Das Traumschiff Poster

(1981– )

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1 Jan. 2018
Los Angeles
Orphan Nico, a dropout daredevil, is the only one of Sabine's foster foundation charges accompanying her on retirement present cruise to L.A., where he hopes to somehow finance a stuntman training. They befriend desperately-lonely spoiled brat Carina, whose ever-absent tycoon father's credit-card no longer compensates her emotional neediness, while a fraction could make Nico's dreams come true, kick-starting an explosive dynamic, while the 'fatherly' captain must rescue Nico from fool-hearted stunt. Serious widower Ralf backtracks the triumphal news he finally warms ...
1 Apr. 2018
The dream ship cruises to the Maldives, where it will be boarded by its new hotel director Hanna Liebhold,. who was delayed by her successor's broken leg longer at her former job, managing a luxury island resort. Ilona and Roland Michel is aboard, wrongly expected to bail out by his now thrice-divorced, ever-bickering true youth love Ilona, who hence came with her new lover, hotel owner Benno. Roland befriends young heiress Bella, who 'posthumously accepts an invitation' from recently deceased father Achim to the Malediven to meet his second love. On the Maldives ...
26 Dec. 2018
Chief purser Holger and gambling sous-chef Thomas worry *attractive controller Katja Kranz may find out Holger 'advanced' Thomas 10 000 Euro company cash for his daughters eye surgery, so they fake a food poisoning blackmail. *After a failed ransom delivery on Hawaii, captain Burger concocts a plan with Hanna Liebhold and Doc Sander. Jon and Vera booked and boarded separately, with her teen son Moritz and his daughter Lotte, who lost her mother in an accident, to tell the they're a couple. *Former jewel thief Frank turned security consultant dates insurance detective ...

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