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A 'hijra' can be a normal person too....
Kron-38 December 2001
A "Hijra" or a transvestite chances upon an abandoned baby in a dustbin. Unable to trace the parents, he adopts the baby. The truth is kept hidden from her that he is not a normal person, until when she finally learns about his true identity she says 'that he cared for me like a father and I don't consider him to be not normal'. The film portrays the biased society that we live in and how we stereotype people for their reputation.
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Master Piece Movie
Fahad_Ali_major14 October 2017
Pooja bhatt's first attempt as a producer was simply outclass. Pooja bhatt as Tamanna and Paresh Rawal as tikku delivers the best performances of their life, outstanding roles. The story is real and script is outclassed and your eyes remain filled with tears till the end of the film. Tikku and tamanna are living even today in India, Pooja bhatt and mahesh bhatt gave all the income of the first day shows of "Tamanna" to tikku for the marriage of real-life Tamanna. So Do not miss this masterpiece of Bollywood.
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One of Mahesh Bhatt's best films
silvan-desouza9 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Mahesh Bhatt made very good films in 80s though in 90s he did make too many films some which were bad but TAMANNA is a brilliant film, In this film he showcases a real story(not inspired from his life) of a hijda who adopts a girl who is thrown in a waste. The film tries to showcase the irrational norms of society towards girls which is brilliantly shown, Bhatt is always known for his social commentary and this film is also embellished with brilliant moments like Pooja Bhatt coming to know the truth, Manoj Bajpai's outburst, The climax The film does have the obligatory romance which is thankfully not too much and songs too are kept to the background

Direction is brilliant Music by Anu malik is decent

Paresh Rawal who acted before with Bhatt in many films from NAAM is simply superb yet again in an eununch role, he is simply brilliant Other Bhatt discoveries like Manoj Bajpai who was not a known face is simply brilliant matching Paresh at every step Sharad Kapoor whom Bhatt had launched with DASTAK is not too convincing, Pooja Bhatt is brilliant in her role though at times she does screach too much especially initially but she is superb especially in dramatic scenes. Zohra Sehgal is good in 1 scene,Kamal Chopra as Pooja's father is fantastic, Ashutosh Rana too is good, he too was a Bhatt discovery, Kunika has 1 scene, Baby Ghazala and Kunal Khemmu are good though Kunal doesn't get even a line to speak
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