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An imaginative awesome the best stylish action film ever made!
ivo-cobra830 October 2015
Blade II (2002) is the vampire superhero action horror sequel film to the original film Blade (1998). We have a kick ass sequel to an R rated kick ass first movie you go the mix of Daryl Dixon who still looks the same and a ball headed Hellboy Excellent!!! Blade II is an awesome movie!!!! Not only does it takes 4.years for this movie to come out since the last movie, but we see Wesley Snipes returning as Blade and he Is awesome!! I love this film but I love the first one way more. It is my second favorite in the Blade trilogy series.

So in this movie Blade is on a search for a Whistler, who is now a vampire in this movie. He tracks him down, he finds him, than he meets up with this group of vampires called the Bloodpack. They need his help to track down Nomak (Luke Goss. and he has basically an ability to turn vampires in to Repears that can hunt both vampires and humans.

So, yea...That's your basic plot. There are a lot of twist from here and now, but it is AWESOME! Because Wesley Snipes knows all those martial arts, they are nice to look at, and since it is 2002 we now got in to the phase, where the fights scenes are awesome and the choreographer says something once heavy handed, you will see bloody violence right away when the character turns in to an CGI model and it is shown trough whole movie, you can really see that, specially old dude drops kicks, kicks Blade right in the face and goes in to an CGI character, you can kind a see that, kind a weak, but does it track down from the movie? Hell to the no! This movie is awesome!!!!! The beginning of the movie, in the first 10 minutes, Blade already kills like 25 people. That's how it is done, just like in the first movie! He killed like 50 or 60 people from the very beginning of the movie it is AWESOME!!!

Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) is a bad ass! He is amazing bad ass! Norman Reedus like I said before still looks 12.year old boy, he is still Daryl Dixon, he still has the same hair style, the same look stubborn on his face and he looks like damn, don't you age boy. And you voice is going now heavy now todays world, but don't you age. Ron Perlman is awesome, he loves to make you hate him, but you can't hate him because he is Ron Perlman, you just laugh at him, because he is such a bad ass and he is such a an awesome, he is so awesome! Where is Hellboy III. Even in Alien: Resurrection (1997) Ron Perlman was standout in that film, come on, the man is just AMAZING! The effects in this movie is pretty good too, besides the fight scenes when they turn the CGI character however, but that's okay I can kind a forget about it because Spider-Man (2002) come out the same year, of course they also did do the same thing, yea, I guess you have to live, with that back than, I'm pretty sure they can do better now this days. Choreograph and everything, Guillermo del Toro takes over, this movie has director, David S. Goyer returns as the writer in this movie. David S. Goyer is a good writer, I have to give him that, he is an awesome writer! How do you make Blade even a more bad ass, than he already was? I think that was possible, it is possible. This movie it is possible and it is awesome!

Wesley Snipes has that charm back again, he has that to be a bad ass, but it has that humor aside Blade II, like in the strip club or whatever they were at. Ron Perlman really was about to shoot Blade and Blade had him track down at his gun and he sit like smiling, Wesley Snipes your gold boy your Gold!!! Without the doubt, the acting in this movie is awesome, Effects are awesome, Action is awesome, story is awesome, Cinematography it is kinda even a bad ass, you actually feel bad for one of the characters, tough she was cute, I am just saying. In the end of the day Blade II is one of the best sequel ever, you have to watch this movie!!!!!

Guillermo Del Toro is endlessly imaginative when it comes to creating new style, action, and ideas for the vampire mythology. Now the plot doesn't have much character development, but it has just enough interesting twists to keep you interested as well as entertained. And like I said, if you are looking for a movie with brains, this movie should meet your criteria, but if you appreciate brawn, this will blow you away.

The sword-wielding warrior Blade (Wesley Snipes - "Demolition Man," "White Men Can't Jump") returns to fight the Reapers, a new race of super vampires hell-bent on annihilating all other vampires before destroying the entire human race. Blade aligns himself with a high-powered team of vampires to defeat an evil greater than either has ever battled.

9/10 my second favorite in the Blade trilogy my number one will always be Blade the first one.
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Nonstop big screen action
Keith-3514 October 2002
You've seen Blade. You know the story. Now sit back and immerse yourself in this non-stop action movie.

The pace at the beginning is Guyver, with a little Fist of the North Star and Tenchi thrown in. I think it was inspired from Anime.

I missed the Tai Chi sword forms in Blade, but we've got some Wing Chun instead. It's all good.

There's no time for romance, or humor, just friendship, moral courage and action. The lighting, background music, visual and audio effects are all excellent.

I've seen this movie on DVD but the effects are diminished. You really need to see this movie on the big screen preferably with DTS sound.
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Antagonisten18 January 2005
I have a weak spot for comic-book action. Something about the mix between today and the supernatural has always drawn me to it. And i found the first "Blade" to be one of the more entertaining in the genre.

Blade (Wesley Snipes) has been looking for his old-time companion Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) for a long time. Whistler was taken captive by vampires and Blade has slaughtered his way through the vampire clans of several countries to find him. Now though there is another threat to the human race that also affects the vampires themselves. Soon Blade is given an offer he can't refuse, resulting in a unholy alliance between the vampires and their greatest enemy.

Guillermo del Toro is a man with what the Germans would term "fingerspitzengefühl". He's got that special feeling for what works on screen, especially when it comes to movies like this one. Blade 2 refines most of the elements seen in the first Blade movie. This is a violent and action-filled journey into a comic-book world and del Toro is not taking any prisoners. Wesley Snipes seems to enjoy himself as Blade and most of the other actors also seem to blend in nicely in the mood of the film.

There were only a few minor flaws that bothered me. Most of all the sometimes shaky CGI-work. Some of the special effects look cheap to say the least. Especially the use of digital "stand-ins" for the actors that are used in some action scenes to spice them up a bit. All in all though this is an entertaining ride in it's overblown testosterone-rich way. I rate it 6/10.
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mahlbowski27 March 2002
There are some types of movies that you walk into expecting a lot of killing,a lot of swearing and snappy dialogue. Blade II is this kind of movie, and it is great. The plot is great, (albeit a little predictable)and some of the computer graphics are extremely noticeable, but altogether this is a great action movie. So many people die a body count would be impossible. The second to last fight scene is unbelievable. Blade puts the icing on the cake when he vertical suplexes the last security guard through a plate glass floor. The music lines up perfectly with the fighting, and I was very impressed with the way the Reaper looks and feeds. A GREAT SEQUEL TO A GREAT MOVIE!!! Looking forward to a trilogy!!!
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Enjoyable dark style with solid action, OK plot and good cast
bob the moo16 May 2004
Having rescued Whistler from the grasp of the vampires and acted quickly enough to combat the vampire virus in his blood, Blade reforms his team. When his base is infiltrated by two vampires, he is offered a temporary truce that Blade accepts. He meets with the vampire council who ask for his help to track and kill a new strain of the vampire virus called the Reaper. The Reapers feed on vampires and humans, are immune to garlic and silver and threaten to rapidly multiple. Blade agrees to join forces but fighting alongside those he would hunt puts him very ill at ease.

Opening with the same style that made Blade enjoyable, it is immediately apparent that, if you liked the first film then you should enjoy this one just as much. The plot has quite a few major holes but I can't help eel it's a little unfair to attack a vampire horror movie for being a little illogical at times! What remains is a series of fast and stylish action scenes, held together by a reasonable plot and a nice few little twists and turns to keep it engaging. While the plot may only be average it is probably the dark action that you came for and it is as enjoyable as in the first film. The wirework was pretty good, mainly because the cast members involved could actually do it without looking like they had become members of Thunderbirds! The CGI stuff is not very good and the computerised characters, despite looking good, don't look or move real and thus take away from the energy and impact of the fights. Director del Toro handles the action well and also brings the same dark feel that he brought to Cronos and Mimic.

However generally the fights are good – good moves but still rather rough. Snipes has certainly worked on his body to the degree that he can perform these moves with a natural feel, only the WWF style moves came across as being rather silly or ill fitting. As a leading man he has really come on since reinventing himself as an action hero, and Blade is his best character in that regard. This film scales back on the complexities of his character and it damages the film a little bit but chances are that isn't what you came here for! Kristofferson is good but his character isn't really used well here. Perlman uses his screen presence well and he holds his own with Snipes. Varela is quite sexy but again the script doesn't use her relationship with Blade as well as it could do. Goss is very good in this role and it bodes well but I'd need to see him play a character (as opposed to a monster) to be able to judge if he has real ability as an actor – all the makeup also helped forget his Bros personae too. Jules is a very strange find but he looks good. Donnie Yen was, as he often is, poorly used – he has one small fight scene but considering the amount of martial arts action in this movie it would have been better to have actually used him in more of the action; wisely the film uses him better as the main fight choreographer.

Overall this is an enjoyable action movie with a horror twist. The plot is OK and has enough to it to be engaging despite having several themes that it should have done more with. The action is solid and enjoyable and not too hurt by the odd bit of poorly used CGI. A good cast helps and the action flows reasonably consistently to produce an enjoyable two hours of dark style.
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breaking rules
SILV3R19 September 2002
Other than the explanation of where he came from, who he and everyone else is, at the beginning, this film stands nicely on its own. for those of you that know the first one, then this opening explanation will be a little irritating (and a tad confusing, but it becomes clear later). The opening does smell strongly of franchise potential, being repeated in all the inevitable sequels still to come. Once past this though, we are lead through a massive fight and action scene that sets up the whole movie. and warns anyone who can't stand Hong Kong action scenes that they are probably watching the wrong screen.

The movie is essentially a platform for Snipes to have fun with his most renowned character. And he does so with very entertaining results. The movie has reasonably well rounded characters, suspicion piled on top of everyone, some amazing set pieces and a good sense of humour. The impact of all the blood and guts is reduced by the obvious fantasy of the fights (wires and SFX a lot of the time), but its still pretty powerful.

The lead performances are all very good, although some of the peripheral characters are a little too hammer horror. Luke Goss demonstrates great potential, although you would need to see him without the make up, body doubles, and special effects to really judge. and there is occasionally that urge to shout "when will I be famous." and the pure blood female vampire who takes a shine to blade is well worth being bitten by.

Overall it feels less like a sequel and more like a stand alone movie. with this in mind, I think its in fact better than the original (a rare example of the exception that proves the rule).
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A sequel that does everything in it's power to top the original and it comes to being as good.
Quinoa198422 March 2002
Blade 2 takes what made the first Blade film good and transforms it into a different country with different characters (outside of Blade and Whistler) and a possibly deeper feel, and it works without going into the bad sequel range.

This time, the vampires Blade (Wesley Snipes) has been hunting down for so many years want to make a truce so that he can help them kill a new breed of monsters called reapers, which if you want a brief description are creatures that look like half vampires half zombies and half, whatever, with a chin that opens up a big damn mouth that before attacking it's prey could resemble a mini-sarlac pit (star wars reference). Blade reluctantly agrees, knowing full well that the vampires could turn on him and Whistler if things go wrong.

Overall, Blade 2, for the fans of the first one, will not dissapoint them. It contains enough imaginativeness and gore effects to brighten the most down of horror film and comic book enthusiasts. The film also contains some of the best makeup I've seen in a while in a horror movie. A-
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Vampires Make Horrible Parents!
BaronBl00d6 April 2003
Blade and his alter ego Wesley Snipes are back yet again to battle the vampiric scourge terrifying the world of the humans. But this time he helps...that's right, you heard me...helps the vampires fight a mutant vampire that prefers feeding on vampires over humans. Well, to spin a long (actually not that long or terribly complicated) story, Blade is...Sorry I cannot say anymore or I might give away too much of the plot - and you know movies like this are plot-driven. This film is exactly what you would expect. Gobs of blood, tons(maybe even more!) of CGI's kicking heads in, bashing heads in, splitting bodies, turning into sparkling dust, and so on and so on and so on, cute one liners with Wesley twisting his neck a lot, and lots of techo-weapons designed to do everything and anything to the body. Is it a great film? Get real. Is it entertaining? Yes, somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me I must confess. Snipes never seems to take his role or what is going on too seriously with his low-key, stoic acting. Kris Kristofferson is back as Whistler. You might remember he died in the first Blade movie, but through some plot contrivance that was designed for us not to really understand - he is back and much older and somewhat wiser for wear. The rest of the cast is acceptable EXCEPT for Reedus who is annoying. Ron Pearlman seems to be having the most fun hamming it up as a villainous vampire out to get Snipes. All in all not a bad way to spend an hour or two.
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This bloody punch-fest lacks the charming antagonists that livened the original movie.Basically, this movie doesn't have the heart the first one did.
badfeelinganger24 September 2014
Blade 2 takes what works in the original and gives us more. Unfortunately, plot and character development appear to have been left on the cutting room floor.The fight scenes are fun, but it grows tedious. While blade 2 is much more eye-catching than its blood-drenched Stephen Norrington-directed predecessor, the new script by the returning David S. Goyer is much sillier.This bloody punch-fest lacks the charming antagonists that livened the original movie.If only as much time was spent on the script as was spent on the fight choreography.Take away everything that was original about BLADE, add some exploding vampires, and vampire night at the WWF - you get BLADE II, a knock-off, rip-off waste of film, released to suck the blood and money out of audiences everywhere.Just never seems very convinced of itself that a sequel was even necessary.This second instalment in the trilogy tries to crank things up even more than in the action packed original, which makes for an obnoxiously hyper active movie.Isn't as sharp as the original,Despite some visual virtues, Blade II just doesn't cut it.The fast-paced action is unnervingly fast, almost dizzying. The story is thin, the plot is predictable, but Wesley Snipes carries this comic book character off with enough clever humour and self-indulgent pathos to carry it off.There are plot twists and inventive fight scenes galore, but what director Guillermo Del Toro loves most is the gore.Blade II is almost excessively violent OK, it is excessively violent but that's exactly what Snipes and Blade fans want. Believe me, they get it.Everything that was right about Blade is wrong in its sequel.
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Pretty Cool
Aaron137515 April 2002
This was one action-packed thrill ride. Though I would say I liked it about the same as the first one even though it had more action, the first one had a better plot. Though I understood everything and did not find any of the plot twists to confusing or anything like a lot of others complain about. The darker setting is very cool and the European setting makes this movie have a Gothic setting. It is a combination of the very old and new that gives this film great atmosphere. The plot is there is a new breed of vampire on the streets and normal vampires need Blade's help in disposing of them, but can he really trust them. I highly recommend this flick.
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This movie kicks ass
mujiber5 April 2002
Ok, I didn't think it was as good as the first one, though there was an obvious improvement in the special effects - but this movie really rocked. My wife who didn't particularly like the first one absolutely loved this one. The action scenes were amazing, and though it looked like Blade was gonna get all sappy towards the vampires - (especially the girl), he still kicked ass. And it had an awesome ending - comparable to the ending in Russia in the first movie.
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Ahhh, MUCH better!!
Anonymous_Maxine11 April 2002
Blade II is an exciting action film that takes the tired vampire story and adds a new twist by introducing an entirely new villain. Sure, there is sure to be some controversy (at least among film fans and fans of the genre) about whether or not it is right to introduce new characters in this way. Vampires are a tired theme at the movies, but it is a time-honored genre in itself that deserves respect just from the fact that it has been around for so long in literature before the movies. The question of whether or not the writers were justified in introducing these new characters is, in my opinion, satisfied by the fact that they made such quality villains that fit so well into the genre.

I am thrilled to see that they didn't just make another dumb Blade film that was exactly the same as the original except for the possibility of some new special effects, because these new characters, called Reapers, are exactly what the film series, as well as, potentially, the genre as a whole, needed. Reapers are blood-feeders, just like vampires, except they feed on humans as well as vampires, effectively making them an enemy of both, and their thirst is much stronger than the traditional vampire. And to make matters worse (or better, depending on whether you are an enemy of the Reapers of a member of the audience), they are identified by a scar which runs down their chin. This scar is where the lower jaw splits open when the Reaper is feeding, creating a frighteningly massive mouth like a vampire version of the Predator, and which has things inside it reminiscent of the horrifying and strangely unique Tremors.

There are some amazing make-up effects here as well, although I can see the film being automatically overlooked at the Oscars in 2003 simply because it is the successor of such a low class action/horror film, as well as because this is just not the kind of movie that wins Academy Awards. I'm not sure that there is anything in this film that is likely to catch the Academy's attention, but the make-up was very impressive to say the least. Wesley Snipes returns to the role of Blade, the half-human/half-vampire creature dubbed the `Daywalker' because of his ability to withstand sunlight. This is in itself one of the better parts of the movie, because even though I was enormously unimpressed with the original film, there is no one that could play this character as well as Snipes does. There is also an interesting conflict introduced as Blade is forced to team up with the vampires, his mortal enemies who we are to assume could turn on him at any time, in order to fight the Reapers (by far the more dangerous enemy), who ‘reproduce,' you might say, at an astonishing rate.

It's too bad, though, that the existence of the Reapers was introduced by vampires in a rather impressive although entirely unnecessary fight scene between a couple of vampires and Blade himself. Blade is attacked one night by two vampires wearing body suits (and some goggles that probably retain the coolest effect of the entire film), they fight violently for several minutes at full speed without rest, until one of them suddenly kneels before Blade and asks for a truce, informing him that there is now something on the streets that is even worse than him. If they were going to ask for a truce, you would think that they would approach him at least a little differently. One of these vampires (the better fighter, as it were) turns out to be Nyssa Damaskinos, a sexy brunette vampire who's lipstick was not smeared in the least even by all of those flying kicks that she took to the face from Blade about 15 feet in the air. Remarkable.

There seems to be a growing trend of having honest fight scenes replaced at an ever-increasing amount by special effects. Consider how vastly the role of special effects increased in Jet Li's fight scenes in Lethal Weapon 4 (relatively few special effects), Romeo Must Die (massive amounts of special effects), and The One (relatively few movements that were NOT special effects). This same trend is clearly influencing other films that are not made to be primarily fighting films, such as Blade and Blade II. The weapons that Blade carries around are still cool (think of them as a dark version of the toys that James Bond was sometimes given to take on his missions), and while the fight scenes in Blade and especially Blade II are undeniably thrilling and fun to watch, it's impossible to ignore the fact that most of what we are watching is computer generated.

As a whole, Blade II succeeds in reviving the story of Blade, which was not done justice by the original film. The Reapers were a much-needed and very impressive addition to the story, and the resulting conflict between the vampires and Blade himself as they are forced to take sides together provides such an interesting conflict that it almost overshadows the one created by the Reapers, who are by far the more dangerous villains. There is, of course, some stuff here that was thrown in without apparent reason and therefore without beneficial affect (such as the unnecessary, however impressive, fight scene between Blade and the two vampires early in the film), but as a whole the film rises high above its predecessor. The fact that the original film ends with Blade becoming a worldly vampire-hunter is mostly ignored in this film, although this one does end with a similar bit of comic relief and may even leave room for a second sequel. And as much as I disliked the original film, after watching Blade II I can't say that I would be too disappointed to see a Blade III come out in a few years.
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Where's the fun?
HawkHerald26 December 2009
This sequel is awful. It has a lame plot (the Reavers threat), a pathetic villain (Nomak), and a very awkward attempt at a romantic subplot with Blade and vampire princess Nyssa (Leonor Verala). Blade 2 lacks the energy and fun of the original film which may be in part due to the loss of original director Stephen Norrington and one of the more interesting characters from the first film, Dr. Karen Jensen (N'Bushe Wright). The direction of Guillermo del Toro, whose Hellboy films and Pan's Labyrinth were extremely enjoyable, is at best questionable including a questionable decision to transition from a live action fight scene to ridiculous looking CGI. Norman Reedus also stinks up the joint as Scud, who became Blade's mechanic/weapon designer during the time Whistler was a prisoner. It would have been a far more interesting film if the story had followed Blade on his mission to rescue his mentor.
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Excellent once again
Punk1928 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Luke Goss star in this film where the day walker Blade(Wesley Snipes)has to help his enemies fight their enemies the dangerous fully made vampires that were made by lab. The main danger is Nomak(Luke Gross)and his increasing thirst for blood. Soon he multiples and sends out an army of his own kind on the normal night walkers.

But here's the catch. Nomak was created in a lab, yes but by whom in the head oldest vampire Damaskinos(Thomas Kretschmann)whose daughter, Nyssa(Leonor Varela) hasn't a faintest idea of having a brother.

I especially enjoyed the parts where he was almost drained of blood but brought back to life and killed Scud(Norman Reedus)who had been helping Blade when Blade was searching for Whistler. Everyone was very well acted upon.
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style of substance wins again... gah!
richard_hayden10 October 2003
Okay, so the original Blade was a highly entertaining film. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Blade 2 is not.

No wonder the movie is about vampires, you can tell because it really sucks. (My apologies for this terrible pun... I couldn't resist).

I have forgotten how many times now I have hoped and prayed that such sequels fulfil their obligations and our desires to be thrilled and entertained, only to wind up leaving the cinema disappointed, dejected and depressed that you have irretrievably lost another two hours of your life.

Blade 2 is an example of Capitalism at its worst. You can see how the producers thought about it: Blade made us a shedload of cash, lets make another!

Okay, I think you're getting a pretty clear idea of how I stand on this. So lets expose something of the movie-making frailty that Blade 2 embodies....

Pretty much any scene, by itself captures something of the essence of the first film (and tortures it). No, thats harsh. The scenes individually are okay. Some pretty spectacular fight-scenes, well choreographed and generally well conceived. The trouble comes when one tries to view the film as a continuous narrative. It's as if the film was written by about 7 different script-writers, kept in separate rooms, and not allowed to communicate with each other.

Plot-developments and devices used in one scene, are not carried over to the next, exposing poor continuity and one begins to see the movie for what it actually is: A series of disconnected fight scenes which begin to look more and more like a particularly violent hour on MTV.

The film has one redeeming feature which I was quite surprised to discover: Luke Goss played his part superbly, stealing each scene, and making Blade look like a lunk. Which is essentially what he is. (I'm looking forward to seeing what Luke does next....)

All in all Blade 2 is another classic example of lowest-common denominator movie-making. I've had more fun extracting bee-stings.

A shame, because I love vampires. But I hate Blade 2.
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This bites and will not let go!
derime24 August 2002
What a bloodfeast! Solid action through and through, from first minutes to the last. The Daywalker (Wesley Snipes) is even more invincible than in the first movie, a very good performance from Snipes. Kris Kristofferson is also doing a good job. Whistler may look like a Santa Clause, but when he opens his mouth he is a seen-it-all veteran who knows exactly what to do. Seldom have I walked out of the theater and straight back in line, wanting for more, but with this movie I made an exception.
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The Caliban Institute
whatdoes1know3 April 2002
If you look to the side, you will see that the vampire's lair is called the Caliban Institute. Caliban as in the freak trying to kill his master in Shakespeare's the tempest, and Caliban as in anagram for Canibal--cannibal, or vampire eating vampire. Blade is the little boy's fantasy come true, and it scratched the itch I got from watching pretentious-PG-13-for-little-Goths-wannabes-posing-as-dark-movie-Queen-of-th e-Damned by mutilating the bodies of Satanicly twist-minded vampires, and turning them into BME poster children. In the end, as Satanic as Anne Rice wants them to be, her vampires are no more menacing than a pair of white fags--I mean fangs. As menacing as these pansies pretend to be, they would probably faint at the sight Robbie Williams' "Rock DJ", which is the stuff you see in the clubs Blade hangs out at. It also turned away from the wow,-mom-I-know-kung-fu-too,-look-at-me! action genre in moments of sheerly brilliant comic relief. Bor lei jun and Seunlau ngaklau both showed that jump kicks are the stupidest moves to throw against wrestlers, and Blade knows it and takes it to the next level by bringing the prowrestling in the kung-fu. Finally, the tragedy of the vampires is played much more dramatically here than in either of Anne Rice's movies, and the end is a pure beauty.
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Total excitement...
bigoakland29 March 2002
This sequal is typical that it is not as good as the first but it still rocks. I enjoyed the action scenes. The music was nice and a added compliment. When you attend this movie remember that MATRIX should not be your expectation to judge. Many people have asked me how it compares. The action is different but based off the same idea. Can not wait for Blade 3
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Blade 2 rocked!
rstanley-225 March 2002
This is an awesome sequel to one of the best action movies ever. Wesley Snipes has a great performance in this film, as the kick butt vampire/human blade and does an excellent job with the character. Put simply it rocks!
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Really Solid Sequel
mjw230524 December 2006
He's back, and this time he's teaming up with his arch enemies to hunt a new threat; reapers. They hunt down vampires and turn them into their own kind, plus they are almost as invulnerable as Blade himself.

Blade has to lead the blood pack, a group of vampires trained to hunt him; they are the best the vampires have, but without blade they are no match for the reapers.

More action, better special effects and a truly awesome performance by Luke Goss as the reaper, Blade 2 is sheer entertainment that is at least as good as the original, maybe even slightly better.

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Now Blade has a Soul...
auberus28 August 2002
Blade I was what I call a good rental for "popcorn eater": good action scenes, descent acting but nothing more. Blade II is what I call a true motion picture, a cinematic experience. How many sequels (in the horror genre) are better than the original movie? Moreover how many good comics adaptation do we know of? "Few" is the answer for both questions and Blade II might be among those "few". It is a multi-layers movie where the action/horror fanatic will have what they're looking for, a Vampire/Kung Fu flick (and that's fine) however those of us who are asking for more than just another Blade sequel might discover a very thought through movie blend in a myriad of details with extraordinary fight sequences (thanks to Donnie Yen) and a "design" feel to it. Obviously the main critic against Blade II is a very "simplistic" scenario when you know from the beginning what is going to happen: the story is about Blade (Wesley Snipes) who is half vampire, half human and refuses his vampire nature trying to fight the "bloodlust" he suffers. His hatred for the vampire and therefore half of himself is unlimited. In this sequel Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire nation in order to face an even greater enemy: the reapers who feed on vampires as well as on human (who are luckily to us close to Blade's heart). The scenario is simple but not simplistic and Guillermo del Toro "tour de force" is to give volume to this scenario by blending it in a very design atmosphere exploring the notion of "Duality". Blade's duality is obvious: he is fighting half of himself like a metaphoric evil within each and every one of us. The secret of his redemption does not lie in what he is but in what he does and what he feels. His quest for humanity ends at the same time as his hatred for the vampires but moreover for himself. On the opposite the reapers are bodies/corpses, their reasons for being are purely physical, basics (they live to feed) their appearance pushes the limits of horror (reaching the borders of gore) in order to demonstrate how unhuman they really are, in other words how "Essence" (where you come from) in that case human or vampire is not what matters. This gap between the beauty of Blade (Wesley Snipes) or Nyssa Damaskinos (Leonor Varela) and the reapers (Luke Goss etc...) emphasis the gab between "Soul" and "Soulless". Guillermo del Toro delivers his best movie (after Mimic in 1997). Unlike Mimic which was a well directed but average horror movie Blade II is an exceptional horror movie supported by terrific actors (Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlam etc...). Witnessing on screen the birth of a Soul is not a usual thing. Guillermo del Toro managed to do it in a paradoxical beautiful manner.
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Good thing this is a vampire movie... cuz it sucked!
Oreolove15 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Ha ha ha! Little pun there. But that's the kind of corniness you get in this movie. Terrible plot and acting! It totally ruined the first Blade for me, which I thought was wonderful, esp. with Steven Dorff as the bad guy you love to hate. But all that was flushed when Snipes actually agreed to do this movie. I can't believe he didn't burn the script the minute he read it.


The absolute worst part was the fact that they brought Whistler back. I liked the fact that he was sort of a martyr in the first movie. Why couldn't they just let that be?

The plot was so utterly confusing and unbelievable... and I'm talking in the vampire world. These things just can't happen. It ruins the entire legend behind the vampire. You can't just change it because you think it will add to your sorry plot! The plot takes so many twists and turns that you have no idea who's good or evil or who's good but pretending to be evil or visa versa.

The story begins when Blade must make a choice between taking sides with the enemy to destroy a new breed of killer that's feeding on vampires or just let them wipe out what's left of the vampire race. Well duh! Blade wants vampires dead, right? Why not let the monsters finish them off and then wipe them out? Seems easy enough in the daylight.

*More Spoilers* The absolute worst scene appears when Blade gets into a pretty interesting fight with ninja-like vamps that are trying to stab him to death in his own hideout. But then they take off their ninja masks and... oops... we didn't want to kill you. We're just delivering a message. Well, then why didn't you say that to begin with!!! I'm sorry but stupid writing like this deserves to be criticized!

Now onto bashing the acting. Where did they dig up the girl vamp? Is she the director's cousin or something, because there was little acting going on when she was on the set. I would like to applaud Kris Kristofferson for giving a decent performance given the circumstances. I'd also like to give Norman Reedus a pat on the back. I'm an avid fan of his and I have yet to see him do badly in a film, although I was a little upset with his final scene in the movie. Wesley Snipes had little acting to do. He was supposed to be emotionless anyway. But dear god, couldn't he have refused to do it until a better version of the sequel was written!? I liked the fight scenes, but the plot is more important. And it was sucked dry. Save this one for a day when you feel like watching a bomb. This one didn't even take 5 minutes for me to dislike. A **/10
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smorris20028 August 2002
I missed the first film at the cinema and only caught it when it went onto the satellite movie channel. I was gutted that i never got to see the original on the big screen as I thought it was awesome.

So, when i heard that Blade II was coming out, i was first in line at the local multiplex to see it. Blade is still not a particularly well seen movie and when I said that I was going to see Blade II, I usually had to fill people in on what it was all about. The cinema, on opening night, was half empty but the half that did make it, were in for a awesome film.

Its not everyones "cup of tea" but I loved it. The kung-fu and action scenes are amazing. the story is reasonable, and not necessarily as weak as most would have you believe. the settings and backdrops are great, the music rocks, and there is blood and gore a plenty. It is complete escapisim and for that, i have to give it a almost perfect 9.5/10. and i normally would class myself as critical!!
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Blade is the man!!
tsx250014 February 2005
Blade 2 is a awesome movie the whole series is awesome. Wesley Snipes is the only man to do the job of killing vampires. When it comes to kill the mutated creature that came from another vampire he is the man for the job. When he needs the blood he jumps in and starts kicking butt. I recommend that all people own this movie and watch it every day for the rest of their lives and live by it. It is the best movie of all time to where I would make it my last wish to see Wesley Snipes in full costume. There is a line between good movie and great movie and this movie was so great that I almost peed my pants. Then the third came out and then i nearly pooped my pants.
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Its okay but not as good as the original Blade
alindsay-al11 September 2014
I believe the original Blade is a highly underrated comic book film that is great but this film is okay and fails to live up to the level of the original. This film sees Blade ally with a group of Vampires to go against a new vampire hunting race that could affect vampires and humans alike. Wesley Snipes is fantastic as Blade and I really believe that he was the perfect casting for the mix of charisma and sturdiness for the character. The supporting cast is a bit of a mixed bag I don't understand why Whistler was in this film but I thought he was good in the film. I thought the person who was looking like he was having the most fun was Ron Perlman who was great in his villainous role with his chemistry with Blade being really good. Blade's love interest is poor and a waste of time for the story and the main villain is not memorable at all. The story is poor compared to the first one with the romance being lazy and most of the team are not developed at all and the unnecessary bringing back of Whistler. The script is okay with Snipes and Perlman having the best lines and delivering well but nobody else had any decent lines at all. The style was great with the Gothic take of vampire lifestyle mixing with real life that makes this character so unique. Blade 2 is okay but it isn't as good as the original and I won't be rushing to see it again.
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