Cruel Intentions 2 (Video 2000) Poster

(2000 Video)

Clement von Franckenstein: Henry


  • [When asked if he slept bad at night] 

    Sebastian : I think there was a pea under my pillow.

    Henry : I'll look into it, Sir.

  • Fred : Oh my God, Kathryn is just terrible.

    Min Lin : She's a bitch!

    Sebastian : If it's so bad here, why don't you guys just quit?

    Henry : It's steady employment, sir.

    Gunther : This is a good address. I could be working in a seedy restaurant down in the lower 50s!

    Min Lin : Or worse, Scarsdale. The ladies there make me crazy! All the time sending me to the market looking for gefilte. My father was a fisherman for over 20 years and he never caught one gefilte. And, what is a gefilte?

  • Henry : You win again, Master Sebastian.

    Sebastian : Henry, I really wish you'd quit it with the "master" thing.

    Henry : But sir, it's your title. It shows privilege.

    Sebastian : Yeah, well what has it gotten me? I poured all my money into gifts and still didn't get the girl. Danielle hates my wealth, or resents it, or something like that.

    Henry : Perhaps it's not my place to speak, sir.

    Sebastian : No, Henry please. Feel free to speak to me. I'm desprate here. If you have any advice, let me know.

    Henry : Well... maybe she doesn't want to feel like she's being bought.

    Sebastian : You think that's it?

    Henry : I don't know. Women are complicated creatures. It's been my experence sir, that women are more intersted in the soul of a man than in his trappings.

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