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Sex & Nudity

  • There are adult situation themes of characters including Maduin and Madeline having implied sex, a few of the Esper characters including Shiva and the Goddess Statue being naked, a woman being pregnant with a baby both in the Esper world and in the World of Ruins which was unusual at the time during the Nintendo censorship era.
  • There is a naked woman Goddess Statue that has got past the Nintendo censorship.
  • Also another Esper named Shiva can be seen naked which also got past the Nintendo censorship.
  • Terra in her white Esper form can be seen naked which was unusual for a Nintendo game.
  • In the original Japanese version, the Esper Siren can be seen with her butt showing. The American and Europe SNES versions have it censored with a skirt covering her butt.

Violence & Gore

  • Due to the nature of the graphics engine, no blood or gore is shown. However, the game is violent, showing several deaths in cutscenes, and the very nature of the game itself requires the player to kill a wide range of creatures, some human.
  • In a few cutscenes, characters are non graphically killed.
  • In the turn based battles, characters can be seen killing monsters, soldiers, robots with swords, daggers, spears, claws, rods, darts, boomerangs, fire spells, poison, Esper summons, death spells.
  • The monsters, robots, and soldiers in the turn based battles can be seen attacking the party with claws, magic, weapons, laser guns, magic, poison, death spells.
  • The Espers Odin and later changed to Raiden can be seen slicing enemies to ribbons.
  • In the Cave of Narshe, an esper called Tritoch can be seen killing Vicks and Wedge.
  • If Edger tries to get into Narshe with Terra, the guards will knock him back causing him to rethink another way into Narshe.
  • Locke threatens to rip the merchants lungs out.
  • Celes can be seen getting punched by a solider before getting knocked out and chained to the wall.
  • Kefka poisons an entire castle in Doma. Cyans wife and child are killed by the poison among the rest.
  • In Shadows dream Baram is wounded and he later on dies.
  • Kefka invades Narshe and attacks the party with his soldiers.
  • In the opera house when you interfere with Ultros the octopus, they will fall and land on 2 people knocking them out.
  • In the town of Maranda, there is a dog fight with 2 dogs attacking each other.
  • In the Magitek factory, Kefka attacks the party with his 2 Magitek Soldiers before Celes teleports them away.
  • In Thamasa the mansion is on fire and the party rescues Relm but the fire explodes and they almost get burned up but Shadow saves the day and helps everybody escape.
  • After the 3 statues go haywire. The Statues causes a holocaust to happen with earthquakes and fire explosions that caused the world to change forever and become a World of Ruins.
  • In the flashback scene of Mobliz, the adults try to protect the kids but they fall in the cracks of the earthquake and die.


  • Some, but mild. The word "bloody", and "God" is used in the game.
  • Some swearing symbols can be seen by a man from Narshe.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In South Figaro there is an alcoholic drink called Cider that the old man asks for, this was unusual for a Nintendo game considering they don't allow alcohol in their games.
  • There is a bar you can visit in a few villages. Other than this there are no other alcohol references, although the wine bottles can be seen in the Town of Zozo.
  • Some of the monsters like Madam can be seen smoking cigarette pipes, even though there's no smoke coming from the pipe.
  • Setzer is protrayed as a gambling man with the roulette, card table and can be seen using his slot machine to gamble his attacks.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The title screen music may be considered scary.
  • Some atmospheres and situations could also be considered somewhat intense especially with the Espers going berserk, the floating Island falling apart and causing a holocaust. Also in the Tower of Fanatics and on Kefkas Tower is the music also considered scary. In the final battle against Kefka the music is intense and scary.
  • The antagonist Kefka is among the most vile and evil villains in storytelling. His cruel and nihilistic behavior may be intense for some players.
  • Edgers submarine castle can be seen being lit on fire shortly before Edger commands his men to sink his castle underground.
  • The doom spells featuring the grim reaper and skulls and Doomgaze may be a little scary for little kids to watch.
  • The scene where Kefka poisons Doma castle and kills everybody including Cyans wife and son may be too upsetting for some people.
  • The phantom train featuring ghosts and dead people on board may be disturbing to little kids.
  • The scene where Terra turns into an Esper in the Narshe mountains screaming and flying out of control may scare little kids.
  • The Magitek factory explodes and collapses as the party escapes. Also the party goes on a wild mine cart ride before crashing into the magitek armor.
  • Over at the Sealed Gate in the sealed cave, The gate opens and the Espers go berserk causing Setzers airship to crash. Later on the City of Vector is on fire.
  • Over at the Thamasa mansion, the mansion can be seen on fire which may be scary for kids to watch.
  • A scene involving Kefka invading Thamasa and killing Espers and even General Leo may upset some people.
  • A cutscene with the floating island may be a little scary for little kids.
  • After the party fails to prevent the 3 statues from being moved on the floating island, the island crumples apart and eventually causes a holocaust event causing earthquakes and fire explosions causing the continents to split up into islands and leaving the world in ruins.
  • Over in the town of Tzen, a light judgement laser beam strikes the mansion and causes the house to threaten to collapse but Sabin holds it up until Celes rescues the child and then the mansion collapses, which also may be too scary for little kids to watch.
  • In the ruined town of Mobliz a monster named Phunbaba who scares the kids may be a little too scary for little kids.
  • In Kefkas tower, Kefka shows his laser beam power to the party destroying the land.
  • Recommend ESRB rating: Rated T for violence, scary scenes, mild nudity, suggestive themes, gambling, mild intense gameplay, level grinding.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Kefka invades Thamasa and has his Magitek soldiers attack the town and later on he kills the Espers turning them into magicites, he even kills General Leo.
  • On the floating island Celes attacks Kefka with the sword and knocks Kefka down. Kefta later betrays Emperor Gesthal and kills him with a lighting attack and throws his body to his death.
  • In one cutscene, the character Celes attempts suicide if she fails to save Cid.

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