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Season 2

9 Feb. 2000
Having destroyed his world, Optimus must face the consequences before The Matrix.
19 Aug. 2000
Savage Noble
Megatron survived, but is he still sentient? The Maximals meet a new transformer, a mysterious beast with a strange alternative mode.
26 Aug. 2000
Prometheus Unbound
Helping Noble turns out to be a huge mistake, and with Megatron resurrected the Maximals troubles increase tenfold.
2 Sep. 2000
In Darkest Knight
Nightscream still believes Noble to be his friend. Blackarachnia brings back Silverbolt, and together they head off to rescue Optimus and Cheetor, who have been captured by Megatron. But Silverbolt has changed.
9 Sep. 2000
A Wolf in the Fold
Megatron infects Silverbolt with a variety of Hate Plague virus, which he then passes to the other Maximals. Optimus realises they can only stop fighting and hating each other if they all work together - then wonders if Megatron is right.
16 Sep. 2000
Home Soil
The perilous arrival of the powerful transformer Botanica may give the Maximals a fighting chance in their attempt to re-balance Cybertron, turning it into the technorganic world the Matrix desires.
23 Sep. 2000
Sparkwar War I: The Strike
When Megatron resurrects the two greatest generals in Cybertron's history, Botanica - reluctantly - proves herself to be as good a warrior as a scientist. Optimus vows to rescue the captured sparks.
30 Sep. 2000
Sparkwar War II: The Search
The Maximals split into teams to search for the sparks. Underground in the original Iacon, Megatron reveals he's been misdirecting them, and steals the last of the oracle code from Optimus, but also reveals the location of the sparks.
7 Oct. 2000
Sparkwar War III: The Siege
Megatron has been absorbing the sparks, intending to 'ascend' and become the most powerful, perfect being in the universe. Noble's sacrifice causes Nightscream to lash out, disrupting the process.
28 Oct. 2000
Spark of Darkness
Megtron's spark survived, and is forced into the frame of a diagnostic drone by Rattrap. Gathering Strika and Obsidian, the tyrant plans to regroup and continue towards his goal.
4 Nov. 2000
Endgame I: Downward Spiral
Banding together inside Megatron's floating fortress, the Maximals must protect the Sparks from the desperate despot.
11 Nov. 2000
Endgame Part 2: When Legends Fall
Horribly outnumbered, the Maximals make their final stand in a desperate attempt to protect the Sparks.
18 Nov. 2000
Endgame III: Seeds of the Future
It takes a final, catastrophic battle and the ultimate sacrifice, but Optimus's Oracle-inspired vision of a balanced technorganic world may now be realised.

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