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A Wonderful Tribute For those of us who believe in Biblical Values
jemma_98_99-17 December 2002
I saw this film on a new station in my area Twin Falls Idaho. It was a subject I could relate to with Actors and Actresses I have watched and enjoyed in other films. Ozzie Davis, Ken Howard and Barbara Babcock are all favorites as is D. David Morin. It's was wonderful to see biblical principals being applied to present day situations. Thanks for creating this kind of programming. Keep up the good work.
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Beautiful memorable movie about love, sacrifice and absolute fidelity
marcin_kukuczka26 December 2006
When I found the movie in the schedule for Christmas, its title did not sound familiar to me since I have not read the novel and had not heard anything about the film. Yet, having read the content, I decided to spend my Christmas evening on watching the movie. The effect surprised me totally: I do not remember when I last saw a film in which every single moment involved me. A VOW TO CHERISH is, without any doubt, one of the movies that now constitutes a real surprise I have received from cinema. Here are some arguments of mine why I consider this film a highly underrated piece of good cinema.

First, the entire content is particularly educational. It has something to offer to the modern audience - pure right faith and some answers for the universal questions. Is there a need for Christ in our times? Does Love still matter? What for is there faith? What is the logics of burden and suffering in life? Is there really Someone by my side I can always trust? The movie provides the answers through the content since all that happens to the characters may as well happen to any of us.

Second, the movie is exceptionally humane. The main characters experience inner struggles and cope with extremely hard decisions. Is it better for Kyle David Denman) and Teri (Megan Paul) to start their own lives and forget about the family or retain the values they were taught at home? Is it better for John (Ken Howard) to leave Ellen (Barbara Babcock), his sick wife, and start a new happy life with Julia (Donna Bullock), a woman he falls in love with? In fact, Ellen no longer recognizes him... Yet, he decides to vow HIS WIFE eternal fidelity. Had John's rebellious brother, Phil (D. David Morin), better go on his easy life although it does not bring him satisfaction or once start to think seriously of his life. Phil's prayer to God in the park is a psychological masterwork of universal aspect of humanity. These words could be as well said by everybody no matter of where, when or how they live.

Third, the movie is a great portrayal of family, not very popular nowadays: there are problems, yet, there is always something more powerful that gets these people together. This "something" is love and trust. I know that it may seem a bit idealistic. Not all families can rely on fidelity and it may not be as simple as that. Nevertheless, it is a very educational aspect and a realistic one.

Fourth, the entire film focuses on people's mutual help. If we want to live happy lives in our society, we must understand one thing: we have to help one another. Alexander (Ossie Davis) is an example of such attitude. At the beginning of the movie, we see him talk to John about praying. Later, he helps his brother. Alexander is a kinda "angel" that is sent to John and his family. Isn't it possible that we may become angels to one another?

Fifth, the artistic features are also worth attention. PERFORMANCES: Barbara Babcock gives an authentic performance as Ellen and although she has a difficult role, she does a perfect job. Consider, for instance, the moment she appears at school and badly wants to teach again. Ken Howard is also memorable as the faithful husband. PICTURE: The most memorable for me was the scene of John and Ellen in the park walking on the fallen leaves (autumn) while the sunshine (love) spreads everywhere. I interpreted as a sort of symbol: even if there is sorrow, this can always be illuminated by light and joy...

A VOW TO CHERISH is a wonderful movie that realistically showed to me what it means to love, what fidelity is as well it once again proved to me how beautiful it is to live and believe. At the end, I would like to quote the profound words from the movie I found very touching and hope you will also do

Kyle to his uncle Phil: Yes, he (John Brighton) lives according to the Bible. But nobody forces you to do so. Yet, according to what rules do you live?
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Great film!!
Shannon-3229 November 2002
I saw this movie last night on cable TV on a obscure TV station in the San Diego area. This is a great film to be shared with the family as it teaches the Biblical value of marriage and the Biblical value of family. The film is about a well-respected elementary school teacher who comes down with Alzheimer's disease and the effect it has on her husband and kids. Though the acting isn't exactly Oscar-material, the story itself drives the point home. Secular film-makers should really start making films with a moral theme like this one.
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Great movie!
Melissa Alice18 October 2003
I just watched this movie for the second time, and enjoyed it as much as the first time. It is a very emotional and beautiful movie, with good acting and great family values. Inspiring and touching!
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Great movie based on a great book.
tttt123420 October 2004
A Vow to Cherish is a wonderful movie. It's based on a novel of the same title, which was equally good, though different from the film. Really made you think about how you'd respond if you were in the shoes of the characters. Recommended for anyone who has ever loved a parent, spouse, or family member--in other words, EVERYONE!

Though the production isn't quite Hollywood quality--no big special effects--still, the values and ideals portrayed more than make up for it. And the cast did a wonderful job of capturing the emotional connections between family members, and the devastation that occurs when one of them becomes ill.

You don't want to miss this!
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A simple real-to-life story with powerful impact
Intuit23 January 2000
I wasn't expecting to be so impacted by this film portraying a family just like the one you'd expect to be living next door. They are ordinary flesh-and-blood people, not like the typical Hollywood fare. They face an all too common problem--debilitating illness. But the story-line grips the heart with a powerful lesson. Casting, script, direction, and acting flow together with a surge that draws the viewer deep into the story. Give this film your full attention and its message will truly inspire.
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Quite good acting, otherwise a letdown
herrgaman22 December 2016
One issue with many "Christian movies" like A Vow to Cherish is that they don't seem even to aspire to preach to anyone outside a very specific choir. Had the messaging and delivery here been more thoughtful and more subtle, more lives might have been changed through this ministry (and ministry is plainly what the movie means to be). A broader approach to the subject, and to Christian redemption, would have been not only more entertaining, but also likelier to transform open-minded viewers searching for peace and grace in troubled times.

That said, the acting is quite good. Ken Howard is basically a legend, and it's fun to see him on screen with Ossie Davis. There are also a few nice touches in the direction and editing. But unless you're a fan of Billy Graham or deeply predisposed to his worldview and ideology, the reverend's lengthy appearance preaching in a stadium almost single-handedly ruins the picture. That scene as filmed is a baffling choice, because a local church service would have accomplished these narrative and spiritual goals in a more natural, less readily off-putting way.

The Graham scene in particular takes an otherwise gentle message of faithfulness and loyalty, and delivers it with all the tender appeal of a swinging sledgehammer. I liked parts of this film but I cannot recommend it at all.
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Powerful,Heartfelt Movie
Axiom-29 September 1999
I just finished watching"A Vow To Cherish". Its a very powerful touching movie. There needs to be more top quality movies made like these one's. These are life-changing movies & I challenge Hollywood to finally wake-up from there immoral stupor & start making some decent family value films.This movie is a real winner.... God bless The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association!!!
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What a beautiful movie about enduring love
wavyjc1 August 2008
This movie is not about entertainment, or not even a movie you want to see to pass the time. This movie is a genuinely a display of true love that can only come from God. One cannot help but be touched deeply by looking at this movie. We have several dimensions of love that contributes to the value of this movie. There is the divine love of God that is beautifully portrayed. God's love transcends the heart and mind and endures and is eternal. There is the love in a marriage. While the main character grapples with his wife's disease, he realizes through God's love that he loves his wife more than he could ever imagine. He knows that he and his wife are one and can never be separated. Finally, you have the love of child and parent. The kids in the family come together and realize that nothing else matters except that love conquers fear. Dear friends, love is not love unless it comes from God, because God is love and love comes from God. Talk to someone and let them know you love them. Love does no good unless it is given to another. I pray this movie can inspire and change the lives of everyone who sees it. Amen!!
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Underrated Movie
kenneth35828 July 2005
This was a good film with a powerful message of love and redemption. I loved the transformation of the brother and the repercussions of the horrible disease on the family. Well-acted and well-directed. If there were any flaws, I'd have to say that the story showed the typical suburban family and their difficulties again. What about all people of all cultural backgrounds? I would love to see a movie where all of these cultures are shown - like in real life. Nevertheless, the film soared in terms of its values and its understanding of the how a disease can bring someone closer to his or her maker. Loved the film and it brought tears to my eyes
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great impact
missbirdie0530 March 2005
That one scene where Phil finally accepts Jesus as his Savior, it sent me crying b/c it's true that we're all sinners here, but we have a choice. Phil made that choice and what great courage to choose God as his life! He kind of reminds me of myself before I accepted Jesus into my life.

You know something. Something like a terrible disease hitting the family, it happened to my grandma two years ago. She died of brain aneurysm, but the amazing thing she did was she accepted Christ as her Savior days before she passed on. It's strange because all her life, she never believed there was a God until she was struck by that. I'm really glad she made that choice. So I can relate to that movie.
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A dynamic movie that every family should view
denden-429 November 1999
This movie deals with one of the most feared geriatric diseases among the aging today. As one who has encountered a number of families who are facing the potential of Alzheimer's or who are in the formative stages, I would suggest that every health care giver recommend this movie to any family facing the trauma of this disease. The movie is designed primarily to speak to the family of the patient and reaches into the very heart of the struggle. Casting is excellent and the dramatic portrayal is outstanding with a very commanding plot line.
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Religious... yet real.
Hazama17 September 1999
Forget the campy 'religious' movies that have monopolized the television/film market... this movie has a real feel to it. While it may be deemed as a movie that has cheap emotional draws, it also has that message of forgiveness, and overall good morals. However, I did not like the lighting in this movie... for a movie dealing with such subject matter, it was too bright. I felt it took away from the overall appeal of the movie, which is almost an unforgivable sin, but the recognizable cast, and their performances counteract this oversight.

Definitely worth seeing... buy the DVD.
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