listen, I ain't running any more of these three-a-days

    Big Ju : Well, what I've got to say, you really don't wanna hear 'cuz honesty ain't too high upon your people's priorities list.

    Bertier : Honesty? You want honesty? Alright, honestly, I think you're nothing. Nothing but a pure waste of God-given talent. You don't listen to nobody, man! Not even Doc or Boone! Shiver push on the line everytime and you blow right past 'em! Push 'em, pull 'em, do something! You can't run over everybody in this league, and everytime you do you leave one of your teammates hanging out to dry, me in particular!

    Big Ju : Why should I give a hoot about you, huh? Or anyone else out there? You wanna talk about the ways you're the captain, right?

    Bertier : Right.

    Big Ju : You got a job?

    Bertier : I've got a job.

    Big Ju : You been doing your job?

    Bertier : I've been doing my job.

    Big Ju : Then why don't you tell your white buddies to block for Rev better? Because they have not blocked for him worth a plug nickel, and you know it! Nobody plays. Yourself included. I'm supposed to wear myself out for the team? What team? Nah, nah what I'm gonna do is look out for myself and I'ma get mine.

    Bertier : See man, that's the worst attitude I ever heard.

    Big Ju : Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

  • Bertier : Left side!

    Big Ju : Strong Side!

    Bertier : Left side!

    Big Ju : Strong Side!

    Bertier : Left side!

    Big Ju : Strong Side!

  • Bertier : Well, you think I look banged up, you should see my Camaro.

    Big Ju : Man, I sure am sorry, man. I should have been there with you.

    Bertier : What are you talking about? You would've been in that bed right next to me.

    Big Ju : You can't be hurt like this. You - you're Superman.

    Bertier : I was afraid of you, Julius. I only saw what I was afraid of, and now I know I was only hating my brother.

    Big Ju : I'll tell you what, though. Um, when all this is over... me and you are gonna move out to the same neighborhood together. OK? And, um... and we'll get old, and we'll get fat. And there ain't gonna be all this black-white between us.

    Bertier : [Chuckles]  Left side.

    Big Ju : Strong side.

  • Blue Stanton : [begins to silently sing, gradually getting lowder]  'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't...

    Big Ju : [slaps Blue's arm]  Blue. Shut up. I don't want to see your smilin' and shuff in' and hear all your minstrel show singing on this bus.

    [looks towards other singer] 

    Big Ju : You too.

    Bertier : Got that right.

    Big Ju : [turns towards him, annoyed]  You can shut up too.

  • Bertier : Hey, Julius I was thinking we could...

    Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass : He's taking a shower.

    Bertier : What do you want, man?

    Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass : You know what I want.

    [kisses him and Gary starts trying to punch him. The team is holding Gary back] 

    Big Ju : There's too much male bonding in here.

    Bertier : Enough!

    Big Ju : What is going on here?

    Bertier : He kissed me!

  • Big Ju : What you doin' man?

    Louie Lastik : Eatin' lunch.

    Big Ju : I see you eatin' lunch, but why you eatin' over here? Why not go eat over there and eat with your people?

    Louie Lastik : Man, I don't have any people. I'm with everybody, Julius.

    Petey Jones : Yeah, he's just a light-skinned brother.

    Big Ju : Yeah, and I'm a dark-skinned cracker.

    Petey Jones : [laughs] 

    Jerry 'Rev' Harris : Come on Julius, he's just another blessed child in God's lovin' family.

    Blue Stanton : [Blue starts to hum] 

    Big Ju : Come on, Blue. Let me...

    Petey Jones : [Petey joins in with Blue] 

    Jerry 'Rev' Harris : God, we come before you today. To ask you to soften Big Julius Cambell's heart.

  • Big Ju : [after sacking the opposing QB]  You better make yourself comfortable down there. Real comfortable.

  • Coach Boone : It's all right. We're in a fight. You boys are doing all that you can do. Anybody can see that. Win or lose... We gonna walk out of this stadium tonight with our heads held high. Do your best. That's all anybody can ask for.

    Big Ju : No, it ain't Coach. With all due respect, uh, you demanded more of us. You demanded perfection. Now, I ain't saying that I'm perfect, 'cause I'm not. And I ain't gonna never be. None of us are. But we have won every single game we have played till now. So this team is perfect. We stepped out on that field that way tonight. And, uh, if it's all the same to you, Coach Boone, that's how we want to leave it.

    Coach Yoast : Yeah. I hope you boys have learned as much from me this year as I've learned from you. You've taught this city how to trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him. And I guess it's about time I joined the club.

  • Bertier : [sees Sunshine get out of car with long hair]  Hey fellas! Look at that fruitcake!

    Coach Yoast : Gerry, just keep your mouth shut and get back on that field!

    Colonel William G. Bass : Coach Boone, I'm Colonel Bass. We just got transferred here from Huntington Beach, California. This is my son, Ronnie, he's a quarterback.

    Coach Boone : [shakes Sunshine's hand]  How you doin' Ronnie?

    Colonel William G. Bass : Coach Yoast.

    Coach Yoast : [shakes Sunshine's hand as well]  My pleasure.

    Coach Boone : We're pretty set at the, uh, quarterback Colonel. But if the boy's any good, you might want to check out Wilson or Annandale.

    Colonel William G. Bass : Well, I met Coach Taber. He won't let blacks play on his team. The way I see it, if these boys can fight a war together, they can play football together. Now, he's a pretty good runner...

    [Sunshine throws football towards Gerry, who is standing far away. The football hits Gerry square in the back. He turns around, angrily] 

    Big Ju : [laughing hysterically]  Yeah, a fruitcake, huh?

  • Bertier : [lying down on bed]  I ain't looking at that for 2 weeks man. Take it down.

    Big Ju : Well, you can close your eyes for 2 weeks for all I care. Why don't you look at your wall and I'll look at mine.

    Bertier : [getting up]  I'll look wherever I want to, and I dont wanna be looking at that for 2 weeks.

    Big Ju : Then you better use your x-ray vision, Superman, and look right through it, cause it ain't coming down.

    [fight breaks out] 

    Alan Bosley : [opens door, and shouts]  Fight!

    Team : [team comes into room and joins the fight] 

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