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Pure silly fun
cosmo73 October 2005
'Schnookums & Meat: Funny Cartoon Show' is split up into three parts: Schnookums & Meat, the adventures of an orange cat and a blue dog; Pith Possum, the Batman spoof; and Tex Tinstar, the Old West spoof.

I never paid much attention to the Schnookums & Meat part of the show. It was obviously inspired by 'Ren & Stimpy', with the cat & dog, gross-out humor, and gratuitous violence, but didn't seem to have much else going for it. I'm sure it had its moments though, and if I could see the show again I'd give it another chance.

'Schnookums & Meat' was at its best on the Pith Possum and Tex Tinstar segments. They had great voice talent, comic timing, slapstick, sarcasm, and silly parodies. In the spirit of the 'The Tick' and 'Earthworm Jim' cartoons, they starred a clueless hero and his dorky sidekick(s). Pith and sidekick Obediah cruised to groovy surf music in the Possummobile to defeat the villain. Pith's arch-nemesis was Supper Squirrel, who held up restaurants and ate all the food. My favorite part of the show, though, was Tex Tinstar (and I don't tend to like Westerns). Along with his sidekick, the smelly Chafe, Tex tried to save the Old West from villains like Wrongo and the Polite Coyotes. I couldn't help but laugh at Wrongo's enjoyment of his evil ways.

I'd guess this show is so under appreciated because the Disney fans were expecting a cute, family-oriented cartoon with a moral – and saw this instead. The 'Ren & Stimpy Show', 'The Tick', and 'Earthworm Jim' fans meanwhile ignored it because it was Disney.
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This cartoon was and still would be very good. Its too bad its not on the air anymore. It was just pretty off the wall, violent comedy. I'll admit its not for everyone but if you like itchy and scratchy on The Simpsons, you'll enjoy this show as well. One episode had Shnookums and Meat getting brain power from some liquid formula and their brains got as big as a tank at one point! The violent battle of brains was unforgettable, not to mention unique since no other cartoon thought of that before!
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I loved this show
d_fife16 April 2008
I have been obsessed with this show since 1995!!!!!! and the Tex Tinstar and how each episode ended in a cliffhanger! and the bad guys met their end by the police COYOTES!!! the polite coyotes were funny and its funny how they are polite when they eat people. The SHARKS IN THE BATHTUB WAS FUNNY. I told one of my coworkers at work about this show and he thinks the show is really stupid. MY FAV SCENE WAS WRONGOS HENCHMAN CLEM BREATHING IN THE HORSES FACES TO STOP THE STAGECOACH TO GET PERCY AND THE HORSES TURNED GREEN AND TURNED GREEN AND MELTED AND TURNED INTO A GREEN PUDDLE< HOW DO YOU THINK CLEMS BREATH SMELLED?

I also loved the Pith Possum one and how that one was silly too and The villain Dr. Paul Bunyan was funny.
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Why I think Schnookums and Meat was the GREATEST cartoon EVER
volofv4813 September 2005
i don't know why you people are ragging on this great cartoon, after a week of school this show was PERFECT. School is stressful and these guys knew just how to take the trauma away. I would actually KILL to see it back on the air because I grew up with this cartoon, even though it only had 13 episodes unfortunately. It's too bad people who are too "formal" had to take it off the air because they thought it was "pointless". You know what I think? I think GARFIELD is pointless, the comic strip isn't even funny anymore. This show didn't warp anyone, so what was wrong with it? Somebody needs to contact someone and persuade them to put it back on TV so that the majority of us can have our Saturday Morning Nirvana back. On my scale of 1 - 10 i'd give this cartoon a 20.5, yes, the greatness is OFF the scales, but a cartoon this great deserves it, doesn't it?

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A toon that was irreverent - as it SHOULD BE!
luminous_luciano20 December 2005
I don't recall much anymore from the few episodes that I caught - and I know there were only 13 or so - but this is MUCH better than the "Garfield And Friends" show (...) that the so-called "coolguy" here was eagerly awaiting way back then!

It is, if memory serves me right, also less crude than the Ren & Stimpys or Beavis & Buttheads of the day... and a whole lot more intelligent fare than the Itchy & Scratchy portions of the Simpsons! As for any "connection" to Tom & Jerry... sheesh... T&J were BORING - this was not!

None of you guys noted that Shnookums & Meat = S&M! The show is RIFE with hidden meaning! NO OTHER TOON made recently compares to it - not Cowardly Dog, CatDog, Grim Adventures of (I forget their names!) and the rest! The cat & dog duo was priceless. The super-hero parody was priceless (I mostly remember the "Superwaterbuffalo-oooooh" baritone voice... *lol*) and the Western serial send-up was priceless too!

And another thing none of you guys underlined... this was directed by SETH McFARLANE! It led to FAMILY GUY! It was, in effect, his stepping stone! Personally, I can't stand Family Guy (or King of the Hill... or The Simpsons themselves!). But if THIS SHOW was resurrected - I would want to WRITE FOR IT!

Shnookums and Meat... Action League Now!... Futurama... those are the few toons I have liked - ever! All short runs... all under-appreciated... and all innovative! (And all three with more potential for longer runs than The Tick or Earthworm Jim - IMHO!) "S&M" (*lol*) may have been shunned by both Disney fans and the opposite breed of fans (...) but it found the audience it was worthy of in Canada - as it was the main piece, week after week, of a Saturday morning line-up on the CTV network... Goes to show that someone"s "trash" is another's treasure... hmm?
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Stupid Show, But In Retrospect It Made Me Laugh...
joestratocaster8626 February 2007
Personally i hated the part of the show with the dog and the cat. It was too much of a cartoon cliché. We'd already seen enough Cat&Mouse or Dog&Cat rivalry's in cartoons. This show pushed the limit as far as grossness. Sometimes it was too gross even for me as a kid to watch. But it was directed by Seth MacFarlane, what can you expect...

However, I loved the other short cartoons on this show. "Pith Possum: Superdynamic Possum of Tomorrow!". Hilarious!! I'll never forget that stupid possum superhero. He cracked me up.

Even more hilarious was that stupid cowboy cartoon. I can't even recall what exactly it was called, "Tex Tinstar" I believe. Stupid, but funny. The possum one was no doubt the best on the show.

I give it a 6/10 but only because of the possum/superman parody...
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Disney Jumps On The Ren and Stimpy Bandwagon.
Dawalk-130 August 2015
I remember first watching this as part of the Disney Afternoon block back in the '90s. At the time, I didn't know (nor, somehow, could I see) that this was just one of several imitators of the Ren and Stimpy Show such as 2 Stupid Dogs, Cow and Chicken, and who knows what else, and how many others. Years later, I'd also learn that this imitator is significant as being Disney's first departure and break away from its own, normal, animation style. I haven't seen the main series of segments featuring the eponymous cat and dog in a long time. I may had found those alright back then, but considering they, too, have that gross-out brand of humor and from what I read about the series in some of the other reviews here, I wouldn't be into them now. That series of segments would be my least favorite of the show and one of my least favorite Disney T.V. animated series. I don't believe I saw many gross-out cartoons growing up. But then again, I never got into many others and I don't care to start checking for more now, like Mega Babies. With the Walt Disney Television Animation series and their animation style as of late, it makes me yearn for the days of the studio's own, distinctive, original, animation style, which I'd like to see in a great show again. The last one that had that, I believe, was Lilo and Stitch: The Series and that was almost a decade ago. However, I did see one of the series's other segments, Pith Possum, on Youtube and I still enjoyed those, and I, too, find them better. I have yet to check out Tex Tinstar again. So for those reasons, I give this show half the limit of stars that are accepted for if it weren't for those, the rating would've been lower. The other characters' segment series are more interesting, maybe even enough for them to spin off into their own, separate, approximately half-hour shows.
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A boring show about nothing.
yokoyakamori3 March 2017
When I looked at this show, the only thing I could see was that it was a combination of both Tom and Jerry(The violence) and Ren and Stimpy(The gross out humor), but without the charm or humor of either. The animation was passable at best, but at worst, it was boring. Most of what happens is attempted slapstick humor that doesn't qualify at being slapstick. The characters also resemble Ren and Stimpy, but with reversed personalities, and yet, I couldn't give a damn about either of them. The lack of stakes or tension also leaves the plot of each episode nothing to get invested in. At least in Tom and Jerry, Tom would be punished greatly if Jerry destroyed the house, but in one episode, Shnookums and Meat can be seen destroying a house without no consequence coming as a result...that's boring. Ren and Stimpy excelled with its over the top animation and gross out humor, but this show was too scared to go anywhere near Ren and Stimpy's level, mostly because this was a Disney show. Seeing as Disney hardly if ever took risks or pushed boundaries like the two shows mentioned, it's no wonder it was pretty boring.

There is no point in making a gross out or violent show if you are too scared to go above and beyond with those themes, obviously Disney didn't do so with this show.
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Unquestionably one of Disney's worst offerings.
targetpractice17 November 2004
I'm sure everyone's aware that the Itchy & Scratchy show in The Simpsons is intended as a parody of Tom & Jerry (and similar cartoons). It makes fun of how these cartoons portrayed violence, and expands on that by adding grotesque gore.

Shnookums and Meat was a real, sincere version of Itchy & Scratchy. It was a gory Tom & Jerry (only with a dog and cat instead of a cat an mouse), and that's what Disney sold it as. But in this context, it's not funny, it's just disturbing. Hence why Shnookums & Meat was cancelled after only a few weeks.

Bottom line: Even if there's anywhere where you can still see this show, avoid it.
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Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show?
Coolguy-712 August 2000
I have to ask myself, what is wrong with the title? Oh, I know, it has the word FUNNY in it. This show is hardly what I would call funny. Disney is creating crap these days. I never watch any of the Disney cartoon series anymore. I only watch their classic theatrical shorts. I remember I caught this show on a Saturday morning on TV when I was a kid. I was waiting for another show to come on (possibly "Garfield and Friends") and I saw part of this. I thought it was really stupid. Anyone who watches this show obviously has nothing better to do with their lives.
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