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(2000 Video)

Robin Dunne: Sebastian



  • Sebastian : [as they are kissing]  You do realize you're my step sister.

    Kathryn : You know what they say about incest.

    Sebastian : Is there any line you won't cross?

    Kathryn : Only one... never in the butt.

    Sebastian : That's a good line.

    Kathryn : The Bradys never had it so good.

  • Danielle : Wait. I don't know if I'm ready for this.

    Sebastian : That's cool.

    Danielle : I'm sorry. It's just that yesterday was my first kiss, and now you're practically touching my breast. At this rate, your dick will be in my mouth by lunch.

    Sebastian : ...anyone for lunch?

  • [Kathryn walks in on Sebastian showering] 

    Kathryn : Let's get something straight! I may have not fooled you, but I've got a great thing going with the rentals. I don't have a curfew, they never bother me about my homework, and I've got a five-figure allowance. No one, and I mean no one, is about to threaten my cushy lifestyle! Especially not some two-bit, hick loser like you.

    Sebastian : But...

    Kathryn : I don't want to hear it! Now as for school, you stay out of my face and we'll get along just fine. But if you cross me once, I'll bury your sorry ass. Understood? Right. I'm glad we could have this little discussion.

    [looks down at Sebastian] 

    Kathryn : Hmmm, not bad.

  • Danielle : Sebastian, do you believe in a higher power?

    Sebastian : Yeah.

    Danielle : Do you believe love conquers all?

    Sebastian : Yeah.

    Danielle : Do you believe in our love?

    Sebastian : Yeah, it's the only thing keeping me together.

    Danielle : So you do believe in our love.

    Sebastian : Yes, I believe in our love.

    Danielle : Cause I sure as hell don't.

  • [When asked if he slept bad at night] 

    Sebastian : I think there was a pea under my pillow.

    Henry : I'll look into it, Sir.

  • Sebastian : You're going out with that obnoxious girl who spit gum in your hair?

    Kathryn : Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    Sebastian : Oh come on Kathryn, she's just a freshman. Pick on someone your own size.

    Kathryn : Like you? In due time.

  • Kathryn : You must feel like a terrible dope leading on that poor, lovesick girl.

    Sebastian : You don't know what you're talking about.

    Kathryn : Here's a prediction: after a few weeks of hand-holding and chaste smooching, you'll be so bored and horny that you'll mess the whole thing up. Of course, I could wipe her off the map tomorrow, but I think I'll let this little romance just flicker out all on it's own.

    Sebastian : Look, I like the girl. I like her a lot. Do anything to screw it up, and I will screw you up!

    Kathryn : Nobody ever threatens me!

    Sebastian : I just did, or weren't you listening?

    Kathryn : You do realize that this means war!

    Sebastian : Then war it is.

    [Sebastian then trips Kathryn who lands in a mud puddle] 

    Kathryn : Lovely.

  • Sebastian : [On the phone]  I'll be there in an hour.

    Danielle : Sounds Great. The new James Van Der Beek film's playing in town.

    Sebastian : Perfect. You're sure your dad won't mind?

    Danielle : No, he's out of town for the night. It's just me and Mr. Whiskers.

    Sebastian : Mr. Whiskers?

    Danielle : My pussy, silly

    Sebastian : Oh... Okay, well I'll see you soon. All right. Bye.

    [Hangs up phone] 

    Sebastian : The school virgin's home alone with her pussy, and I'm taking her to see Dawson. God, I've become a total fag.

  • [Sebasian opens his bedroom door to find Kathryn standing there after overhearing his phone conversation with Danielle] 

    Kathryn : Psycho stepsister?

    Sebastian : Evening.

    Kathryn : Evening, Oh, she shot you down.

    Sebastian : Exactly the opposite.

    Kathryn : So, what's on the agenda? Matinee of The Lion King?

    Sebastian : Man you really have it out for her don't you? It must really burn your ass that with all your money and popularity, she still won't have anything to do with you. Face it Kathryn, she's outclassed you.

    Kathryn : How dare you talk to me like that you son of a bitch!

    Sebastian : Well, this has been fun. Unfortunately, I have some work to do and you have to go throw up. After all, it was a really big salad you had for dinner.

    Kathryn : Have you been spying on me?

  • Fred : Oh my God, Kathryn is just terrible.

    Min Lin : She's a bitch!

    Sebastian : If it's so bad here, why don't you guys just quit?

    Henry : It's steady employment, sir.

    Gunther : This is a good address. I could be working in a seedy restaurant down in the lower 50s!

    Min Lin : Or worse, Scarsdale. The ladies there make me crazy! All the time sending me to the market looking for gefilte. My father was a fisherman for over 20 years and he never caught one gefilte. And, what is a gefilte?

  • Henry : You win again, Master Sebastian.

    Sebastian : Henry, I really wish you'd quit it with the "master" thing.

    Henry : But sir, it's your title. It shows privilege.

    Sebastian : Yeah, well what has it gotten me? I poured all my money into gifts and still didn't get the girl. Danielle hates my wealth, or resents it, or something like that.

    Henry : Perhaps it's not my place to speak, sir.

    Sebastian : No, Henry please. Feel free to speak to me. I'm desprate here. If you have any advice, let me know.

    Henry : Well... maybe she doesn't want to feel like she's being bought.

    Sebastian : You think that's it?

    Henry : I don't know. Women are complicated creatures. It's been my experence sir, that women are more intersted in the soul of a man than in his trappings.

  • [after catching the servents playing poker with Sebastian] 

    Kathryn : Get out, all of you! And you can be damn sure that my mother's going to hear about this when she gets back.

    Sebastian : No she won't.

    Kathryn : What did you say?

    Sebastian : I said you're not telling anyone about this. This was my idea. I ordered them to play cards.

    Kathryn : And to drink Mother's prized 1939 Neuf du Pape?

    Sebastian : Great year. Blitzkrieg, wasn't it?

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