Das Traumschiff Poster

(1981– )

Episode List


Season 1

1 Jan. 1984
Nachbarn/Tochter des Chefs/Der Falschspieler (Brasilien)
Neighbors / Daughter of the Chief / The False Player (Brazil).
26 Dec. 1990
New Orleans
Studly cruise ship M/S Berlin sailor Stefan systematically acts as gallant white knight for passengers and even other tourists, but often pays a personal price, such as a three years contract. Grandpa Freytag raised doting darling orphan Daniel (12), a fellow jazz fan. On this cruise to New Orleans however, Daniel learns that his pa Rick is alive, a trumpeter in the French Quarter, who left the boy for career prospects and now hopes Daniel will choose him over grandpa. Old Walter finally stands up against his much younger mistress's excessive demands when his bossy ex...
1 Jan. 1991
Disney World
International concert pianist Hendrik Vandervoort interrupted his career to spend his dying preteen son Kai's last days on a dream cruise to Disneyland, with a flask at the ready to try making the best of the worst. Max Bomberg refuses to propose to his true love Julia Kirsch for fear of an immature, doomed marriage like his parents', but a lonely singing star's sad story makes him reconsider. Greek kitchen-boy Nikos's stowaway piglet is discovered, yet his touching intentions made to come true during the New year's Eve party.
28 Feb. 1993
While performing aboard the cruise ship M/S Berlin to Cape Good Hope, concert pianist René Manier finds as passenger his former teacher Eleonore Stoll, who brought her pre-teen fatherless son, Moritz. The boy refuses to share her on the luxury cross-country train, so he remains with the cruise-director in Zululand. Fishery captain Söhnke Christiansen doubted if life could get better then traveling aboard such a majestic ship, but it this when he's invited to full in for suddenly ill captain Hansen. Banker Georg booked a cabin with his unsuspecting secretary Vera, but ...
26 Dec. 1994
The shipping company plans to dump old staff, notably captain Hansen and engineer Max, now the cruise ship is docked in Dubai due to mechanical trouble they warned for. Crew technician Wolf Riekmann risks his job by visiting his lover, overprotective Holger Philipp's daughter Jesscia, on deck, but can redeem himself by finding the ship bug. Rich gambler passengers's wives resolve to attract their attention by spending more then their stakes, eccentric outfits etc.
1 Jan. 1995
Captain Hansen and his crew worry about a secret quality inspector, just now the cruise director is indisposed, and in fact a fraudster plays the part brilliantly. Tycoon Roederer lured his ever-rivaling sons on the cruise by pretending he's resigning after marrying his trusted secretary, who is to take over daily management, hoping they'll join forces.
26 Dec. 1995
On the M/S Berlin' cruise to Tasmania, Carpenter Robert Ladewig is aboard to repair some cabins, but pretends to be a wealthy sheep-breeder to impress a guest, in fact a shop clerk playing the boutique owner to impress him. Dr. Erwin Runge boarded incognito, even swore his ex on staff to secrecy, but when the ship's surgeon is incapacitated, must perform on urgent operation.
26 Dec. 1997
St. Lucia
Seasoned 'retired' master thief Walter Buchner teaches his naively eager nephew Sven the ropes of society high life and jewel theft, but the knave is more interested in their wine waitress and the suspicious captain proves a competent researcher. A father shows his son where his late mother died and overcomes his related diving phobia. The cruise's hired singer Patrick Lindner is fake, or not him at all.
1 Jan. 1998
Commissioner Lucas Kramer booked his first vacation after workaholic streak wrecked his marriage, but can't resist finding it why a passenger hides any detail about her life and ends up helping her with his detective skills. Ship photographer Klaus Vogler believes to recognize a female passenger from her honeymoon, is rebuked for meddling after her denial, but discovers the reason for the resemblance, which enriches two lives.