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Truly great game show
Jerry Ables29 January 2003
This is truly one of my favorite game shows to watch and play along with. They always ask a lot of interesting questions and it's a load of fun trying to guess which answers are on the board. It also has some very good humor that goes a very long way toward making it such a very good way to spend 30 minutes of your time watching.
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Contestant choosing
lagrue12 September 2015
I originally loved this show when Steve Harvey took over. He is very funny and entertaining. The problem I've noticed though, is 9 out 10 shows features at least one black family. Not trying to sound racist, because I'm not, but blacks make up 18% of the population. It's hard to believe that almost 50% of families that try out for Family Feud are black. It appears to me that Steve Harvey requires almost half the contestants to be black, which is unfair. This was never an issue with any of the other hosts. Like I said, I love Steve Harvey, but am very disappointed in him if this is indeed his requirement, because that would also be racist. I no longer watch on a regular basis.
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An "Affirmative Action" program that is no longer family friendly
dsarosi25 November 2017
Of course some questions have always had "suggestive" possibilities, but since the Steve Harvey incarnation began, it has been beyond rude. Even non-suggestive answers have been turned into rude and raunchy answers on the scoreboard. This was once a very family-friendly show that clearly no longer is. Additionally, it is quite clear that the goal of this show is to give black families an unfair advantage in winning. Begin with the fact that the black population by census has ALWAYS been around 12-15%(US Census data). On Family Feud, the representation is at 50%. How many other families must wait and wait for a shot while additional black families are found to fill what appears to be a demand by the producers that a black family is ALWAYS playing?? Then there is the "fast money" round. In virtually every show I have watched, the questions asked of the black duo that competes are significantly easier than those asked of white/Asian/etc. families (and by easier I mean that there are FAR fewer possible answers so implicitly higher scores for each). As an example, one question the other night was "name a part of your body that people brush." There are only 2 serious answers to that - hair and teeth. Of course the black duo got both for a total of nearly 100 points just for that question (96 I believe). One member of that duo could not come up with the answer to "name a COUNTRY known for their great beaches." He said Miami and then Asia. Sorry, that is NOT a pair that deserves $20,000, but because of the "gimmie" question about brushing, they won. Meanwhile, a white pair tonight had to answer 5 questions, all of which had anywhere from 10 - 50 possible answers easily ("name a musical instrument that sounds bad when someone is new to playing it" was one of them). They couldn't come close, even with all #1s and #2s I bet. I don't have access to all of the tapes, but it would make an interesting study. Sorry, Dawson was great and so were all the others. Steve is a great host and has a great rapport with everyone - regardless of race, but whatever racist problems the producers seem to have, or their belief in the inability of blacks to perform at the same level as whites (so justifying clear "rigging" of the fast money round) is truly a sad commentary on what our society has become and how desperate some in Hollywood have sunk (or is this just a problem of the show being produced in Atlanta?). Anyway, find something else to watch.
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anakineatass31 May 2002
I never really paid attention to this show but recently I decided to watch the full 30 mins of it. One question...

What the heck is the point of playing the first two rounds if you can lose them both and still win by winning the third round??????
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Survey Says! The best show to stay alive in syndication!
PaulietheParrot30 November 2004
Family Feud with Richard Karn (Al Borland of Home Improvement) is the best and surviving show on syndication today. With the fact for the whole 3 seasons with no new game shows it is now likely to stay that way forever. But the thing about Family Feud is that this show stays fresh, exciting and always the best surveys, questions and answers on every show! I think the best thing that was brought to this show IMHO was that in the 2002-03 season Richard became the host and the 5 day champions were reinstated. In the 2003-04 season the 300 point rule was reinforced, and the tiebreaker round was in play. That gave the other team a fair chance of winning the game for the team and that gave the game a whole new facelift for the show isn't that exciting! So for that I give Family Feud a total of:

9.5/10 This show was the best with Richard Karn! Keep it alive on TV!
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Steve Harvey Has Turned the Show Into a Hit
hfan7713 September 2012
Since the current version of Family Feud debuted in 1999, there have been four hosts. starting with Louie Anderson who was awful, except for his sign off "Be good to your family." He was replaced by Richard Karn, who despite his lack of hosting experience was a slight improvement over Anderson. They came John O'Hurley and the show became even better to watch.

When O'Hurley decided to leave the show, FremantleMedia made the right decision in hiring Steve Harvey as host. His energy, enthusiasm and very funny interaction with the contestants have turned the marginally rated game show into a hit. Ratings shot up nationally by 40% since Harvey became host and a number of stations (including Minneapolis-St. Paul) have moved Family Feud into much better time slots.

My parents and I usually watch the show when we have dinner on Thursday nights and to me, Harvey is definitely the right host for the show. Unlike a number of comedians who hosted game shows, he doesn't over power the families and he's very quick witted and thinks on his feet so well, which is important for a successful game show host.

The only dislike I have about this current incarnation is that a lot of the questions have become raunchier than the last two versions. Also, they shouldn't have let announcer Burton Richardson go. He is a very good game show announcer and to me, replacing him with former N'Sync member Joey Fatone was a bad decision.

Fortunately, the ratings turnaround has sparked a renewal through 2015. Hopefully Harvey will still be hosting the show with one of the best formats ever invented.
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Sub-par. . .and then there was "Al."
dawsonbot17 September 2002
Louie Anderson was an OK host, but the "new" "Family Feud" with Richard Karn takes the cake. After fumbling and bumbling with "Family Feud" for three years, Fremantle Media has gotten it right in season four. Richard Karn is an excellent host. The new set is awesome. The music has been tweaked to make it good, (although no "Family Feud" theme will compare to the original) The new changes reminds me of when Ray Combs took over as host back in 1988.
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Survey Says...Time to Retire
jaurrgu621 September 2007
All good things should come to an end, and I believe it's now time to cancel Family Feud. Too many times I've seen contestants reply with an answer they know will not be on the board, only to have their allies back them up by yelling "Good Answer!"

While John O'Hurley is a much better host than Louie Anderson or Richard Karn, the show has now become way too glitzy and obnoxious. When Karn replaced Anderson, he was okay for the first couple of seasons. Then, he began saying repetitive phrases like "A shot at TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!" or "I'M TRIPLING THE POINTS!!!" to make the audience and contestants scream. I think he just wanted everyone to have a good time, but didn't add anything else to the show.

Another thing, why is Fast Money STILL $5 a point if lost? It's been that way since 1976! I guess Fremantle is trying to save money so they can ruin another game show in the near future (Oh wait, they just made Sale of the Century horrific to watch. What's next?).

This show may have been fun for a while, but I won't miss it when the execs decide to eventually pull the plug.
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Richard Karn Rules
sharon-1722 December 2003
I really enjoy Family Feud with Richard Karn as the host. His personality is very warm and friendly and he runs the show with ease. Louis Anderson always seemed uncomfortable. Hopefully Family Feud will keep Mr. Karn around for many years to come!
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Obvious and blatant Prejudice
carolglynninmo22 September 2018
When Mr. Harvey first took over I loved the show! But, now I like it less and less. Mr. Harvey is obviously ALWAYS rooting for the black family. I DESPISE prejudice in all of its forms. You think because you are black you can not be prejudice. That is simply not true. Ignorance begat fear begat bias and prejudice! Ignorance is a choice! Educate yourself. Be wary what and who you believe. I also can't stand how they SCREAM their answer repeatedly (isn't that a mic?) at STEVE (disrespectful & is he deaf). And they make ignorant noises as if to say "LOOK AT ME!) even when it is not their turn. I don't mind the celebration after they win - they usually deserve it. Also the raunchy answers on a "family show" is unnecessary and unwelcome. You also give credit for wrong answers - for instance - a Cadillac truck (doesn't exist) and you said that was a pink Cadillac. It is not. Did he get credit because he was black? BLATANT AND OBVIOUS. Difference between winning and losing. UNFAIR! I will find something else to watch - my digestion CAN NOT, nor will I, take this load of crap. It just gets worse every day!
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Harvey is good but the questions are bad.
thm996 February 2019
Its good and worth PVRing to have a few on hand. Harvey is normally good except when he rambles on and on and over-hams it which happens at least once an episode.

The questions suck!!!! Either about canibals, cheating, or steve harvey himself.

Also the final $20k questions are either softballs or killer hard, never right in the middle.
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way to make show better
shelleysuehr8 May 2017
We love watching Family Feud. Only thing that bothers us is we are always wondering what the answers that were needed for fast money round. They tell you the number one answer, but i would love to know what number 2 is also. Cant find any way to email the show so I thought i would write a review in hopes someone will see it,
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Louie's the best
rdaiell3 October 2002
Contrary to earlier comments criticizing Louie as a game show host, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him on Family Feud. Now that he's gone to other things, I miss watching him. Before he came on the scene I had always changed the channel in favor of more interesting TV. Now, with the new host (some guy from "Tool Time"?) I hear him say Louie's lines but it somehow sounds limp. Louie was the best... people brought him stuff... could it be that they liked him, too?
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This isn't off the air yet???
stargazer2428 July 2001
I'm sitting and patiently waiting for someone to realize this show sucks and pull it off the air. It's an insult to the late Mark Goodson and Bill Todman (who created the original), Richard Dawson (the greatest Feud host of all time), Gene Wood (a great announcer), and the late Ray Combs (an good replacement), and everything they did to make this show a classic among game shows.

Family Feud used to be a good time for the whole family, but I'm not sure that I'd let my kids (if I had any) watch this. The questions are ridiculous and the answers have more sexual overtones than an episode of The Newlywed Game.

Louie looks like he'd rather be doing anything but hosting this game, which is another reason this version doesn't work. This show relies on a strong, personable host and Louie is neither. A few times I've seen him resort to name dropping Richard's name in an effort to make himself look better. It's not working Louie.

Thank God GSN shows the good Richard Dawson and Ray Combs versions of this show, because if it weren't for them...well, survey would way!!!
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Rumors Talking is Mrs. Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas will be replacing Steve Harvey on September 9 or 16, 2019.
benhallums1201929 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This Coming Fall Season of 2019-2020 as you don't know how the new star of "The Return of FAMILY FEUD" Season No. 21 and the new hostess is Mrs. Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas will be making her Television Comeback on the weekday/night of either September 9 or 16, 2019 and she'll begin say "(The Answer to the survey question,) Please & Our Judgment (Similar to replacing 'Survey Says' after 44 Yearly Seasons of say it from the 7 Stars.) Mrs. Zeta-Jones Douglas will possibly begin to say the new catch phrase "Our Judgment" from her and production is still begun for Season 21 of "The Return of FAMILY FEUD" and it'll be released to be air and 1st presenting on September 9 or 16, 2019 and check your local listings for your time and the area your watching "The Return of FAMILY FEUD" and possible new promos to all TV Stations are still syndicated and It's A MARK GOODSON-BILL TODMAN Fremantle Production and 20th CENTURY FOX & LIONSGATE-DEBMAR-MERCURY.
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I love this show
ajschuettpel27 June 2019
I love this show because it is so funny and Steve Harvey is an awesome host for the show because he brings laughter and support for the familys. I would recommend this show anyone who loves to laugh and have fun.😀😂👪💖
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My Grandma and Me Love This!
cinephile-2769029 June 2018
There ARE dirty moments but my Grandma and me love this! Steve Harvey is SO funny! There are some things we don't like(one woman announced that she sticks her finger in people's butts to check their poop for a living) and it's a little racist(blacks vs whites) but we love to guess answers and laugh at Steve's remarks. There is one question that asked "What is something you bury in the backyard?" a woman responded "Placenta." Steve, after harassing her for her response said "If this placenta is on the board right here-i'll-i'll give you MY placenta!" Have fun, just know it's dirty at times-but not as bad as The Newlywed Game.
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about the host
dianedesroches554 October 2006
gone are the good old days.i watch the show everyday.been watching the show for was fun all those years until now.where are the all the good hosts which made that game entertaining - now so boring.oh,what a shame.what happen to Richard Karn .it seems to me,my opinion only,of course,that every time we seem to enjoy something ,its taken away from us. No questions ask, no warning whatsoever.i was never expecting to see THAT GUY.I think he is very boring,way to uptight for that good,funny,entertaining family show.imagine all the other shows,jeopardy,price is right,wheel of fortune changing their hosts now.when things goes well why not leave it alone.I do not mean to say I'm right,I'm just very disappointed in your choice and change for that matter.For the moment this family cant get interested in this family show anymore.I guess ill have to find something else to watch from now on between 5pm and 5.30pm.
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Fun game show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh14 July 2006
First off, I must say that this is a fun game show. Also, I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. However, I do know the show very well. Every time I watch it, I have a lot of fun playing along and watching. This makes me long to be a contestant. The thing I like most about it are the questions. Despite the fact that I don't know that many answers, I still have fun playing along. I hope that it will be on the WDCA network for years to come so I can keep playing along and watching. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Just want to play like the real players do
szwytnas14 October 2005
I'm a family feud fanatic, and just wanted to comment on the DVD game that was released. Most people bought that game thinking and hoping to have the feel of the game show on TV. If you bought it, that isn't the case. I just wanted to know if I may give a suggestion. I saw the TV show LINGO, where the lady host was on the side with a laptop controlling the letters that would be placed on the big screen as the contestants call out the answers. Couldn't that concept work for the family feud DVD game somehow? I wouldn't mind playing the host behind the laptop with the answers while two teams compete, and as they call out the answers, I can view what the answers are and control the answer board which will be viewed by the game players on the TV screen. I am not a computer geek but I know with all the technology out there, we can somehow link the laptop and TV together to get this working. I believe this will be a hit. This is what people are looking for. Hotel resorts can use them as a way to get vacationers to play with each other, or at reunions, showers, etc.. There are all these gadgets for the younger adults, but what is missing for them is most games are single players on the game stations, or they are playing online. I like to use the gadgets too. I don't want to use a plastic board and a marker to play with. I don't want to play online against unknown people(even though that online game was as close as it came to the TV show). I would like to interact with my family and friends or with live people to actually feel the excitement. oh yes, don't forget to throw in the hand lock on buzzers(I don't think that has to get so technical)but it would be cool if it lighted up like on TV. Thanks for listening. Hope to see it out soon.

Very anxious to play the real game live in my home,

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Survey Says...KARN!
braveswiz3 October 2003
A true game show legend, Family Feud was the bomb back then, but with Louie Anderson hosting, it was completly different. Louie was funny for 3 seasons, but Richard Karn took his place for season 4. I didn't see it in my hometown, but when season 5 was ready, I saw season 4 episodes on PAX, and the set was different than the Anderson version, the returning family rule was in effect, and they added music when the clock started ticking in the fast money round. I like Karn and hope the ratings will continue to go up each week.
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Family Fued needs the light touch of a Dawson
tod325 August 2002
After watching the Family Fued, I've come to the conclusion that the future of the show is finding a host who has the light touch of a Richard Dawson. Richard kept it light with the guests and connected with people. E Channel's story of the "Family Fued" was wonderful and after watching it the viewer see's that Dawson's touch was the most potent for the show. Sadly, you can't bring Richard back as too much time has passed since his era ended but any future host of the Fued needs the "people skills" he had to succeed.

Louie Anderson came off very well in the E Channel story about the Family Fued. He seems like a good and decent man. It's just that with Louie now gone as the host the new host will have to be more comfortable with people than Louie had been for the show to succeed. It appeared that Louie never was confortable with the silly banter between the host and guests that is neccessary for the show to succeed.
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Richard Dawson the best
tod38 February 2002
The new Family Feud is not very good. Louie Anderson looks uncomfortable in the role of game show host and appears to want to be anywhere other than on the Feud set. The futuristic set is off the mark.

Richard Dawson set the mark for Family Feud with his swagger and wit. He was on the fans side by often allowing for the last question and answer to be completed even if the time ran out.

Thank God for the Game Show Network to see the Dawson and Combs versions of the "Feud." I have no interest in the Louie Anderson version as he's just not the right guy for the role and the new set is too distracting.
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Bring Back the Old Set
TasteBlood15 November 2001
It's not the format that's off...I can even deal with Louie Anderson, but folks, it's not the feud without a large revolving board that flips answers and dings. The set just revolting, and claustrophobic looking. I can't watch it with that animated graphic survey board. It ruins the whole show for me. I know it's probably done to keep the show on a budget and keep it cheap. Well congratulations...'cuz that's just how it looks.
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Cliche: Good, But The Original Was Better
charles_27 September 2001
I thought it was interesting when I heard that "Family Feud" was coming back to TV. I was even more surprised when I heard that Louie Anderson was hosting it. Anderson's not even close to Mr. Smooth himself, Richard Dawson, but I've chuckled over some of the things Anderson has said.

My biggest complaint about him is he's not really cut out to be a game show host. One of the most important things a game show host does is to set up situations for the viewer, to build the tension for an outcome. Example: if a family got four of five answers in the original version of the show, Dawson might say something like, "If your answer's there it's a clean sweep and you take a big lead in the game; if not it's your third strike and the Owens have a chance to steal." Louie doesn't do that and it annoys me.

A host also explains the rules, even if briefly, at the beginning. The rules of "Family Feud" HAVE changed. On the original show, a family won if they racked up 300 points, which could take three to five rounds to do. On the new version of the show, it's the family that has the most points after four rounds (pity that fifth player on each team that wants to play the "face-off" but can't!). It took me weeks of viewing the show to figure out the rule change. Louie could have explained this early on.

The host makes any game show. Although Louie is a funny guy, there are other folks out there I would have chosen. But I still like the "Feud"!
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