'Swingers' Is More Money Than Ever on Blu-ray

The time is right for '90s nostalgia to be kicking in, and Doug Limon's hilarious 1996 indie sensation "Swingers," making its Blu-ray debut at last, is the guy comedy to revisit. Written by Jon Favreau as a semi-autobiographical account of looking for work and navigating the Los Angeles hipster scene, "Swingers" gave Vince Vaughn his breakout role and paved the way for Favreau to direct blockbuster movies like the "Iron Man" films and "Cowboys & Aliens."

Before Favreau and Vaughn got "all grown up" on us, the two played best buds trying to make it big in Hollywood in the '90s. Favreau is Mike, a lovesick comedian transplant from New York who is having trouble letting go of the girlfriend back home who dumped him, and Vaughn plays Trent, a fast-talking playboy actor who tries to shake his best friend out of his rut.

Trent's platonic man-love for Mike is
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Swingers Blu-ray Review

One would be hard-pressed to find a more beloved movie from the 90's than Swingers. Produced on a shoestring budget, the film made quite an impact on the culture and dialogue of the time. It also single-handedly launched the careers of Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and director Greg Liman; all big names in their fields nowadays who were virtual unknowns at that time.

Despite its success upon release and seeming longevity, some may wonder if Swingers passes the test of time. In this reviewer's humble opinion, it's a resounding yes.

The film revolves around Mike (Jon Favreau), a struggling comedian that has moved out to Los Angeles after a bad break up with a long-term girlfriend so as to get his personal and professional life on track. He's been lured there by Trent (Vince Vaughn), Mike's overly confident best friend who's one of those guys that would seem to be
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