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Season 1

19 Apr. 1969
The Suit
A married man is having an affair during which his clothes and money are stolen by a house burglar. How is he to going get home when all he has left is his underwear?
26 Apr. 1969
Friends in High Places
A guardian angel takes pity on George and makes him 30 years younger. However, the rest of the world has stayed the same so changes are going to be made.
3 May 1969
Never Talk to Strangers
Basil has moved to London for work and meets a young lady in his boarding house. With the help of a crossed telephone line they get to know each other.
10 May 1969
Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
A couple have sold the home that they have been living in for 23 years but they each have very different memories of the place. She refuses to go and he can't wait to leave. Then the new owners arrive.
17 May 1969
Pity Poor Edie... Married to Him
Alec has been off work for five years. He is bone lazy and has lived off his wife's earnings. When Edie finds out that she is pregnant things have to change.
24 May 1969
An Extra Bunch of Daffodils
Lawrence is a serial killer who has killed off five wives for their insurance money. His sights are now firmly on potential wife number six.

 Season 1 

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